How to clean your AirPods, headphones, Bluetooth, and wired earphones?

We clean almost everything we use in our day-to-day life. Have you ever figured out the importance of cleaning your AirPods, headphones, or earbuds? So, let's explore why it is important and how to do it in this article.

Earbuds, AirPods, or headphones are as necessary as a phone or laptop for you and so is cleaning them at regular intervals. Cleanliness is always considered important even before the pandemic to avoid becoming infected, thus, cleaning your essentials and keeping yourself away from bacteria and viruses can always be a good idea. It is suggested in many studies that headphones or earbuds can be a great source of infection as they get germy fast. They get gross if you use them daily while rushing to the office, sweating out at the gym, or getting on an official call. Also, it is not a good idea or advisable to share your accessories like headphones since they can easily transfer any type of infection.

On top of everything, the risk of hearing loss is also increased because many germs and bacteria are introduced to you once they enter your ears and accumulate in ear wax. It's also necessary to clean them regularly to give them a better life and a better sound quality you want to experience.

How Often Should You Clean Your Headphones?

You may be a music buff or a fitness freak who keeps his earbuds on every day for hours and in such a case you need to clean your headphones or earbuds at least once every week. If not once a week they need to be cleaned every month properly. So, how often you need to clean them is dependent on your usage. The weather can also be a deciding factor as during hot summers you should clean them more thoroughly and precisely. It is also suggested to clean them before using them even if someone borrowed them for short-term use. The procedure of cleaning them all can be more or less the same with the same tools. Now, here we go with some useful tips to clean them even without harming them.

How to Clean Your AirPods?

You don't need to be an expert or require a special cleaning kit to clean your AirPods. However, it will be good if you go through the manual you got with your earplugs before beginning this cleaning practice. Going by Apple's suggestion you will require 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipes Clorox disinfecting wipes or 75 percent ethyl alcohol wipes along with lint-free cloth and cotton swabs and some water to complete the task.

You should wipe your AirPods down with a dry lint-free cloth after you use them. A dry Cotton swab can be taken to clean sensitive spots like the mesh on microphones and speakers. A slightly damp microfiber cloth can also be used to clean extra dirty AirPods. Once they are clean, wipe them with a clean dry cloth and let them dry on a clean surface. Dry them completely before putting them in the charging case. Once they are completely dry you can use them.

However, it is always advisable to keep your AirPods away from harmful elements such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide during the cleaning process. Those cleaners may damage your AirPods since these products are very hard.

How to Clean Your Headphones?

Try separating the earpads from your headphone if they are removable. You can take help by checking the manual in case you are having a tough time removing them. It is also fine if they can not be removed you can simply continue with the process. Now, take a damp lint-free cloth to wipe out the dirt from your headphones. Wring out a lint-free cloth after soaking it in warm water. Use the cloth to gently wipe the whole headphone surface including the wire and the headband. You can also clean dirt and grime from earpads by using the same cloth.

Soapy water and a lint-free cloth can be very useful in dealing with the gross ear wax stuck badly on your headphones. Just a drop of liquid soap on a damp cloth can easily clean the sticky part of the headphones. But you need to be extra careful while using soapy water because it can damage the electronic component of your accessory if not used properly.

Alcohol is also an amazing disinfectant cleaner for cleaning your dirty or infected headphones. Wet a small lint-free cloth with 70% rubbing alcohol solution. It will kill all the bacteria found on the surface once you gently wipe down earpads or wires or headbands etc. It won't be necessary to dry it off since the alcohol evaporates.

How to Clean Bluetooth and Wired Earphones?


First of all, it is necessary to disconnect your wired earphones from any kind of power connectivity. This is suggested to avoid any damage to your earphones or a shock. Also, remember you should not submerge them in any liquid or put them under running water for cleaning. Let's start. You need a few drops of dish cleaning liquid and some warm water. Earbuds are fitted with foam or silicon tips. Remove the tips and soak them in the dishwashing solution for at least half an hour.

Discard the cleaning solution from the tips and if there is any loose dirt or wax wipe it away with a cotton swab. Now take a lint-free cloth to dry them completely once the draining is complete. You can place them back on the earphones after they are fully dry. It is best to hold the earbuds with the mesh cover downward so any particles of dust don't fall inside. Any visible wax can be gently brushed away with the help of a soft and dry toothbrush.

You can use an alcohol wipe or cotton swab if you just wish to disinfect your earphones without deeply cleaning them. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to wet the wipes or swabs. The same process can be used to clean the mesh screen also. However, this is only advisable for silicone tips and not for foam tips. Of course, if you do not want the moisture to enter the housing then make sure that the swab is only slightly damp. Let it completely dry before use. For wire or cord outer housing cleaning, you can use an alcohol wipe or a cotton swab.

Some Useful Tips To Keep Them Clean For a Long Time

  • Make sure you use a case. Dust, lint, and bacteria collect in your earbuds if you directly throw them in a bag or pouch without a case.

  • Never forget to dry them even if they are water resistant in case they got wet. Also never use direct heat to dry them.

  • During the charging process close the charging case to keep the earbuds and the interior dust free.

  • Especially if you sweat a lot, you should wipe down your gym earbuds after every use.

  • Clean your headphones as soon as you notice ear wax, dust or sweat clean them immediately. It will make only your job tougher if you put this off.

  • Make sure you wipe down your earbuds or headphones regularly. Once a week, wipe both the earpads and tips of your headphones with a lightly damp cloth.

  • Never use 100% alcohol because it will fade the color and harm the fabric of your accessory.

  • Knowing the fact that earbuds are stored in cases, the connectors and cases should be cleaned regularly.

Bottom Line

If your earbuds are clogged with ear wax or dirt, cleaning them will not only extend the lifespan of your headphones but they will also sound better. Keeping it aside, cleaning your buds is essential because dirty earbuds can spread germs into your ear canals which leads to ear infections. Hence it is necessary to clean them regularly. Hopefully, the above tips help and motivate you to keep yourself and your earphones away from dirt and infections.


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