Top 8 Impressive Features Of Microsoft Office 365

Do you want to know about the top features of Microsoft Office 365? Read this blog which contains meaning and eight important features of Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 is a combination of tools that are best for businessmen as well as also for students. Contrary to what various kinds of people believe, Microsoft Office 365 is much more than just email. To alleviate you from having wrong information and put you closer to learning the most from your Microsoft Office 365 subscription. We are here to give you the top ten features of Microsoft Office 365 that will help you to make projects with Microsoft Office.

What Is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a turnkey suite of integrated productivity and collaboration applications. This is designed to make all your work related to your office or home here to save resources and time. Microsoft Office 365 combines toolsets and features from the Windows operating system, the Microsoft productivity suite, and the Enterprise Security and Mobility package. That all establish security and authentication protocols for systems and employees to secure data. Microsoft Office 365 comes with two versions: Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise. Microsoft Office 365 Business is designed for SMBs that want to deploy a collaborative, integrated work environment but do not have the infrastructure or IT personnel in place to manage it.

Microsoft Office 365 offers various subscription plans to fit different needs and budgets, so how much it costs depends on the plan you choose. To determine how much is Microsoft Office 365 for your organization, you can explore and compare pricing options to find the one that suits your requirements best.

The Microsoft Office 365 Business version will work perfectly with SMBs that do not utilize an Active Directory domain controller. There are various types of features that you love while you are working with this office 365.

1 - Communicate with Co-Workers

This feature of Microsoft Office 365 has a very compatible Skype in-app integration. Office 365 offers this feature that can play an important role in providing timely communication with your colleagues, as you can utilize it to instant message your teammates and conduct visual or audio conversations by sharing the screen with your teammates. Essentially, you can keep your conversations and Skype conversations even after you move out from apps via the mobile version of Skype or your desktop. The impressive thing about it is your team will get unlimited Skype minutes.

2 - Real-Time Co-Authoring

Microsoft Office 365 gives permission to collaborate online and see changes your team creates to shared documents on a real-time basis. By sharing your documents to OneDrive cloud storage or SharePoint, your group of friends can access the file and create any necessary updates or edits. You can easily share files directly from word with the help of a handily integrated sidebar. You have the facility that you can easily edit accessibility settings at any time as an access giver, additionally, with the value-added version control that was rolled out with MS Office 2016 co-authoring. You can maintain track of which changes were created by which contributor, along with the best time of the update.

3 - Microsoft Planner with Workflows

Major Microsoft Office 365 project management feature, Planner, gives a simple track of making workflows for projects and assigning the individual tasks in the stream over to people. It moves like a cascading flow. After an employee signs that he/she has completed the allotted part, the Planner's main feature automatically assigns it over to the following employee who requires work on it next. By setting due time, dates, and a calendar of to-dos, you can create all the tasks time-bound.

4 - Power Map in Excel

At the time of decision making, taking the role that data plays that makes or breaks the business, data has emerged as the new currency in today's digital world. It unfolds a solid scenario where the company should miss no opportunities to turn data into actionable insights. Microsoft Office 365 power map, a category of the interactive and powerful data visualization features in Excel, can prove easily in this regard. It acts as a solution for visualizing, analyzing, and sharing data insights, enhanced with Power BI.

5 - Resume Reading Feature

Few of the essential official documents, like legal ones, can be sprawling lengths. The choice of not reading them is not on the table. Yet, being strapped for time creates it difficult to set time aside to extricate through 70 pages. With the Resume Reading function in Microsoft Office 36, you can move in and out of the document as and when and take it up straight from where you leave, irrespective of the device type.

6 - Self- Decluttering Smart Inbox

Finding the requirement to streamline and declutter your email inboxes, MS Office 365 arrives with a Clutter feature. By analyzing the activities of your mailbox, it automatically lists high-priority messages before low-priority messages. Those emails which are not the most important will be transferred to your "clutter" folder, providing you with an opportunity to see them at a convenient time.

7 - Lync 2010

Microsoft Office 365 controls you to download and install the new Lync 2010 client. Lync 2010 is an IM client similar to Windows Live Messenger that enables you to conduct online message meetings. Known for giving the best PC-to-PC video and audio connections, the Lync 2010 is installed on your PC. You have to note that this is not a scenario with other web-based members of the MS 365 suite.

8 - Send Links, Not Files

Every email browser arrives with a limitation on the size of attachments. It may make your inbox much more cluttered, as your colleagues are pressured to spend much more than one email to pass on the essential documents to you. MS Office 365 features a credible solution to this danger. You have to only upload your document to Microsoft Office 365's cloud storage. Then utilize Outlook or the Outlook web application to type an email.


How can I easily download Microsoft Office 365 for free?

If you just require MS Office for a short period of time, you can log in for a one-month free trial. To get this offer, head to Microsoft's Try Office for a free website and sign up for the trial. You will have to give a credit card to log in for the trial, and it will automatically renew after the month.

Is it worth buying Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is the best choice for anyone who requires all the MS Office apps and everything the service offers. You have to share the account with up to six people. The subscription plan is also the only option that gives continuity of updates at a low price of ownership.

Is there any free version of MS Office for Windows 10?

It is a free application that will be preinstalled on your Windows 10, and you do not require a Microsoft Office 365 subscription plan to utilize it. The existing My MS Office app has various of these features, but the new MS Office application focuses on the free online versions of Microsoft Office if you are not an Office 365 subscriber.


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