How to switch from touchscreen to keyboard on iPad Pro?

The Apple iPad Pro is one of the most preferred devices by people with an affinity to the iOS ecosystem. If you are someone like me who prefers the physical keyboard more than the online one, it would be interesting to find the best options for switching from the online keyboard to the physical keyboard on an iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is one of the most popular tablets in the market and has a niche of its own just like most other Apple products. However, there are a few iPad Pro users who feel that the online keyboard is not suitable when you have to type a lot and a good physical keyboard is best suited in such a case. We will check out the best physical keyboards which can pair seamlessly with iPad Pro.

Why choose the physical keyboard?

There are several reasons which may be pushing you towards using a physical keyboard on an iPad Pro. One of the most substantial reasons for switching to a physical keyboard can be that it offers better ergonomics. If you are someone who types fast, the physical keyboard is a great choice as opposed to the online keyboard.
A few of the users on Apple communities have been reporting various issues with the online keyboard. The iPad Pro tends to face issues intermittently. Another advantage of using a physical keyboard is that you can use the iPad Pro as a computer.

How to connect the physical keyboard to iPad Pro?

If you want to use a physical keyboard with your iPad Pro, the first thing that you should pick is an excellent third-party Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad Pro. Make sure that the keyboard that you have chosen is compatible with your Apple device. The keyboard is a simple device and should be easy and simple to set up.

Pair your Bluetooth keyboard

You can choose any keyboard as per your preferences. The Apple Magic keyboard is one of the most popular ones from this perspective. I personally prefer the Apple magic keyboard, thanks to the ease of pairing and use. In any case, the pairing process remains the same across any compatible Bluetooth keyboard.
Here is how you can pair your keyboard with iPad Pro -
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth and enable the setting
  • Turn on your keyboard using its power button
  • Press the button for Bluetooth pairing on the keyboard. Based on the manufacturer of your keyboard, you should find different options to configure Bluetooth. Click on the Bluetooth button and enable Bluetooth on your keyboard.
  • The connected keyboard should appear in the list of Connected Devices.
  • Tap on the keyboard to connect it to your iPad Pro device.
  • You may need to an enter an authorization code. The code is a collection of the sequence of numbers.
That does it, and your keyboard is paired to iPad Pro. You will be able to type on your new physical keyboard without the need to worry about the online keyboard.

Use the paired keyboard

When you begin working with the physical keyboard, you need to place your cursor on the iPad Pro screen. You will need to use your fingers to navigate through the screen. Once you have placed the cursor at the spot you prefer, you can continue typing away on your physical keyboard.
use keyboard
When using a physical keyboard, the online keyboard does disappear completely. This will provide you with enough space on the screen to work with. The online keyboard will remain hidden as long you have connected and paired the physical keyboard to the iPad Pro. Once you turn off the connected Bluetooth keyboard, the online keyboard comes back to life, and it will be visible to use once again.

Unpair the paired keyboard

To begin using the online keyboard once again, you need to turn off the Bluetooth keyboard. It is as simple as that, and you can get your online keyboard back into action.
Here is how you can unpair a Bluetooth keyboard -
  • Go to Settings ->Bluetooth once again.
  • Tap on the Info button on the Bluetooth keyboard entry.
  • Choose the option for Disconnect & Forget this Device.
  • Tap on Disconnect to disconnect the Bluetooth pairing for a temporary period. You can reconnect once again to be able to use the keyboard.
  • Tap on Forget this device to terminate the device completely. If you want to use the device once again, you will have to pair it once again.

A few Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts to use on iPad Pro and other iPad devices

The commonly used keyboard shortcuts continue to work with the Bluetooth keyboard on iPad Pro. In case you have been using a keyboard designed for the Windows platform, you can use the Windows key as the Command key.
Some keyboard shortcuts that you can use on iPad Pro can include
  • Command+Space: use it for Spotlight Search
  • Command+T: use it to open a new tab in Safari
  • Command+Tab: use it to switch between apps
  • Command+Shift+R: use it to enable Reader Mode in Safari
  • Command+N: use it to start a new email, a new note or a new event in their respective apps.

The Concluding Thoughts

Using a physical keyboard on iPad Pro can be confusing, but it is never a difficult task. The steps involved in how to switch to a physical keyboard on an iPad Pro are quite simple. The steps to connect and disconnect the Bluetooth keyboard to an iPad Pro are easy to follow too.

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