How to use technology for a good night sleep?

Have you ever wondered if technology can also be used for a good night's sleep? Yes, indeed. In this article, we have shared all the details of how technology can be helpful for both the quality and quantity of sleep.

Technology has played a major role in evolving our lives in the last few decades. There is hardly a sector or life that is untouched by technology be it infrastructure or communication or luxury. It has served mankind greatly and made it easier in all possible ways. Thus we owe much to the latest technology for all the luxury and advancement we are experiencing in our lives. However, there is another side to technology as we often feel that it has encroached on our lives in a big way. We often say that we have become dependent on technology completely. Even though there are times when it is advisable to avoid technology to get sound sleep you need to give a better start to your next day. This is all because it has become a habit for most adults and teenagers to use mobile phones before going to sleep.

While mobile phone is important for most of us to remain connected with our friends, family colleagues, and relatives yet you can't ignore the fact it also plays a major role in disturbing our sleep-wake cycle. If recent reports are to be believed the number of people who use their mobile phones in their bedrooms is quite high. More than 75 percent of children and 70 percent of adults use electronic devices before going to sleep.

Well, much to your surprise, we are here to share some tips with you that will assist you in getting good sleep with the use of technology. Because good sleep and peace are even advisable by doctors for overall health. So, here it goes.

1. Download Sleep Apps

Plenty of apps can be used to give you a good night's sleep without any specific need for hardware. The "accelerometer" on your phone is used by sleep apps to calculate how your body is functioning at night. They keep track of your sleeping patterns and even help you to optimize your snooze time. Here are some of the popular apps you can download on your smartphone for better sleep:

  • Calm

    Calm App
    Calm is one of the best sleep and meditation apps that not only helps with sleep but also works on your complete well-being. The app makers claim that their goal is to improve your happiness and health. The app offers so much including sound spaces, soothing music, nature scenes, and much more. Calm is not only popular for its bedtime stories but also provides a large library of stories that are updated regularly. Stretching and guided meditation are also a part of this wonderful sleep app. This app also promises to improve the quality of sleep and reduce anxiety in your day-to-day life.

  • Pzizz

    Pzizz App
    This Free to download app sets an alarm for the duration of time your want to sleep. The mix of music and sound effects soothes your mind, sending you to sleep and keeping you asleep thus you wake up feeling refreshed. While you may need to upgrade to use some of the advanced features, one of its unique features of playing soothing music during a nap is available for everyone. Its paid version is available for $8/month and $50 for a year if you want to enjoy full access to this sleep app. It gives a free trial for seven days.

  • Sleep Time

    Sleep Time
    Sleep Time is designed to analyze or monitor your sleep along with that you get all the graphs and charts describing your sleeping pattern. All your tosses and turns during the entire night are used by Sleep Time to prepare customized data for you. Its smart alarm wakes you up at the perfect moment when you are in the lightest sleep phase to revitalize you the most.

  • Sleep Cycle

    Sleep Cycle
    Just like Sleep Time, the Sleep Cycle is another application that keeps track of your sleeping pattern. The app can successfully determine the sleep you are in from deep to light or even if you are in a dream state after analyzing the data it records about your sleep pattern. Subsequently, it creates a 30-minute window for you to choose the right time to wake you up from slumber.

2. Avoid Blue Light

Blue light is not only harmful to your eyes but also deeply disrupts your sleep. This fact is supported by scientific research about harmful blue light. The researchers claim that as much as any other color, blue light disrupts the production of a hormone called melatonin in your body which helps you sleep. However, modern devices have features like dark mode, a reading mode or auto-brightness, etc. You can use the features while using your smartphone during bedtime to have a calm sleep. Not only smartphones, tablets, computers, and TV also emit harmful blue lights hammering your timely sleep. Wearing blue light glasses during the day is also a solution and can help you get a more restful sleep.

3. Under Mattress Sleep Tracker

Ever heard of a smart sleep tracker used under your mattress? Yes, you heard it right you will find technology everywhere. This smart tracker can be easily placed under your mattress to record your sleep patterns including your breathing and heart rate. Along with a snore-detection feature, this device can compile all the data to present you with your sleep score when you wake up the next day. Furthermore, the app helps you improve your sleep score by telling you what makes a good night of sleep. Users can even detect sleep disorders like sleep apnea with these pads.

4. Smart Mattress

Smart beds or smart mattresses are another addition to these devices that can give you some extra restful sleep. These smart mattresses are a hit among some sleep-tracking enthusiasts. However, you may have to spend some extra bugs on these specially designed beds as a smart bed successfully monitors your sleep with sensors. It is laced with detectors that can adjust the temperature of your bed for a favorable sleeping condition. It has been designed to improve the quality of your surface regardless of whether you like it cool or hot.

5. Get a Smartwatch

Sleep Tracking Watches
Wearing a smartwatch in bed may not be as usual as it can be for everyone yet you can maintain a consistent sleeping schedule with their help. In addition to tracking snoring, meditating, and calculating recovery scores, the best sleep trackers also offer useful insight into your sleeping pattern. There is no guarantee that the data recorded by these sleep tracking devices are accurate still it can help take control of your sleep. Thus, choosing the right wrist-worn wearable for yourself can be a great task. The tips provided by each will differ slightly in terms of insights and personalized advice regarding sleeping well. Make a smart choice based on your need after thoroughly checking the reviews of every sleeping tracker.

6. Temperature Control

An unfavorable temperature can also be a major disruptor in your restful sleep. None of us can sleep comfortably in a temperature that is too hot or too cool. In such a situation a Thermostat can be a useful and helpful device for those looking for cozy sleep patterns. This smart thermostat can help to maintain the perfect temperature to give you a peaceful sleep. It can easily control the heating or cooling system of your house to set your preferred temperature.

7. White Noise

Your sleep can be disturbed by any unnecessary noise leaving you tossing and turning for a couple of hours and waiting to fall asleep again. Well for such situations, you may get a hold of any latest White Noise device for a blissful night's sleep. Such devices are available in a large number in the market or online platforms. The White Noise machines can easily emit all disturbing constant noises or distracting commotion such as yapping dogs and late-night parties etc. Additionally, these devices can help you focus on your work during the day by drowning out distracting sounds.


The benefits of peaceful sleep can be endless and significant yet most of us struggle to get a good nap due to our working culture or personal stress. Through this article, we got to know that technology is not something that only plays a disruptor in your resting hours but a blissful sleep and a good technology can go hand in hand. So, we tried lining up a few ways so that you can get a tension-free and good night's sleep using the latest technologies. Don't forget to try them in your next sleep to have a refreshed and energetic day ahead.

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