AI Transforms Cloud-Based Automated Testing - How?

There are various ways that cloud-based automation testing is being transformed by AI. In this article, we will explore some of the ways that AI has transformed cloud-based automation testing. Read to the end to understand how impactful AI has been in software testing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an important part of human lives. It is transforming a wide range of sectors, including software development. One of the biggest impacts of AI on the software development world has been in automation testing in cloud environments.

A Brief Overview of AI-Based Automation Testing

It will help to have a brief overview of what AI-based automation testing entails. That will help you understand the role AI plays in ensuring that automation testing succeeds. In the end, you will know whether using AI in your automated testing processes is a good idea.

AI-based automation testing is an advanced technique that you can use to ensure the best results from your software development process. It leverages a wide range of technologies to ensure automated software testing generates high-quality digital products and software.

There are various tools that you can use for automated software testing. However, not every tool out there will provide you with the value you desire. It will be vital to ensure that the software tool you choose for your testing needs meets the Guidewire testing standards.

Guidewire provides the best solutions for API and UI testing. You need to ensure that you settle on a tool that will provide you with the desired quality. Tools that align with Guidewire standards will help ensure that you deploy software that meets the customer's needs.

The Applications of AI in Test Automation

There are various ways that you can apply AI to test automation. This section will explore what you can do with AI when automating software testing. The applications we will discuss in this post will help you understand how to make the most of AI as a software tester.

Let's see some of these applications below.

1. Creating and Updating Unit Tests

This is one of the most popular applications of AI in cloud-based automation testing. You can use AI to reduce the time used to author and maintain unit tests. In short, you can easily work with a large existing codebase using AI solutions for cloud-based automation testing.

2. Automated User Interface Testing

Something else that's worth looking into is how your user interface performs. Using AI when conducting user interface testing can help you get the desired results. You can increase code coverage by using AI and avoid minor deviations that lead to the failure of the test suites.

3. Automating API Testing

You can do this without the help of artificial intelligence. However, there are various reasons why AI is worth integrating into API testing. Besides automating the processes, it can also help you examine traffic and identify patterns. It will also assist you in understanding how the APIs are related.

4. Automating Test Maintenance

Sometimes test suites get broken for meager reasons. It could be because of an update to the field names or UI elements that ideally shouldn't cause any disruption. AI can be helpful in ensuring that changes get evaluated and fixed without having to break test suites.

5. AI-Based Test Data Generation

This is another area where AI can help transform cloud-based automated testing. It is easy to generate data sets using machine learning, which is one of the fields in AI. There are trained ML models that can learn from existing production datasets and help you generate data.

How AI Solves Automation Testing Challenges

Automation testing comes with a plethora of challenges that AI can help solve. You might wonder how AI can help ensure that testing challenges are solved effectively. Here are some of the ways:
  • Helping businesses build the right teams
  • Saving software testers some valuable time
  • Maintaining test suites and scripts
  • Determining changes and bugs in code
  • Ensuring test sizes and cases are appropriate

Those are some of the best ways that AI can help with cloud-based automation testing. If you are experiencing challenges with cloud-based automation testing, then you now know why adopting AI is crucial. You will reduce these challenges in the ways we've mentioned.

Methods to Use for AI-Based Automation Testing

Knowing the methods used in cloud-based AI automation testing will be vital. A good background knowledge of these methods will help ensure you make the right choice of method to use. Here are the three main methods you should consider:
  • Regression suite automation: It helps with the identification and execution of the right test cases, which helps reduce the regression test cycle.

  • Defect analysis and prediction: It leverages ML and NLP algorithms to identify and resolve issues early and ensure software gets deployed faster.

  • Self-healing automation: It is a process that ensures that test automation script breakages heal quickly without following manual healing processes.

The Best Tools for AI-Based Automation Testing

Automated Software testing

You might wonder what tools are available out there for AI-based automation testing. This section will explore some of the best tools you can consider. One of the most amazing tools to consider for AI-based automation testing is the Guidewire testing solution.

It has all the features that you need to effectively conduct API and UI tests. But then, there are many more tools that you can consider. The aim should be to choose a tool that meets the Guidewire testing standards. Here are some that we would recommend to you:
  • UiPath
  • Sofy
  • Parasoft
  • Functionize
  • Applitools
  • Appvance IQ


There's no doubt that cloud-based testing is playing a significant role in the software development industry. This article provides a brief overview of what automation testing in the software industry entails. You now know its applications and the challenges it solves.

You also know the various methods to use for cloud-based AI automation testing. Besides that, we have also explored the best tools to use in ensuring you get cloud-based AI automation testing right. You won't go wrong with the Guidewire testing solution.