How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

Explore how Augmented Reality (AR) revolutionizes gaming. Learn about AR vs. VR, its rise in the gaming industry, and its benefits: open-world gameplay, 3D animation, social interaction, promoting physical activity, education, marketing, unique experiences, critical thinking, and community building. Discover popular AR games. Unleash the potential of AR app development. Embrace this exciting technology!

In current times, technology or technological advancements are not limited to the world of applications, websites, e-commerce stores, or software. With the advancement of technology, experts are now considering bringing real-world set-ups into the world of virtual technology, also known as Augmented Reality. In this article, we will review what Augmented Reality (AR) is and how it is different from Virtual Reality (VR). Then we will move on to the rise of AR technology in the gaming industry and how it has benefited the gaming industry in multiple ways. In the end, we will review some of the famous games that have used AR technology and how you can enter the world of AR app development or Augmented Reality apps.

What is Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, aka AR technology, is a new kind of user-centric technology that was introduced in the early 1990s but did not gain as much popularity as it has now achieved. Augmented Reality (AR) is basically an advanced technological feature in which the real-world image of the user is combined or integrated with some virtual features, which enhances its creativity and brings out a moment of personal experience for the user.

Features of Augmented Reality (AR)

1) Use of 3D animation
2) Personalization of characters and players
3) Contextual information that sets perfectly with the context of the game and environment
4) A mixture of the real or external world and the virtual world
5) Use of portable devices like smartphones, tablets, and Augmented Reality (AR) glasses
6) Use of built-in features like camera, GPS location, and voice recorder for better and smooth performance.

How Is Augmented Reality (AR) Different From Virtual Reality (VR)

The main difference between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) is content. On the one hand, AR technology enables its users to experience a mixture of their external world integrated with features from the virtual world. At the same time, Virtual Reality (VR) technology limits its content to the range of fictional worlds only.

Augmented Reality (AR) In The World Of Gaming Industry

Whoever thought of the idea that our real-world surroundings could be a part of our virtual world or that we would be able to play games while having our characters play in the world we live in? Well, as we mentioned earlier, the world of technology, along with its advancements, can do wonders in any field it wants to enter or conquer. With its early release in 2012, AR gaming or Augmented Reality apps in the gaming industry have constantly gained the attention of gamers. According to a report, the market of the AR gaming industry is predicted to reach USD 31.7 Billion by 2028. AR in games works as simply as it does in any other medium. AR-enabled games detect the real-world surroundings of the player with the help of tools like cameras (pictures and videos) and live locations. It then adds the characters from the virtual or fictional world in the setting in such a way that it fits or completes the whole picture for the user. AR apps for gaming also utilize the movement and voice effect of the user to send messages back and forth and to make the whole experience of the user an enjoyable one.

Benefits Of Augmented Reality (AR) In Revolutionizing The Gaming Industry

Till now, we have covered the basics of what AR is and how it is related to the gaming industry. Moving forwards, we will now review the benefits of Augmented Reality apps in the industry of gaming entertainment.

1) Augmented Reality (AR) VS Virtual Reality (VR)

If we look at both of these technologies (AR and VR) within the scope of gaming industries, AR gaming enables its players an opportunity to play in an open environment where they can get access to the game anywhere while incorporating virtual characters in their surroundings. Meanwhile, VR gaming limits its users or players in terms of location and mode of playing. In other terms, it requires users to use specific consoles or headsets for the game. For Instance, VR games like Iron Man VR would limit its player to sit in front of a screen and use a specific kind of headset or console. In contrast, AR games like Pokemon Go would enable their users to use their smartphones and play easily wherever they want.

2) Rise Of 3D Animation And Customization

With the advancement of technology and the popularity of AR gaming, 3D animation is now being used at its best in the gaming industry. For instance, changing your real-world environment in an animated image and creating your own 3D players with the feature of customization and personalization makes it attractive for the users or players.

3) Social Interaction In Gaming

Another beneficial feature of Augmented Reality (AR) that has revolutionized the gaming industry is the ability to socially interact with individuals. This feature lets you play in the multiplayer mode or version in games, which gives you a chance to complete stages with the help of each other and build strong connections as well.

4) Promotes Healthy Activity

Unlike Virtual Reality (VR) gaming apps, Augmented Reality (AR) promotes health-related activities as it does not limit the movement or location of the user. It actually demands movement in order to move forward in the game, enabling its users to walk or run to reach new places or destinations. It actually helps in making physical exercise a fun activity rather than a boring one.

5) An Aid To Education And Information

Did you ever think or imagine that games could be used as an informative tool or helpful resource for educational purposes? Well, with Augmented Reality (AR) being used in gaming industries, this goal is now being attained swiftly. AR games include amazing features which give information to their users related to different topics like history, science, coding, foreign languages, geography, etc. For instance, an AR game would require the player to reach a location rich with information regarding history or geography where they can discover and gain loads of knowledge.

6) AR Gaming For Marketing Purposes

Augmented Reality games are not just limited to fun purposes only. Industries and companies are now using AR games for marketing and promotional purposes. They use Augmented Reality apps and games to market their newly launched products or services through games to reach out to more customers. In other words, AR gaming makes media visibility and promotion possible in a fun way.

7) A Unique Experience On Its Own

The Augmented Reality (AR) gaming industry tries to deliver a unique experience to its users and players by making the immersion of the external world and virtual world possible. This unique experience for the users is exciting and thrilling for players in many ways as it lets them discover their surroundings, make use of their environment, and stay engaged in a productive way.

8) Critical Thinking And Other Skills

Augmented Reality apps or gaming apps include such tasks or challenges in their games that require skills like problem-solving, logic, reasoning, and critical analysis. These skills are needed to explore or grow the mental or psychological abilities of a user in daily life, which will help them in different tasks as well. The usage of such skills in the world of gaming is something unexpected for the general population. Still, AR app development or AR gaming apps are constantly trying to incorporate such features in games that would help their users and not result in wasting time or energy.

9) Augmented Reality (AR) Gaming Community

Just like any industry, the industry of Augmented Reality (AR) gaming also promotes its users to build a community and engage with each other. This lets AR gaming users make connections, play games with each other and help each other in different ways.

Popular Augmented Reality (AR) Games

Amongst many popular Augmented Reality (AR) games are some of those that are included in this blog.

1. Pokemon Go
2. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
3. Zombies, Run
4. Jurassic World Alive
5. Angry Birds AR (Isle of Pigs)
6. World of Mines
7. The Walking Dead: Our World
8. Five Nights at Freddy's AR
9. Draconius Go
10. Ingress


Augmented Reality (AR) might be a new concept to many tech users, but its features and advantages are something that can be used by people with any background. Augmented Reality games are made not only to deliver an experience filled with fun and creativity but also to focus on providing benefits to their users. From educational to communicational, marketing to social interaction, and from developing skills to getting benefited from many technological features, there is no shame in saying that Augmented Reality apps are pretty useful for their users, and these games provide something that is out of the box and something that people might not have expected or predicted in the past. The process of Augmented Reality app development is as easy and informative as the whole experience of the AR industry is, but you need to have proper resources and guidance to move forward. There are many expert companies providing apps created with Augmented Reality technology. These companies are relevant and trustworthy sources where you can gain knowledge about related and different topics.

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