Tech Jobs that are safe from AI

Artificial Intelligence has been the talk of the hour for some time now. It often appears that this technology will soon conquer all professional tasks and jobs. Just hold on if you also think the same. In this article, we have listed the tech jobs that are still out of the reach of AI.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is imminent at present. This fascinating and fast-developing technology is transforming our world with a new evolution every other day. Almost everything is being done by this automation technology and thus building a constant fear among many working professionals of losing their jobs to this trendy technology. Many studies claim that a large number of jobs are at risk across the world prompting us to think that AI is here with a bang and it is here to stay for sure. No wonder, the nature of every job from technology to hospitality is subject to change.

Moreover, AI systems may also exhibit some characteristics of human intelligence including the ability to learn, problem-solution, perceive, and even display some levels of creativity and social cognition. However, we still insist that AI can partially control some of the fields yet it's a long way to go for this new technology to take over these jobs completely. We have underlined a few of such tech jobs that are safe from Artificial Intelligence:

1. Software Developers

Since this AI revolution began, many software developers are reeling under the fear of being replaced by this new technology at their workplaces. The fear is obvious. However, the answer is straightway no because AI will have to go a long long way when it comes to replacing software developers or engineers. Improving a part of engineering is a different thing from what AI is supposed to do in the current situation. But, when it comes to software development it's a multi-level job that goes through a long process. On the contrary, AI can help programmers save time by doing some time-consuming tasks and giving them room to focus on more important work. Eventually, AI may find a way to replace some developers yet it's not going to happen anytime soon. Even after this replacement, new jobs will be created to handle these AI systems and oversee them. Nevertheless, it's crucial to stay up to date and adjust to the changing landscape of software engineering to stall this growing fear of AI replacing your jobs.

2. QA Engineers

It's the job of the Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer to identify and fix any bugs in a product or a program before its launch. They collaborate with the developers to fix all such issues. The job is undoubtedly challenging and therefore it usually requires a considerable amount of time and effort for the QA Engineers to perform their tasks. Again, there are certain implementations that a tester can get done through AI bots. Altogether, the testers can save time and expenses with the help of AI by getting them to perform some general tasks like code and test optimization which are an integral part of Quality Assurance. Hence, these AI bots can be significant in the entire testing process but it's still far from reality to completely replace the jobs of Quality Assurance Engineers. Giving a sigh of relief to the testers who do all the challenging jobs before a product is finally launched.

3. DevOps

The goal of a DevOps engineer is to simplify processes and eliminate the gap between the actions necessary to modify an application fast and the tasks necessary to maintain its stability. From creating codes to the management and maintenance of applications its part and parcel of the job of a DevOps engineer. A better understanding of the software with a unique perspective is something that can be expected from humans only. Here also the AI can assist only in some routine tasks but can not completely replicate the supervision and decisions made by the human minds or professionals.

4. Security Engineers

Security engineers are the need of the hour for any organization that wants to keep its data and computer systems secured from any cyber attack. Their responsibilities range from intrusion detection and maintaining the network to encryption protocols and much more related to what cyber security asks for. Even though AI avails several advantages when it comes to cybersecurity yet the entire replacement of security engineers is next to impossible. However, the surge in the use of cybersecurity automation also can not be ignored. It is surely possible for AI to detect threats but it can't do ethical decision-making or take creative decisions like a human professional can do. The AI can't immediately respond to the threats or incidents such as dealing with data breaches etc. Security teams invest a lot of time and resources in detecting and investigating threats. At this hour, all we can expect or imagine is a better integration of the human mind and AI to create an efficient cybersecurity environment.

5. ML Engineers

ML engineers are considered an important part of the data science team and it's their job to work with algorithms, data, and artificial intelligence along with designing and developing machines. Now like always the question arises if they can be replaced by AI soon. No, they don't need to worry as of now. While we can't underestimate the fact that automation has started showing up in machine learning too. We still need to understand that AI and Machine Engineering can be two very close subjects yet they are very far from being the same. Certain elements of machine learning can be shifted to automation and thus giving time to the engineers to focus on more complicated work. As a result, while some parts of machine learning can be automated, data management is something that can't be easily replaced by AI. It's not easy for AI to master this high-skilled job of machine learning.

Wrapping Up

Through this article, one thing got very clear AI is being increasingly used in computer science like many other fields. This much-talked-about technology can only replace some skills of the professionals but it still has to cover a long distance to take over their jobs completely.


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