What are The Benefits of Cloud-Based Automation Testing?

If you are looking for a reliable cross-collaborative testing solution, look no further than cloud-based automation testing. See what options you have for such testing and what benefits come with it.

Software testing is vital as it helps detect defects and correct them before the product is released to the users. The process is usually complex, especially when testing for browsers and other cross-browser applications.

For cloud-based automation testing, you will use your entire testing infrastructure on the cloud, and cross-browser is made simpler. There are several reasons why most organizations prefer automated testing to manual testing. With testing automation tools organizations can speed up the processes, cut costs and optimize manpower requirements. This is because they can automate most of the test scenarios 24/7, depending on the extent of the testing and cover more in the same time than it would be in manual testing. Manual testing is prone to errors as humans are highly involved in creating test scripts. On the other hand, test scripts are created with the help of automation testing tools that have high accuracy. Automated testing can handle complex test scenarios like test cases that require frequent database updates, which is nearly impossible with manual testing.

Here are the benefits of cloud-based automation testing.

It's easier to keep up with platform upgrades
The ever-changing browser and mobile updates require a testing environment that is always up-to-date. This is nearly impossible with the manual testing approach where cloud applications are not prioritized. With cloud-based automation testing, you will enjoy the immediate connection to the latest iOS and android platforms. Most automated cloud testing tools support the most recent Safari, Firefox or Chrome browsers.

As a result, there is better test automation coverage for web and mobile app testing. Imagine facing integration issues with a new testing framework that came out, and you need it to meet the customer requirements! It can be very disappointing and will take a lot of time to fix the issue. Some of the automated cloud testing tools' updates take place automatically. You will be notified of the updates, and you can schedule your favorite period.

Great security
Security is a major concern when it comes to software testing. There are several types of testing that are performed in an organization. In most cases, test cases are performed against the test environment, pre-production environment, and others are generally production testing cases. All these test cases must be performed with great platforms that are secure.

The platforms should be able to support several configurations and authentications for them to work effectively. This is the only way the internal users will safely perform their testing activities without committing data breaches. Data center cloud solutions are usually designed following strict restrictions and should comply with certain regulations. Before they are introduced to the market, they are highly tested to ensure that their security features are fully functional and can protect the organizations' data.

There is unlimited test automation scalability
Customer requirements keep on changing depending on the new trends that are available on the market. It's challenging to adjust your testing tools to fit the new demands when relying on physical storage devices. Test automation scalability generally covers two aspects of testing: platform coverage and test scenarios. Cloud automation testing supports parallel execution across different web and mobile platforms.

The cloud testing environment and tools allow you to scale platform elasticity and coverage depending on your needs. The more you scale your operations, the higher the chances of reducing the overall execution time, and this will ensure that you get faster feedback.

Better disaster recovery, audit ready
When carrying out software testing on different devices, you need to understand that challenges are there, and you will face several of them. What matters, in this case, is how your organization is prepared for recovery. Does the organization offer efficient tracking of several test case scenarios? Cloud automation testing offers great tracking history of several activities carried out within the organization.

And this means that cloud automated testing can better support disaster recovery. You will have a dedicated infrastructure to work 24/7 with excellent monitoring systems. Team members will face fewer hassles when making audit recovery for the old data.

Great cross-team collaboration
Software testing is a collaborative process whereby different testers work together to detect defects and improve the software's overall functionality by adding the necessary updates. For great cross-team collaboration, there must be great access to the resources within the organization by all the team members. This is highly possible with cloud-based automated testing.

Test engineers, developers, and other team members can work together by accessing resources from a centralized location. Though, there should be controlled access to the cloud data centers to avoid data breaches. This way, everyone working in the organization will be at the same pace, enabling them to understand the project's status easily remotely.


Cloud-based automated testing offers a lot of benefits to the respective organization. There is great security, cross-team collaboration, better disaster recovery, great scalability, and easier upgrade of different tools and software. What matters is whether you have a great team dedicated to the testing process. Remember that digital transformations cannot be taken for granted as they can make organizations' operations more complicated.


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