New features expected to come in iPhone Pro 15 - the good, the bad and the unexpected

The iPhone Pro 15 is around the corner if we follow the schedule that Apple generally follows. Are you planning to buy the new iPhone Pro 15 and excited about the new features? Let us check out what we can expect from the next iPhone.

It was in September 2022 that Apple launched the new iPhone 14. It has been almost over 6 months now, and it is high time we will begin looking for the new variant of iPhone Pro. Of course, it may take a while for the new iPhone Pro to launch, but it may be worthwhile to pay enough attention to find the best features that we can expect in the new iPhone Pro 15.
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We will check out the good, the bad and a few unexpected features of the iPhone Pro 15. Not that all these features have been announced by Apple, but they should stand true in one form or the other.

The Good New Features that we expect on Apple iPhone Pro 15

To begin with, we will check a few good features we expect. Even when they may or may not come into reality, they would be the best that would come our way.

The switch to USB C

2023 is the year of USB C, and we expect Apple to move to the new technology. With the EU forcing the manufacturers to a standard charging port, the move to USB C may be quite practical. We expect both iPhone Pro 15 and iPhone 15 to move to USB C and ditch the lightning port.

The new EU law expects smartphone manufacturers to move to USB C by December 2024. The best part of this change would be the best data transfer speed when compared to the lightning port.

An improved camera

Apple recently moved the Wide lens from 12MP to 48MP, and that is why we think there may not be a major change in the 2023 model as such. We may foresee improved low-light performance, enhanced image stabilization, and advanced computational photography capabilities.

We would love to expect the ProRAW video recording capabilities. Better control over colour grading and editing onboard would be desired by photography enthusiasts.

The Dynamic Island

The new iconic Dynamic Island is available exclusively on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. We foresee it being extended to iPhone Pro 15 as well in 2023. It has been estimated that Apple is looking ahead to introduce the Dynamic Island tech to the entire iPhone 15 range this year.

The display industry insider Ross Young has stated that "Dynamic Island expected on standard models on the 15,". That should be something that prospective iPhone buyers would be looking forward to.

A faster performance

The next feature that we would expect from iPhone Pro 15 is faster performance. With the Pro model expected to be equipped with the A17 chipset, you can look ahead to faster performance, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced AI capabilities.

The A17 chip is also expected to bring ahead smoother multitasking, faster app launches, and improved gaming performance. However, the other regular models may not have the A17 chip and may stick to the A16 chip itself.

The Bad and something that we do not want to happen with iPhone Pro 15

A few unwanted features that we may witness with the iPhone Pro 15 can include

A limited 5G connectivity

The growth of 5G is quite widespread across the world. But, iPhone Pro 15 may have a few limitations on the 5G network. The manufacturer may have a few limitations on the 5G compatibility and availability in some countries and a few carriers.

That may be an annoying aspect. It may be a little limiting to find the complete potential of 5G connectivity.

No charging adaptor

This trend was set by Apple iPhone 12 series. Apple will indeed continue with this trend with iPhone Pro 15 as well, and that can be something quite annoying for iPhone users. A bundled charger is always an advisable option, and a lack of it may be disturbing.

No Touch ID

Despite the fact that there is likely to be an under-display touch ID, Apple may decide to do away with the new biometric authentication. This could disappoint users who are looking for fingerprint recognition instead of Face ID. This is a good option for specific use cases where you may need to use fingerprint recognition. A good case in point may be when wearing a face mask.

The Unexpected Features on iPhone Pro 15

These are a few scenes from a fantasy novel, but they are not far from being realistic. Let us check out a few options that may prove to be exciting and may come with a shock value.

Apple Pencil support

Apple may surprise iPhone users by providing support for Apple pencil on the iPhone Pro 15. This can help the users to take notes, draw, and interact with the devices. It can be comparable to the pencil option available on iPad models.

Improved audio features

We also expect iPhone 15 Pro to introduce improved audio performance. A few of the features that we expect include spatial audio, higher-quality audio recording, or enhanced sound customization options. This can improve the better media consumption and communication functionality.

Under display touch ID

The recent iPhones have the face ID as the primary biometric authentication, the use of a touch ID is definitely something that one would be looking forward to. Apple will likely bring back the touch ID as the under-display feature. If that happens, it will provide the users with another to help unlock the device.

The Parting Thoughts

The iPhone 15 Pro has yet to be launched. The features that we have outlined in this compilation are completely speculative in nature. None of the features discussed here have been confirmed by Apple or any other subsidiaries. Let us check out the features when Apple officially launches the Apple iPhone 15 Pro.

We are excited to see if Apple delivers a larger update with the iPhone Pro 15 launch. The iPhone 15 and iPhone Pro 15 are set to receive a huge update, and when that happens, we can update this post further.


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