Value of mobile app development

Is developing an app for your product important for your business to grow? If yes, how do you go about getting a good app up and running and how much will it cost? We answer this and more in this article.

App development is not only good branding. It is also a great tool for communication between company and customer and much more enjoyable for both. Apps extend an expanse to portable and mobile gadgets' ability to provide seamless expansion of the scope with which companies can serve consumers online. The most important thing in an app is its appearance. The interface of the application should be attractive and comfortable to use. Moreover, it should have a unique identity, which reflects the company's branding message and helps to establish an emotional connection with customers. Custom-made illustrations, animations and so on increase user engagement and distinguish a company from the competition

However, the team of developers can provide different mobile app development services within these types. Create a web app/site, optimize your existing one, or help with regular maintenance. Let's go through these services.

Custom mobile app development services

There are three types of mobile apps: Native, Hybrid, and Web. Let's quickly go through them.
  • Native Mobile App Development Service. Native mobile apps are designed to be "native" to one platform. So, they fit a specific operating system like iOS, Android, Windows etc. You can perform with the same functions and design, but it will be different programs. The development process takes more time and budget. If you're looking to create a complex and unique mobile app, an app development approach will be your best choice. Native services are faster and use less battery power and memory. WhatsApp and Spotify are one of them.

  • Web Mobile App Development Service. They are adaptations of sites, scaled to fit the different screen sizes of mobile devices. However, they are not allowed to access users' hardware like a native one. And need to be downloaded and installed. Facebook and Pinterest are examples of web apps.

  • Hybrid Mobile App Development Service. It is something between native and web apps. They have limited access to hardware and need an internet connection to download content. But the design does not adapt to different screen sizes, which affects performance speed. At the same time, it saves time and resources. These services operate on a small amount of information. The most famous examples are Gmail and Twitter.

  • Cross-platform Mobile App Development Service. Cross-platform app development allows creating solutions for both iOS and Android at once.

App development pricing 

As mobile phones began appearing everywhere and development exploded, apps became increasingly more advanced. While the first apps mainly displayed information based on inputs supplied by the user, many of today's apps can intuit the user's needs and provide information even before being prompted to do so.

So, how much does mobile app development cost?

The following are the most critical aspects that influence the final cost of developing an app:
  • Type of vendor and location

  • The number of app features and their complexity

  • The infrastructure of the backend and APIs

  • UX/UI design complexity

  • Methodology for development (native, mobile web, hybrid, etc.)

  • The number of platforms that will be created (iOS, Android, web, etc.)

This is an approximate list of factors affecting the custom mobile app development price. However, do not forget about some "hidden" costs. Often, they are not taken into account in the rough estimate, but this is a mistake. Unexpected expenses can be: marketing, maintenance, security of the program and its production, servers, hosting, and others. In addition, you will likely have to make changes in the middle of the development process, which also costs time and money. Consider all these nuances when estimating mobile app development costs.

Also, it matters what the location and structure of a development team are. The cost of outsourcing mobile app development allows you to save quite a bit because the price of labor fluctuates from region to region. For example, an hour of work in North America costs about $150, and it takes about 12-18 weeks or more to create an entire application. And in Central Europe, development costs range from about $40 per hour. Therefore, outsourcing is used more frequently now. Moreover, Ukrainian development teams like TRIARE offer complete business solutions compared to simple development on a given task.

Moreover, the method used to construct an app has a significant impact on the ultimate cost.

The term "native" refers to an application that follows the guidelines of a specific operating system. The cost of developing an app rises in direct proportion to the number of platforms you want to target. You can only create a native app for each operating system independently.

A hybrid or cross-platform app development cost allows you to save money by developing only one app for all essential platforms working with many operating systems.

Mobile app development cost estimate

The formula for calculating the approximate estimate for mobile app development is straightforward: development cost times the hours spent on the project. But what does influence the final time/price?

If your budget for the first app version is limited, you have three choices:

Decide on specific characteristics ahead of time and stick to the strategy. If you stick to this rule, your scope of work will remain the same, as will your app development costs.

Pay more fees – expect your app development prices to rise as your app's functionality expands.

Drop functionality – you can prioritize app features with your development team. For instance, you may need to restructure the scope of work to include all necessary features while staying within budget limits.


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