How to Sync Your Bike App With Your E-Bike

Is your e-bike app not synching with your e-bike? Connect your bike to the app using the steps discussed in the article.

E-bikes are new, and riders enjoy using them as they can maintain a speed limit of 28 MP/h, which is impossible with a regular bike. And the best part is you can operate your e-bike using bike apps that are installed on your smartphone.

These bike apps are great as they offer added safety since they can be tracked and allows you to track your journey. If you cannot sync your bike app to your e-bike, this article is your go-to as it offers tips to help you sync them. It also provides you with factors to consider when choosing an e-bike app.

Understanding an E-Bike App
This is software that is designed for e-bikes. The application is installed on your phone and connects with your bike, giving a wholesome cycling experience.

Syncing Your E-Bike to the Bike Apps
When choosing your e-bike app, you should pay attention and ensure that it can seamlessly sync with your mountain e-bike. Reasons why our bike may not be connecting with your bike app and how to reconnect:

There are two ways you can connect your e-bike to your bike app through your smartphone. You can either use the Bluetooth sensors or the data logger built into the bike.
You may wonder what a data logger is; an advanced GPS tracker that sends all your ride data to the cloud, which is then sent to your phone.

Your e-bike app may not connect to your e-bike because the batteries have run out of charge. So before panicking, ensure that your batteries are fully charged. And if it has charge and still does not sync, follow the step-by-step process below to connect.

How To Connect Your E-Bike To An E-Bike App

The reason why most apps fail to connect is if you are using an old version.
  1. So first, ensure you are using the latest version. Check on the Play Store to confirm if there is an update.
  2. Then register on the app using your email and enter the frame number of your bicycle.
  3. Ensure that you are near your e-bike, a maximum distance of 10m, and better if you are closer. And ensure that your pedal support is switched on.
  4. Switch on your phone's Bluetooth
  5. Go to your apps section and force the e-bike app to stop and reinstall it again.
  6. Ensure your bike is not connected to another device as it will not connect with yours as its connection is engaged.
  7. If it was connected to another device, disable Bluetooth on that phone. Then take your e-bike battery out, and charge it. Once the LED light on the charger turns green, your battery is charged, reinsert it in your bike and leave for a few minutes to power through it.
  8. Then go to settings on your phone, your e-bike app, and select Bluetooth. Click on Storage, select Force Stop, and then select Clear Cache.
  9. The app has a section called Bluetooth Test and Bluetooth MIDI Services. Click Storage on them, select Force Stop, then Clear Cache.
  10. Then restart your phone and try reconnecting with your e-bike via Bluetooth.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An E-Bike App

Make sure to choose an app fit for your bike using the factors below.

Check the Developers

There are three groups of e-bike app developers. They include:

The manufacturers of e-bikes: some e-bike manufacturers such as the ones at prefer to develop all their bike components, including the apps, to provide their customers with a one-stop shop. This helps them eliminate competitors because their customers do not have to use other e-bike apps.

This is the best solution to bike apps failing to sync the e-bike because the manufacturers will have conducted all the necessary tests. And if there are faulty products, they usually issue a product recall.

Motor manufacturers: Some car manufacturers have also ventured into this sector by developing apps for their cars and e-bikes. Companies like Bosch have their own bike app.

Independent developers: There are loads of apps from independent developers, including e-bike apps. These apps are fantastic and universal, meaning they can connect with any e-bike brand. The best part is that they are well versed in tech and app development. Therefore, you will get a high-quality app.

Switching Your E-Bike On and Off

Your e-bike has a very compact display and one button for switching your bike on and off. If that fails, you can switch your e-bike on by plugging off the batteries and then returning them, and in about 20 seconds, start pedaling. However, this method does not afford riders an enhanced user experience.

With the development of E-bike apps, riders can now switch their bikes on and off from their smartphones.

Bike Control

When choosing an e-bike app for your bicycle, ensure it can manage your bike and can allow you to customize the settings to your bike's needs. For instance, the app should be able to switch lights on and off when riding at night. It should also be capable of tracking your speed using speed sensors and battery status and provide a warning when you need a recharge.

E-Bike Maintenance Notification

We all know that your bike needs regular maintenance for prolonged life and to prevent you from getting into accidents. You must ensure that your e-bike app monitors every part of your bike, from miles cycled to the damaged components, and sends alerts. By analyzing the data collected by your app, you'll be in a better position to determine the status of your bike.

Bike Safety

E-bikes are prone to theft; that's why the manufacturers outfit them with a lock and GPS. Although thieves can hack through your lock system, they'll not be able to disable your GPS tracker. Therefore, if your bike is stolen, you can easily find it using the trackers. The trackers are highly advanced, allowing you to view your bike's movement.

If you go missing while out riding alone, the apps have a safety feature that calls for help. This is especially so if you are involved in an accident. The app can detect the collision, and if you can no longer move, the app sends a notification to your emergency contact.

Final Thoughts

An e-bike app is essential for all e-bikes as it helps provide users with a wholesome cycling experience. It also provides safety and protection to the riders with GPS tracking features and helps track your fitness journey. Use the tips above when selecting an e-bike app, and if it fails to sync with your e-bike, follow the instructions above.


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