The Best AI Tools that will Unlock Your Creativity and Imagination

In dire need of inspiration or looking to reignite your creative practice? Read this blog to find various AI tools that you can explore to unlock your creativity.

Since generative AI tools entered mainstream consciousness in 2022, the creative industry has been abuzz. Will these tools replace human creators? The use of such tools has definitely sparked some debate which is understandable. These tools are quite powerful indeed.

However, before you turn your back against these tools, why not explore them and see how you can use them to spark your passion for creativity? Being a creator, you should be open to different ways of inspiring your imagination – so why not treat these tools as such?

1. CF Spark

CF Spark
CF Spark is a suite of generative AI tools launched by Creative Fabrica in late 2022. Creative Fabrica is known among crafters and creators as a marketplace for beautiful digital assets. Having such tools only enriches their offerings to their creative community.

The CF Spark family, as it is known, contains both art and text generators. For AI art tools, you can expect a wide range of specific generators. The primary image generator is CF Spark Art, a text-to-image generator that simply requires a text prompt to generate an image. You can customize the image ratio of your generated artwork by choosing from their ratio options before developing.

As mentioned, CF Spark also offers other art generators producing specialized images. There's the CF Spark Crystalline, a text-to-transparent PNG generator which crafters use to create PNGs for die-cutting projects. For crafters who want to create sketch-style PNGs, there's the CF Spark Sketch.

The latest addition to the CF Spark art generator family is the CF Spark Coloring Pages which generates – you guessed it, coloring pages.

How can these tools inspire your imagination? By exploring various formats, you'll feel empowered to create different types of artistic products that you can either gift or turn into a side hustle.

2. Fotor

Fotor is an AI photo-to-painting generator. It has over 50 unique art-style filters that you can use as a subscriber. Its most well-known filters include oil painting, watercolor, cartoons, and sketches. The outputs are very realistic.

Not one to rest on its proverbial laurels, Fotor consistently updates its roster of art filters. It's fun to go back to the platform again and again to find different filters to play around with.

You can likewise use Fotor's AI photo editor where you can remove backgrounds and unwanted objects from your photos. You can also enhance selfies and portraits on Fotor in a few seconds.

With NFT sweeping the world by storm, you might want to get in on this side hustle as well. Fotor has an NFT art generator which will help you craft an NFT-ready artwork easily.

3. GetIMG

GetIMG is a powerful web-based text-to-image generator. At once, it produces up to 10 images from one text prompt, making it useful for content professionals who want to scale their content production.

AI image generation aside, GetIMG has an amazing AI editor. Two of its best features include "outpainting" or expanding your AI-generated images and "inpainting" or editing your AI image through words or text prompts.

If you're not satisfied with the default AI algorithm, you have over 20 to choose from within GetIMG. You can even train your own model or access those created by the community.

4. Boomy

Boomy is an AI music generator that you can use to create your own music, even if you're not a trained musician. Creating your first song on the platform is as easy as clicking on a few buttons to customize your AI-generated track.

What makes this more empowering is that you can earn from your creations. The app is connected to Spotify where you can release your track. Every stream earns you royalty.

For $9.99, you can also get Dolby remastering for your track.

How to use Boomy for your creativity? If you've always wanted to compose your own song, let this AI tool empower you to start. Working in different media can unlock your creativity and inspire fresh new ideas.

5. is an AI video generator that you can use to instantly turn your script or any written content into videos. You can likewise find a range of video templates that you can apply to your videos to make them even better. If you're posting on different platforms, this tool will be your lifesaver as you can easily format one video to look good on every platform.

If you're not keen on doing your own voiceovers, InVideo can help you by providing you with AI voiceovers for your video narration.

6. Voicemaker

Voicemaker is an AI voiceover generator. It's very simple to use – you only need to feed it your text and it can read the text for you. It supports over 100 languages.

How can this inspire your creativity? If you want to hear your text read aloud by someone other than yourself, using an AI Voice over generator is a quick fix. You'll even find yourself getting more ideas on how to use voiceover for your various contents.

The tool offers various ways to customize the reading with different pauses and reading speeds and volumes, even the way certain information is said. There are also voice options to choose from. The free membership has a few good options both for male and female and adult and child voices.

7. Runway ML

Runway ML
Runway ML is an AI research company with its own set of AI Magic Tools. These tools run the gamut of text-to-image and text-to-video generators, along with different AI editors and other unique features.

Among its generative tools, it has video-to-video, text-to-image, and image-to-image generators. It also offers subtitle and transcript generators, text to 3D texture generators, and frame interpolation which can generate an animation from uploaded images.

RunwayML is especially useful for video editors because of its powerful AI editing features which Erase and Replace, colorize, remove and replace backgrounds, and many more.

No More Artistic Block with AI Generative Tools

There are many ways to fight artistic blocks, but there are times when the tried-and-tested dont work fast enough for your deadlines. In times like these, lean on your AI generative tools to help you with the heavy lifting so that you can create freely, with fresh ideas everytime.


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