How you can get middle seats in a train coach? Away from toilets

Are you looking to avoid seat allocation near the entrance door and washrooms when booking Indian Railway tickets online? This article provides some very useful tips for avoiding getting a berth or seat near a toilet on a train. Also, you will get information about IRCTC train seating arrangements.

Since the toilet and entrance door are near the train coaches' first and last few seats, people prefer not to sit there. You may understand this better if you are a frequent Indian railway passenger. It is miserable to travel by train, especially in sleeper class, because of the foul smells from the toilets and the commotion at the entrance.

Indian railway coaches come in a variety of layouts based on their class. Please check the arrangement of your coach before boarding the railway coach. There are several coaches on each train. Though they all have two gates and two toilets at either end, their prices, berths, comfort levels, and amenities vary.

AC 1st Class

In the first AC coach, you will notice that the cabins and coups are divided into different cabins. There is an option to lock sliding doors from the inside of the cabins. This serves the interests of privacy and safety. The washroom is also easier to maintain since fewer people use it.

2 Tier AC Sleeper

2A is the class code for a two-tier AC sleeper, while A is the code for a train coach. Generally, the coach has 46 berths for people to sit and sleep. There is a color code for each of them, making it easy to distinguish between them. However, the coupes are open, yet there are curtains for more privacy.

3 Tier AC Sleeper

The third AC coach also has sleeping berths and is fully air-conditioned. Here, the seating arrangement is similar to that in 2AC. There are two sides and three tiers of coaches about the same width, but it has two sides. The third AC coach can accommodate 64 passengers. There are also middle berths in this coach.

Sleeper Class

The sleeper class coaches are the most common and affordable ones. There are usually ten or more additional coaches of this type on a train. 72 passengers are accommodated in the coach, which has three berths in width and two berths in length. Since not everyone can afford an air-conditioned coach, many people travel in sleeper coaches. As the sleeping class does not have a door, getting a seat near the restroom can be a nightmare.

How Can I avoid the seats near the toilets on the train?

The entrance doors and toilets of the train are at the ends of each coach. Passengers sitting near the doors complain about the smell of the toilet and the commotion of people getting in and out. There will also be an on/off light near the toilet throughout the night. Our sleep may be disturbed by this. The toilet area is separated from the berths by a glass door in AC coaches. Sleeper-class travelers are more likely to compromise. Usually, the first thing we check after booking a train ticket is the seat number. Having the option to choose a seat number according to our preferences would be ideal. Unfortunately, IRCTC does not let us choose a particular seat number. Instead, it uses a special algorithm to allocate seats.

You may be able to avoid the first and last few seats near toilets by following these simple tips:

  1. Make sure you book your train ticket as early as possible. Tickets are booked according to the IRCTC algorithm, which fills the middle seats first. The purpose is to distribute the load evenly among the coaches and to maintain the train's balance. As soon as the middle seats in all coaches are filled, the seats towards each end of the coach are assigned.

  2. IRCTC's official ticket booking page gives us the option to specify our priorities. You should not select the option "Book only if 1 or 2 lower berths are available" or "Book only if seats are allocated in the same coach" when booking. The algorithm will allocate seats based on these priorities if you mention them. As a result, there is a greater chance of getting allocated at the ends.

The reason, why IRCTC won't let you pick your favourite berth?

As soon as you successfully log in to the IRCTC website, you pray your next wish is granted. Seats by the window are your favorites. There are almost 500 tickets available. No way are you losing a window seat, you thank your stars. In the end, you don't get the window seat you requested, but there are still 499 tickets left. Why does this happen?

The science behind the seating

Consider a train with sleeper class coaches numbered S1, S2, S3,...S10, and each coach has 72 seats. In this case, when someone books a ticket, the software assigns them a seat in the middle coach like S5, a seat numbered 30-40, and preferably a lower berth. The reason for this is that Indian Railways will fill the lower berths more than the upper berths in an effort to achieve a low center of gravity.

What happens if tickets are booked randomly?

Trains travel at an average speed of 70 km/hr. When a train takes a turn with S1, S2, S3 full and S5, S6 empty, and others partially full, some coaches face maximum centrifugal force, and some face minimum. There is a grave danger of derailment here. This weight difference creates a disruption in the train's stability when brakes are applied to the coaches.

Another factor

As part of the seat allocation process, profiling is also considered. Lower berth seats are reserved for pregnant women and senior citizens.

It is sometimes the case that people who book last get seats in the middle as well. It is possible for you to get a middle seat if you book late if you are very lucky. Those with confirmed seats in the middle have canceled their tickets. But this happens very rarely.


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