What is DevOps and how to hire DevOps developers right

What does DevOps entail and how do you hire the right DevOps engineer for your company? Know the answer to this and how to do this the right way for your company.

DevOps has become a crucial component of contemporary software firms. More businesses are accelerating the release of new apps and implementing cutting-edge DevOps processes due to the need for new services in the manufacturing, finance, and healthcare sectors.

However, many looking to hire a DevOps developer find it challenging. An intricate interviewing procedure is needed for the highly specialized position of a DevOps engineer. Your new hire must be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about these areas because the DevOps team sets the standard for automating workflows, improving infrastructure, and improving overall company performance. This article will teach you what you need to know as you set out to hire DevOps developers.

What is DevOps?

The terms development and operations are combined to produce the term "DevOps," which refers to a cooperative or shared approach to the duties carried out by a company's application development and IT operations teams.

DevOps is a mindset that, in its broadest sense, encourages improved communication and collaboration between these teams and other groups within a company. DevOps also helps to create trust between administrators and developers. It also helps to control initiatives that have to do with technology and organization.

How to hire a devops developer

The factors about sharing are essential, especially if you are starting to hire a DevOps engineer for the first time. Here are some tips that will come in handy:

1. Don't replace formal technology training with experience

We cannot underestimate the place of formal training as you set out to hire a DevOps freelancer; it typically does not provide enough knowledge for one to become a top DevOps engineer or to fully assume responsibility for the operations of a production platform.

In DevOps, it's possible to hire someone who can create the platform but lacks the leadership, operational, and debugging skills necessary, particularly during significant incidents when stress levels are high. There is a lack of senior DevOps engineers in the market because this experience is uncommon.

2. Look out for people who don't know the basics

When you want to hire a DevOps programmer, you must look out for people who have skipped the fundamentals. Those are people you want to avoid.

Nowadays, even the most complicated cloud architecture can be quickly created on AWS by the majority of engineers. Do they know the foundations of computing infrastructure, though? Any effective DevOps engineer for hire efforts should be built on this understanding.

Some of the fundamental concepts to cover in your interview process include the following: How servers operate and the fundamentals of databases and data stores.

3. Look out for communications skills

Contrary to popular belief, the best engineers are also excellent communicators. They don't hesitate to call or arrange meetings to get their needed answers. They are adept at asking questions, listening intently, and writing properly to comprehend company requirements.

DevOps engineers will also have to present to the larger technical team, so having someone accustomed to doing that is advantageous. Additionally, since DevOps engineers collaborate closely with the development team, good communication is essential to the smooth operation of everything.

4. Don't hire a know-it-all

There is a difference between a knowledgeable person and a know-it-all. The pace of technological change makes it easy for prior knowledge to become obsolete. In contrast to individuals who are set in their ways, it is preferable to discover ardent learners and tinkerers who like to investigate, figure things out, make them work, and test. The finest engineers spend time looking for the appropriate tools from a higher perspective because there isn't a single optimal tool for every job.

Inquiring about the greatest tool for particular work during an interview is a wonderful technique to gauge a candidate's suitability. Listen for the response. Ask them for suggestions, urge them to express any presumptions they may have, and see if they ask any additional questions.

5. Be careful of being turned off from some personality traits

There is no "best" trait set for a DevOps engineer. Candidates can have a wide range of hobbies and personality features. DevOps engineers vary significantly in their level of being opinionated. Some people are pretty outgoing, while others are very introverted.

Your hiring objective is to locate the ideal candidate who shares your mission, has the necessary abilities, and is a strong communicator. While adhering to the company's vision and culture is crucial, keep in mind to concentrate on what matters tactically from a work perspective and watch for issues like having rigid ideas or being so introverted that communication is challenging. Click here to read about the traits that make an excellent DevOps engineer.

6. Look out for job hoppers

Watch out for frequent job changes because they may indicate that a potential employee won't be dedicated. Even though candidates may have valid explanations for their brief employment at a prior position, it's crucial to delve deeper into them.

Please take advantage of the chance to learn why people left their former jobs. This can provide insights into the DevOps engineer's thought process and draw attention to some of the problems described above. Click here for more information about hiring job hoppers.

7. Look out for senior devops engineers who may not want to do small jobs

If you don't already have a DevOps team, your new hire will need to jump right in and be prepared to take on various jobs, big and small.

This is particularly crucial for small teams because many critical smaller tasks still need to be completed, such as examining logs, categorizing backups, making checklists and runbooks, and producing documentation. This is one of the reasons you should create DevOps teams that include a mix of senior and junior engineers.

Final Thoughts

It is hard to build a team from the ground up. This is why you should consider factors such as communication, job hoppers, and personality traits when looking to hire a DevOps developer. While the information written in this article isn't set in stone, it will help you on your DevOps engineer hiring journey!


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