Why it makes no sense to pay for the blue tick mark on Twitter?

Many Twitter users may be curious to sign up for the Twitter Blue service for $8 per month. But are you sure that this upgrade would offer real value? Read on to know why you should not subscribe to Twitter Blue.

In the beginning, Twitter's blue "verified" checkmark served as a way to distinguish real accounts from fake ones. The checkmark became a status symbol after Elon Musk took over Twitter. Users can purchase Twitter Blue for $8 per month.

You must still meet Twitter's eligibility criteria, which include having a display name and profile photo, having an account older than 90 days, and showing no evidence of dishonest or deceptive behavior.

Those who already had the checkmark were allowed to keep it after Twitter Blue (re)launched, but the company said it would be removed eventually. However, that hasn't happened yet.

Instead, Musk is making changes to how the blue ticks appear next to the profile name. With Twitter's latest update, it no longer clarifies who has subscribed to blue membership and who hasn't when you click on a blue tick.

"On April 1st, we will begin winding down our legacy verified program and removing legacy verified checkmarks. To keep your blue checkmark on Twitter, individuals can sign up for Twitter Blue," Twitter verified tweeted a few days ago. Despite the fact that many users have subscribed to the service still there is a long list of those who are in no mood to spare Musk for the blue tick fee. There is, however, a constant stream of trolling directed at these paid verified users. Due to this trolling, Twitter has changed the message when you click on the blue tick next to the profile name to ensure there is no difference between those who paid for the new tick vs legacy blue tick holders.

It was previously possible to distinguish between users who subscribed to the blue subscription and those who got it for free with the blue tick. However, with the new change, it's impossible to distinguish between paid and free verified accounts. Now the message reads, "This account is verified because it subscribes to Twitter Blue or is a legacy verified account."

It used to be that the blue tick was only awarded to well-known people, such as celebrities and media personalities. Musk has now changed that and allows all Twitter users to get a blue tick next to their names but with one condition. They will be required to pay $8 a month. A monthly fee of Rs. 650 will be charged for Twitter desktop users in India, while Rs. 900 is charged for Twitter mobile users.

There are some users, including media houses and global celebrities, who don't want to pay for the verification, although Twitter doesn't clarify how many have opted for the blue subscription. The New York Times lost its blue tick on Twitter over the weekend after it said it would not pay $8 for verification. Earlier this week, an NYT spokesperson said, "We're not planning to pay the monthly fee for verification of our institutional Twitter accounts." As a result, Musk has removed the blue tick from their profile.

What Exactly Twitter Blue Is?

A Twitter Blue subscription is an $8 monthly subscription that gives you a whole new experience with Twitter. With Twitter Blue, you can edit tweets, verify an NFT profile picture, post higher-quality videos, and get that blue checkmark. You'll also get early access to upcoming features, and there are even more perks on the way. According to Twitter, tweets from verified users will be prioritized to "fight scams and spams." This essentially means that tweets from Twitter Blue members will be prioritized. In addition, Twitter Blue allows users to edit tweets up to five times within 30 minutes of publishing. A Full-HD resolution option is also available for sharing videos.

Why It's Worthless To Pay For Twitter Blue Tick?

Since Twitter launched Twitter Blue, it has received negative feedback. It's one thing to offer subscription plans, but another to charge monthly fees for trivial perks and clout. There was a lot of dissatisfaction among users. Influencers and people with large followings once wore Twitter Blue as a badge of honor. The badge used to be hard to earn, but now you just have to pay a monthly fee to earn it. If you want to avoid wasting money on an upgrade, take another look at the cons. It's not a good idea to subscribe to Twitter Blue for the following reasons.

# It Means Something Different To Be Verified Now

Don't pay for Twitter's blue checkmark if it doesn't matter as much as it used to. The status of Twitter verified no longer indicates that you are an expert in your field as well as that your identity has been validated with ID. A verified blue checkmark is now awarded to premium subscribers on Twitter. You can still find out who subscribes to Twitter Blue even though Twitter no longer distinguishes between legacy verified and Twitter Blue accounts. Therefore, you won't be regarded as credible if you paid for clout. It is even possible that some people might think less of you.

# Dedicated Customer Support Is Limited

The dedicated customer service included with Twitter Blue is reserved only for issues related to the subscription. Twitter Blue users are not prioritized for general issues. Additionally, some platforms offer a dedicated customer support team for their premium users.

# ADs Will Still Bother You

There is only a 50% reduction in ads with Twitter Blue. They'll still appear in feeds and threads. The fact that Twitter monetizes paid plans through advertising seems unfair since it already earns money through subscriptions. The public's complaints are recognized by Elon Musk. It will eventually be possible to browse Twitter Blue completely ad-free, although users will have to pay a higher fee, according to his tweet in January 2023.

# Readers Won't Be Attracted by Long-Form Tweets

There has always been a strict character limit on Twitter. Twitter users are used to posting and reading short tweets, so the ability to upload 4,000 characters isn't appealing. The majority of people don't like reading long tweets. Likely, they won't use the "show more" button when expanding tweets. Your tweets should be engaging and concise to capture the reader's attention.

# Twitter Blue Features Are Worthless

It can be quite expensive to pay $8 to $11, as compared to other social media subscription prices. However, the features don't justify the price. Twitter Blue features are mostly cosmetic and trivial. In other words, those not paying for extra reach are essentially paying for extra reach. In essence, the platform creates a new standard by allowing free accounts to function as trial accounts. As a result, it has even been suggested that only paid social media should be considered since it is allegedly more secure.

Final Words

It yields few benefits to pay for Twitter Blue. Most subscribers want the blue checkmark without having to go through lengthy verification procedures. You might not find it appealing to casual users. You can continue to use the regular plan as long as Twitter does not limit the functionality of free accounts. You can still sign up for Twitter Blue if you find it interesting.

You should, however, choose monthly payments. In this way, you'll lose only a few dollars if you suddenly decide to cancel your subscription.


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