The 5 Best Hubstaff Competitors That Will Help You Boost Productivity

Are you looking to find the best Hubstaff alternative? If so, you're in the right place! In this Hubstaff competitors review, we will share the top 5 alternatives to Hubstaff that our research found to be most popular and affordable compared to the industry standard of time tracking tools.

Are you tired of dealing with the limited functionality of your current time tracking software? Do you wish there was a better alternative to Hubstaff, one that would allow you to better manage your team's time and productivity? If so, you're going to love this list of the five best Hubstaff competitors. They each offer unique features that help businesses boost productivity and maximize profit. While none will match all of Hubstaff's features, you will be sure to find one that fits your specific needs and budget. Are you ready to discover them? Let's get started!

5 Best Hubstaff Competitors

1) Workstatus

Workstatus is one of the most popular and well-known tools for monitoring remote employees. The tool offers a lot of great features, but it can come at a steep price. If you're looking for an alternative to Hubstaff, there are many other options available that will help boost your productivity and make life easier. One such option is Time Doctor. It has many similar features as Hubstaff, including screen recording and tracking time, yet the pricing is more competitive than other alternatives out there on the market.

2) DeskTime

DeskTime is a time tracking software that has an alternative to Hubstaff. DeskTime offers a free trial, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a Hubstaff competitor. Plus, DeskTime doesn't have the same limitations on features, making it the best alternative to Hubstaff. Another great Hubstaff competitor is Time Doctor. The company provides affordable plans with a focus on attracting small businesses and freelancers.

3) Toggl

Toggl is a time tracking software that can be used for business management, in-depth analysis and project planning. Toggl provides accurate reports on when tasks are completed, how much time is spent on different projects and helps identify areas of improvement. Toggl has been around for years and it offers one of the best alternatives to Hubstaff because of its wide range of features.

4) Everhour

Everhour is a time tracking software that helps managers to manage their teams and boost productivity by providing real-time insights into the work done by each of their employees. The software also offers advanced features, such as unlimited levels of hierarchy, custom fields, reports, and approvals. Additionally, it integrates with other tools like Slack and Trello so users can track progress in one place. All data collected from these integrations are then available for user review in the activity feed.

5) RescueTime

RescueTime is one of the best alternatives to Hubstaff, because it provides a free trial version. It is also pretty easy to use and has a simple interface. RescueTime tracks all the time you spend on websites, applications, and programs. The software also calculates how much time you spend on projects. It helps you stay focused and be more productive by alerting you when it's time for a break or if you have spent too much time on one task.


While Hubstaff has been a popular choice for many companies looking to boost productivity, it's not the only option. If you're looking for a better alternative to Hubstaff, here are five of our favorite competitors that we've found offer similar features and benefits without the pricey price tag. While these services may not be exactly what you're looking for, they offer a great starting point for finding the perfect solution for your business.


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