Most Secure Android Phones of 2023

Among the 2 famous smartphone platforms in India - Android and iPhone, there is no doubt that iPhone is much more secure. We discuss the ways by which you can strengthen the secure of your Android smarphone.

It isn't just a popular punchline — Android phones really are less secure than iPhones. The open nature of the Android operating system makes it much easier for software developers to create new and exciting apps for users, but it also makes it easier for cybercriminals to create devastating malware that effortlessly exploits the system's obvious vulnerabilities. Worse, because there are more Android phones than iPhones in operation, cybercriminals invest more in Android malware knowing that there are a larger number of potential victims.

Fortunately, there are ways for Android users to stay safe while using their preferred mobile operating system. Specifically, it is wise for Android users to invest in some of the more secure phones on the market, which includes:

Google Pixel 7 Pro

The Google Pixel is consistently ranked among the best of all Android devices, so it should hardly be surprising that it excels in keeping users safe. Google releases monthly security updates to eliminate vulnerabilities, and Pixel comes with no bloatware, which are pre-installed apps that offer little value and ample opportunity for cybercriminals to exploit. Additionally, Google guarantees its security updates to the 7 Pro for five years, meaning that users can continue enjoying this high-quality phone for longer than typical Android devices.

Google Pixel 6a

For those who cannot afford the top-of-the-line Pixel model, the mid-range Pixel 6a is no less impressive when it comes to security. Like the 7 Pro, the 6a benefits from monthly security updates for five years and Google's zero-bloatware pledge. Plus, the hardware on the 6a is impressive, especially considering the much lower price point of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Galaxy is among the most popular smartphones on the market, and the S22 Ultra offers some outstanding features to rival the iPhone. Despite its poor history with security, Samsung has invested in improving the safety of its Galaxy line, promising users of the S22 Ultra five years of security patches and four updates to the Android OS.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Despite being more than a year old, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE remains a high-quality choice for those looking to minimize cost and maximize value. Like the S22, the S21 is continuing to receive security patches thanks to Samsung's effort to improve the security of its devices. Hardware has hardly improved in the intervening months, so users can benefit from the discount of a slightly older model without compromising on quality or security.
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How to Improve Any Android Phone's Security

Experts recommend replacing an Android phone every two years or so to ensure that users are benefitting from the latest mobile security innovations and avoiding the worst vulnerabilities that develop as a piece of tech ages. However, few users can afford to buy a brand-new smartphone with such frequency. Users interested in improving the security of their current phone to maintain effective protection for years to come might try the following tips:

Invest in an antivirus app. Paid antivirus for Android tends to provide comprehensive security for a mobile device, scanning for malware in real time and identifying dangerous scams before they have any effects. Even better, antivirus apps from reputable cybersecurity firms continue to release updates that maintain or enhance protection into the future.

Reduce app permissions. Every app wants to collect as much data on users as possible to improve their own performance, but users do not want their personal information in so many different locations for cybercriminals to find. Within the Privacy section of Android settings, users can determine which apps can perform which activities, which can enhance security.

Alter lock screen info and controls. If a thief gains physical access to an Android phone, they have a surprising amount of power from the lock screen. Users should disable the availability of notifications on the lock screen, and they should limit the actions they can take before unlocking the device — like turning off Wi-Fi.

Enable Find My Device. The Find My Device feature helps users locate their phone, whether it is lost somewhere around the house, left behind in a public space or pinched by a sneaky thief. Users navigate to from any other device to track their missing phone.

Android users experience greater risks to their devices and data, but that doesn't mean they are destined to suffer a cyberattack. With the right phone and the right behaviors, users can stay safe with their preferred mobile OS.


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