How to Patch Up Problems With PC Games

Games have also been a hot topic and numerous PCs are now specially designed in a manner where games can perform their best while giving the desired experience.

PC is known to be one of the best ways to entertain yourself because of its high compatibility. There are tons of different advancements that have crept in which make using PC for different things easier and smarter as well. However, there are different sources of entertainment that you can also place when using a PC such as playing games. Games have also been a hot topic and numerous PCs are now specially designed in a manner where games can perform their best while giving the desired experience.

However, there are certain problems that might pop up here and there when it comes to PC games. Some of them might not download properly whereas, some might not work properly even after downloading. Hence, no matter what you are getting into, you can always find a way out. Here, you will be getting to know more about the ways how you can cater to the problems made by PC games so that you can run them accurately and have a good time gaming.

To run DOS games, use DOSBox

Most of the games that come under the heading of DOS will not work on modern windows because of the updated version. Hence, if you think that using the Command Prompt will help then numerous people have tried this and yet, have failed. The reason for that is that Command Prompt does not provide a complete DOS environment which does not fulfill the requirements of the game. Hence, now to run DOS games, you will need to use DOSBox that a professional game developer has created. This can run on any type of classic PC with all kinds of operating systems.

There are different versions of DOSBox as well which can work on both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, you will be able to go for all DOS games by using this tool. It will give you plenty of different games to play and restore memories with. You will not have to go again through the whole configuration process when you use this because it stays and allows the user to play in continuous motion. Hence, it is a great tool to use if you want to play old laying games.

Run as Administrator

This is just a short tip that you can follow when it comes to running games. There are some games that will not work until you have switched to being the administrator. They will stop working or not work at all when it comes to the standard Windows user account because it does not give the user the privileges that the Administrator account is provided for. This is a problem seen when it comes to old games which is why you will have to use this technique first before moving on with any other hacks. It is the simplest one of them all and it is also easy to do so.

If you do not know how you can do this then here are the steps. You will just have to go to the folder where you have your game installed, right-click it and the option will appear which will say Run as administrator and you just click on that. However, whenever you are done playing the game, you will always need to do this step. Hence, to get away from it, you can right-click on the games shortcut, go to properties and choose the Compatibility tab. Once you click the Run this program as an administrator checkbox then you will not have to do this task over and over again because, for some, it can still be complex.

Change the Windows Compatibility settings

There are tons of different hacks that you can do and are already embedded into the computer. You will just need to dig a bit to find them out. Hence, you can always make some or other changes when it comes to the compatibility settings of your computer. Windows has this mode setting that gives you the permission to trick the game into operating on the older version of windows. This is best advisable for those who are sure that the game will only run the best when the older windows are running.

To get into these settings, you will need to right-click the game's shortcut and go to the properties end to open the compatibility tab. You should then enable the compatibility mode and then set it to the previous version of Windows which allowed the game to work. You will have to dig a bit in to find out the version of windows that the game used to work in before. Hence, you will need to ensure the right program so that there is nothing that can go wrong. Otherwise, you can also ask a professional game developer regarding this.

Update your graphics drivers

This issue is much more applicable to newer games because a professional game developer will always look for new advancements instead of moving back. Hence, if you have a problem running a new game on your PC then you should upgrade your graphics driver and it is advisable that you do it whenever there is an update and should not wait for it.



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