Top 5 free image background removal tools

Background removal can provide many benefits, including easy integration across sales channels, improved page loading speed, and increased attention to your product. The problem is that many people don't know how to remove image backgrounds themselves. In any case, we've got some great options for you to get started.

When you need to cut out objects from the background quickly, a free background removal tool is perfect for the job. The right tools make editing photos much easier, including using free software to remove images' backgrounds. If you take the background from a picture or illustration, you have numerous ways to experiment with the visual elements. It is possible to significantly enhance your photo by removing or replacing the background. It may be possible to edit out random people, unnecessary objects, or bleak landscapes in some cases. You can replace the existing background with a more suitable one using one of these background removal software. The software can also be useful for designing ads and creating collages.

1. Icons8 Background Remover

Icons8 Background Remover

Icons8 Background Remover lets you easily remove the background from your images for free. It provides fast and accurate results using artificial intelligence. The preview result can also be viewed with the built-in zoom tool before downloading. Furthermore, it does not degrade the quality of processed images.
In just a few seconds, you can remove the background using the simple and intuitive interface. The website only has two buttons: "browse" and "download," so even if you have never used this tool before, you can still get started.

Key features
  1. Process for removing backgrounds automatically

  2. It's free

  3. An interface that is simple and user-friendly for beginners

2. Apowersoft Background Eraser

Using Artificial Intelligence, Apowersoft Background Eraser lets you crop out fully automatically, which works for images with people, animals, or objects, no matter how complex the background is. Artificial intelligence is constantly improving so you can always expect the best results.
It is also possible to manually remove the background using the keep/remove tool. Besides adjusting and cropping the image, you will also be able to zoom in and out, move it and duplicate it. Custom images can also be combined with cutouts to create new images.

Key Features
  1. Apowersoft Artificial Intelligence

  2. Remove/Keep the tool

  3. Eraser for bulk image backgrounds

  4. Signature removal

3. Fotor

You can automatically remove backgrounds from images online with Fotor. Once you upload your photo, the AI will detect the subject and remove the background, saving you time from installing anything or editing yourself. Getting rid of the background from images that contain hair or animal fur can be tricky because of the tiny details, but Fotor does that too. Their algorithm uses a constant learning process to determine precisely what subjects are present in a complex image.

Key Features
  1. Removes background automatically

  2. AI-enabled

  3. Ensure accuracy when deleting backgrounds

  4. Backgrounds can be replaced and changed

4. Adobe Free Background Remover

It is also possible to remove the background image with Adobe's free software. The process can be done online by uploading an image, and the background will be erased automatically. From there, you can download or use Adobe Creative Cloud Express to edit it. With this app, you have a massive variety of options for creating new images in different formats. There are over 100.000 templates available on the platform that you can use to crop, frame, add gifs, and add texts.

Key Features
  1. Backgrounds are automatically removed

  2. User friendly

  3. Use Adobe Creative Cloud Express to customize the image


A free and open-source image editor, GIMP provides several tools for high-quality image manipulation, including background removal. There is support for different photo files, such as JPEGs and TIFFs, and it can be installed on Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Sun OpenSolaris, or FreeBSD.
The "Fuzzy Select Tool" in GIMP can be used to select the area of the background image you want to remove. In case the background has just one color, you can also select the color using the "Select by color" tool.

Key Features
  1. An interface that can be customized

  2. Enhancement of the photo

  3. The digital retouching process

Designing skills are not required for background removal

As you can see, there are several free software programs that you can use to remove the background from an image without needing any special design skills. The use of artificial intelligence has made this task easier, allowing you to create images quickly, for example, for your online store. It helps to highlight details of products by removing the background from images and replacing it with one that is white. In some e-commerce marketplaces, that is required for adding products. It is possible to erase the background and replace it with other designs, creating images with different formats. The most important benefit is that you now have the option of focusing on creativity instead of manually removing the background, while still getting precise cutouts that are smooth.

Common use of background removal tools

  1. The background of product photos can be removed to create transparent images that can be placed on white backgrounds. Clean, consistent images for product catalogs increase conversions for many Amazon and eBay merchants.

  2. Transparent backgrounds make it easy to repurpose logo images and reuse them freely.
    By removing the background from a vacation photo, you can quickly remove any people or objects that distract from the subject matter.

  3. Create a photomontage by removing backgrounds from multiple images. Paste the transparent pictures onto any new background you like once they have been removed!

  4. It is very practical to remove backgrounds from marketing materials to improve workflow and create marketing materials for businesses.

The next step…

The fact that you're improving your images means you're on the right track, regardless of whether you use a free application like Preview, Paint.Net, or GIMP, or a professional tool like Photoshop. The first step in optimizing product images for the web is to remove the background. You should work on defining standards for cropping, sizing, alignment, and margins once you have mastered removing the background.

Learning never ends, and that's a good thing. It means you can improve, and when your images improve, so too will your business!


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