How to verify the information you get in Google search for authenticity?

Understanding how to retrieve correct information online and avoid fake and wrong content is very important. Here, in this article, you will find a few tips on how to verify the information you get in a Google search for authenticity.

There is a great deal of misinformation and fake news on the internet, but if users need to be sure about the information being presented to them, they can verify it. A Google search can check for fake news or misinformation online. Using Google's tools, you can verify an article or image. Google provides tips on how anyone can verify the information they aren't sure about or uncertain about.

In a separate support page, Google explains how it determines fact checks. An algorithm determines whether a publisher is a trusted source of information by checking certain criteria. Fact check content must tell you what claims are being checked, what conclusions are being drawn about these claims, and how these conclusions were reached. Moreover, it explains the sources of information and citations.
The following steps will help you identify misinformation or fake news online:

  • Find Out About the Source
    A user can find out more about an article's source by clicking the three dots on the right of an article, given that the source checks itself. Currently, this tool is only available in the US.

  • Check Image
    There have been several photos posted on WhatsApp and Facebook that are not genuine or tend to mislead people. The search engine notes that users can verify an image's authenticity by right-clicking it and selecting "Search Google for Image." Mobile users may also do the same by touching and holding the photo. Once the image is found, Google will check if it has previously appeared online and in what context.

  • Multiple Searches
    You should search the internet for the required information and read up on pieces from different news outlets to verify the information. As a result, you can cross-check the information, determine where information is missing, and evaluate what is needed. A user can click full coverage to view coverage from all news outlets.

  • Use Google Earth to Check the Location
    It is difficult to pay attention to our surroundings when we are constantly distracted by our phones or laptop screens. Fake news takes advantage of this lack of information. There are times when we aren't familiar with the information that comes in from outside of our locality. The use of Google Earth is useful for verifying the source and verifying whether the information is real or fake. A picture's authenticity can be verified via Google Earth or Google Maps' Street View to verify the location.

  • Use Google's Fact-Checker
    When a user types a keyword into Google, it finds claims made by news publications and fact checks listed by Google. Google's Fact Check Explorer, which collects more than 100,000 fact checks from reputable publishers around the world, may be used by users who wish to find a detailed fact check on a topic. Using Google's fact-checking tool, you can verify the information and get pointed in the right direction.

How to Use Google Fact Checker?

The Google Fact Check Tools help people verify news and data online and prevent misinformation from appearing in search results. The Fact Check Tools include Fact Check Explore and Fact Check Markup Too, but the focus of this post is on the former. Here's everything you need to know about Google Fact Check Explorer and how to use it.

What is Google Fact Check Explorer?

You can view recent fact checks via the Google Fact Check Explorer, a tool in the Google Fact Check suite. Using the tool, people can search for facts and find out what the facts are by scraping information from the web about the claims and ratings.

How to use Google Fact Check Explorer?

The Google Fact Check Explorer uses various fact-checking websites to determine whether a fact is True or False. The following instructions will show you how to use it.

  • Visit the

  • Google Fact Check
  • You can use the search box to enter a topic or fact that you would like to check and search for.

  • Google Fact Check
  • The rating shows that the claim is false in the above image. By clicking on the link below the rating, you will be taken to the article that rated the claim false.

  • Right next to the claim and rating are a few topic keywords that you can use to search for related facts and claims.

Alternatively, you can view recent and trending claims by selecting recent fact checks below the search bar.

Bottom Line

Misinformation and disinformation can spread quickly online and on social media, so it's essential to check the facts before sharing them. Thus, the importance of retrieving accurate information online, as well as avoiding fake and incorrect content, cannot be overstated.


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