How to run programs silently in the background on Windows?

In today's computing world, we tend to work with multiple programs simultaneously. Are you one of them? Do you tend to get confused when dealing with multiple programs and managing them comfortably? Well, I am also one of them and find it hard to handle multiple applications running simultaneously.

Of course, we have grown familiar with how computers and accessories have shaped our lives of late. We have learned to work with multiple programs simultaneously. However, it is possible that we get confused now and then. As someone who is regularly on one software or the other for the most part of the day, I faced this issue and was indeed checking out the best fixes that can help me hide a program so that it does not distract me and resume it later without having to start all over again.
SilentRun launched by Autoclose recently, is one such powerful tool that helps me hide the tasks from my Taskbar and also from my view. I found it really interesting and thought of sharing my experience with you.

SilentRun - An overview

SilentRun is a tool launched by Autoclose. It is a Windows System software tool aimed at uncluttering your workplace on your computer. It is designed to let you run the programs such as software and tools in the background - but SILENTLY. The small and handy software tool can work in a portable format which further makes it a good pick to work across several devices without the hassles of having to install them on your computer.
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It can efficiently increase or decrease the priority of the background processes with ease. It can also hide program windows and interfaces with ease. If your program has sound outputs, the program can also mute the audio output and run it silently in the background.

Autoclose is a software development company involved in providing you with a host of advanced features and functionalities since 2008. With extensive expertise in the realm of working with Windows OS, MacOS, iOS, and Android, they have been involved in creating converters and other tools that stand out from the rest. SilentRun is one of the most innovative options among them and provides you with a clutter-free productivity option.

The salient features of SilentRun

SilentRun from Autoclose offers you excellent functionality for handling multiple programs simultaneously. The ease of use and simple interface make it a truly formidable option. The best part about the tool is it offers you both a GUI interface and a command line interface. That would perhaps be the best of both worlds. No matter whether you are comfortable with the GUI interface or a command line option, you will find it a great pick.

It lets you hide your programs and resume them later

The software lets you hide and let the programs run in the background without affecting their functioning. In other words, you will not close a program, it will keep running in the background. But it will be off your view and also from your taskbar. This feature comes in handy when you are working with multiple programs at once and do not want one of them to annoy or distract you when you are working on another.

Once you are done with one of the programs or are taking a break from the program, you can decide to open one of the programs that you have hidden. You can simply use the SilentRun interface and resume the software exactly where you left it.

It is extremely simple and easy to use

SilentRun is a very easy-to-use and simple interface. That is what would make it one of the good picks for even those of you who may not be comfortable with the complex operations and software tools.

You just need to drag the selection box on the tool onto the title of the window that you want to go silent. You can decide to change the priority of the application or even choose to mute it if it is a program that has an audio component to it.

A few other features that the app works with would include
  • You can run multiple programs silently in the background
  • Hide the program windows and all interfaces
  • Your programs will keep running in the background even when you close SilentRun
  • Options available for command line interface along with the GUI
  • Support for a portable version that can be used on the go
  • Support for multiple languages

How does SilentRun work?

The usability of the software is quite simple and easy to work with. You can work with it in both the GUI interface and the Command Line interface. We will check out how it works in a graphical interface -
Step 1 - Download and install SilentTun
Download the tool from the official website and install it on your device. You can also use the portable version if you are looking for a hassle-free way of using it. Launch it on your device.

Step 2 - Drag the cursor to the program you want to run silently
Drag the cursor on the tool to the title bar on your window that you are looking to run silently. You will notice that SilentRun detects the program, and the thumbnail for the program is found in the Preview area of the program.
You can also assign the priority level of the background applications as per your preferences. If the program has an audio component, it can be muted and then turned silent.

How does SilentRun help users?

If you are a professional who is working on resource-intensive programs and applications, SilentRun can double up as an excellent option for your needs. It can also be a good pick for those who may be looking to stay intently focused on the work at hand.

Running the programs in the background will help you unclutter your workspace. That would also help you get the most out of your screen real estate, which may otherwise be cluttered with unwanted or unimportant programs. This will help you with the most important tasks and easily switch between the applications without any sort of clutter.

In Conclusion

If you are on a Windows system, SilentRun should be your one-stop pick for helping you handle multiple tools and software simultaneously. The features, such as an intuitive interface and a seamless workflow integration, make it a powerful tool for both professionals and individual users alike. With the optimised performance and distraction-free environment, SilentRun can be what would make it a truly powerful choice.


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