Best award winning AR games to try in 2023

With the growth in augmented reality devices, the niche of AR games has also been growing consistently. Are you looking to find the best AR games that you can explore in 2023? The list is quite enticing, and we make an attempt here to pick the best among them.

Augmented reality gaming has been one of the unique concepts that have redefined the concept of gaming. Pokémon Go was the first game that brought ahead AR gaming to the fore, and the trend has been growing consistently. The year 2023 has been a bumper year for AR, and we would definitely foresee an excellent future for AR gaming. After Ingress and Pokémon Go, there have been several games that are waiting for your attention. Let us check out the best award-winning AR games that you will try in 2023.

1. Knightfall AR

Knightfall AR is the right game for you if you are into history. Go back into the world of Knights Templar and move back into time. As a player, you are expected to keep the city of Acre safer. You would find a huge list of options that include sword fighting, battling and castle-taking. The targeting mechanism can help fight the enemies with slingshots, fire and much more.
The entertainment value and the plenty of exciting experience that you stand to gain with the game should definitely make it a formidable pick. You can indulge in a host of activities as part of your gameplay to beat the Mamluk warriors in your attempt to defend the city of Acre and protect the Holy Grail, which is the most sacred relic of Christianity.

The medieval warfare that you can enjoy as part of your gameplay does increase the fun playing value. You can decide to play in a single-player mode or multiplayer mode as per your preferences.

2. Arrrrgh AR

The Arrrrgh AR is one of the excellent games in terms of the best AR games you can play in 2023. The treasure hunting that you stand to gain with the game in a pirate-themed multiplayer game makes it an excellent pick.
The hide-and-seek game where you are expected to play as a pirate gives it a nice theme. Activate the camera permissions, and you can walk around the environment to hide your treasure. Once you have buried the treasure, you can hand over your device to your friend so that you can find the treasure. It is a classic treasure hunt which gives you a good opportunity to enjoy the game with your friends or kids.

If you are looking forward to an innovative and novel way to entertain your kids, this is definitely the best game that you can opt for. The game is quite simple and does not need you to have any specific hardware or need a lot of training. The simple learning curve should make it an enjoyable game in its own right.

3. Jurassic World Alive

Are you fond of the Jurassic Park series? Jurassic World Alive should be the right pick for you. You will be moved to the world with the untamed dinosaurs. You would indeed marvel at the magnificent animals and get scared. This game was developed by Montreal-based game studio Ludia and provided you access to a world of awe-inspiring dinosaurs brought to life.
jurassic park
The game offers you a geolocation feature as well. The premise of the game involves a scenario where the world has been invaded by dinosaurs, and you have been tasked with the duty of capturing these animals. What's more, you can even create your own hybrid dinosaur using the special DNA system. The outstanding visuals, along with the perfect game mechanics, make it a genuinely inspiring AR game that you can opt for in 2023.

4. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This is an excellent game from Niantic, and it definitely makes it a great game without hassles. The Wizardry and witchcraft in the AR game make it one of the right picks that you would want to focus on. The gameplay involves combating the enemies, completing the challenges and collecting unique artifacts.
harry potter
The AR game comes from the house of Pokémon Go. It provides you access to a real-world augmented reality game, and that would let you enjoy wizardry in a great way. The game could not reach the popularity of Pokémon Go, but it can perhaps be able to get the status of the best AR game.

5. AR Sports Basketball

Are you in love with the sports-themed game in the AR sphere? The AR Sports Basketball should make it a formidable pick. You can play your game easily wherever you want to play your game of basketball to your heart's content. You can create your own challenges as per your preferences.
You can shoot your basketball game from practically any angle as per your preferences. It is not a complex AR game like most of the other games on this list. AR Sports Basketball can be your best means of having fun and enjoying what you love the most. You can enjoy a host of gaming modes that include the multiplayer mode.

6. Zombies, Run

With more than one million downloads, the game Zombies, Run is definitely one of the excellent games that you would find quite interesting. This is the best Augmented Audio game in the fitness genre. It has been one of the most popular zombie-themed games that you would find in the AR genre. You do not kill the zombies in this game but run away from them.
The faster you run, the more supplies you would earn. You would go on earning the supplies, and you will thus build your base. The entire game has more than 200 missions to complete. The audio effects available in the game make it a truly engaging game. The voices here make your heart race, and that should push you to run a little more.

The Parting Thoughts

AR technology has been taking the world in its own stride, and it definitely takes you to become a truly unique phenomenon in itself. The immersive and interactive experience that the AR game provides you access to should indeed make it a genuinely formidable experience.

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