10 Gaming Proxy Servers That Are Safe for Gamers to Use

Are you looking for proxy servers to use while gaming online? Know the best proxy servers that are safe and won't cause any lag in your gameplay.

Video gaming is a popular pastime for both young and old people all over the world. Globally, an estimated 3.24 billion people play video games. And, like you, others have had their fair share of issues with gameplay. No matter how good you are, there is always an upper limit on how good you can be due to several reasons.

Lagging in games has always been an issue with gamers. The most common culprits are your internet connection and your location. Moreso, some countries have strict firewalls. These prevent you from connecting to servers and playing with gamers outside of the country.

To solve this, you need to search for an online gaming provider. While doing so, you will no doubt find free proxy servers in your search results. These proxy servers can help you improve your gaming experience by solving the issues mentioned above.

But some aren't true to what they do. That's why it pays to know what gaming proxy servers are available on the market. The guide below will help you understand how it works and help you choose the best gaming proxy for you.

What Are Gaming Proxies?

The development of gaming has risen in popularity. In fact, the audience size on the live streaming platform for gamers has increased by 83% year on year. The most difficult part of gaming is maintaining your privacy and security. So what does this have to do with the free proxy server list?

When you connect to a proxy server, IP address replacement happens. Your device's IP address is like your laptop or computer's fingerprint. The encryption happens to all traffic between your device and the proxy server. This prevents data from leaking about your location and device.

A web proxy server acts as a conduit between your PC and the network you want to access. It is a special server that allows a user to access restricted web content within their domain. In the same way, gaming proxies conceal an online user's true virtual identity. In short, it facilitates data exchange while maintaining the user's privacy.

Safety is of the essence while playing online games. This has promoted a list of free proxy servers to come up with a solution. These help gamers have a safe online gaming experience while also enjoying their favorite games.

In case you didn't know, free proxy servers do much more than hide your IP address from various websites. If you are struggling to find the best gaming free proxy servers, then this article is for you. Keep reading!

Why Should You Use a Proxy When Gaming?

When it comes to internet gaming, speed is essential. Most gamers disable their antivirus and firewall software during gameplay. They believe it ensures optimal speed. What a lot of gamers don't realize is that they are compromising their security by doing these.

Many users have no idea what a proxy server is or why they should be using one. If you are still reading this, chances are that you are one of them. Let's take a look at what proxy servers can do for your gaming endeavors.

1. Get Access to Limited-Edition Product Launches

DLC, or Downloadable Content, is common in games these days. Season passes, for example, include items not accessible in the normal version. This includes:
  • Unlockable characters
  • Skills
  • Upgrades

For the competitive gamer, having these special accessories is essential. This helps a gamer to become quickly acquainted with the new actual gameplay. This time-sensitive access offers a great strategic advantage.

But what if the DLC arrives at different times in various regions? How can you stay competitive with someone who got more materials than you? A free proxy server can make it fairer. It enables you to access time-delayed or exclusive virtual items regardless of your physical location.

Would you like to have a new character, better weapons, armor, or move-sets? Begin adopting new content before anyone else and be ready for action. With the right proxy list, you can access content from any area without fear of geo-blocking.

2. Lag Leveling

Latency is a major issue in online games. If the gap between players' communications is huge, latency can give a player an advantage. It is especially problematic in peer-to-peer (P2P) games.

Instead of connecting to a central server, one player serves as the host. The other player will, then, connect directly to that host. In these cases, the host has lesser lag than connecting players have, which puts them at a disadvantage.

Proxies can bridge this gap. You can get a free proxy and can control lag. For a competitive game, you should use top-quality local private subnet proxies.

3. Multiplayer Mode From All Over The World

Several game servers will not accept linkage from specific locations. If you want to play with a friend in another region, these restrictions can be inconvenient. Proxies can also help you to have some fun along the way.

There are many reasons why you need private proxies. For this situation, they are the most ideal. By using such proxies, you can be sure that you are the only person using that IP address.

Choose a proxy in your friend's geographical area, link, and play. You can guarantee that the connection is not shared with other subscribers. This provides you with the best experience possible.

4. Botting

There are many tasks associated with MMORPGs. It is reasonable that not every gamer has the time to finish every mission necessary to advance to new game levels. This is where a bot can help.

Bots can completely expedite your gaming experience, which operate at a much faster rate than humans. This allows you to complete more tasks faster and more efficiently. However, bots generate a large amount of traffic in a brief time. Because of this, gaming sites may suspect the activity. To avoid this, you need to use a gaming proxy for power leveling.

How to Get Free Proxy?

As time passes, the need for internet anonymity is increasing. Everyone likes to maintain their privacy and keep their gaming activities under wraps. And if you're concerned about your security and privacy, you need to look into free proxy sites. This is to avoid censorship and traffic snooping.

This is what gaming proxies solve. They give you the freedom of not having to use the same IP address every time you play a game online. A proxy server hides your IP and personal information, which helps you stay anonymous on the internet.

You can enjoy proxy for free. But finding the right one or even a list of free proxy servers can be tricky. If this sounds like something up your alley, check out the list below for some great options that are just a click away.

1. Proxyium - Well Known Free Proxy Server List

Proxyium is a well-known name among those who look for free proxy lists. All proxies listed on this site are regularly checked. This eliminates the possibility of finding a free proxy that does not work.

You can find a proxy server list here for KProxy offers ten servers to choose from. You can choose from these and transfer them at any time. So even if you lose access to one server, you're still safe. There are no speed restrictions, as there are with some proxies.

It has a proven track record of evading capture and restriction by websites and ISPs. You can access KProxy servers directly from the website. You can also install a Firefox or Chrome browser extension.

3. ProxFree - Secured Proxy for Free

This web proxy has a good geographical reach and solid security. It has seven servers in North America and four in Europe. You are then routed to the nearest IP address after selecting a server. You also have the option to manually adjust it.

ProxFree is as adaptable as any other free web proxy. There is an option to disable secure socket layer (SSL) encryption. Checkboxes are available to delete scripts, objects, cookies, and page titles. The webpage you're visiting won't know what you clicked on to get there or what kind of desktop you're using in this manner.

4. Hidester - Reliable Proxy List

According to recent user reviews, Hidester has a good reputation for dependability. Although it is new, it is as good as the more widely accepted ones on this free proxy list. Hidester runs its own servers in the United States and Europe. The 128-bit encryption and an SSL to protect the server.

Its security commitment extends to free users as well. Along with its web proxy, Hidester provides a set of free tools. A secure password generator and a DNS leak test are among them. There could be significant benefits for users who want to remain secure digitally.

5. 4everproxy - Fast Free Proxies

You can choose both the server and the IP location before accessing 4everproxy. There are more than ten choices for the first option and even more for the second. By experimenting with various options, you can find the ideal amount of security and connection speed.

However, speed should not be an issue in any case. Each 4everproxy server has a connection speed of one gigabit per second. Each connection also includes optional SSL encryption and cookie and script blocking.

6. ProxyNova - Free Proxy List Refreshed Every Minute

ProxyNova is yet another website where you can find a list of highly operational free proxies. The website checks over a million proxy servers every day. The majority of them get tested every 15 minutes, and the proxy list updates every 60 seconds.

On the ProxyNova website, you can screen proxies by country and level of anonymity. On the main page, you will find options such as proxy speed, proxy port, and uptime. The majority of the top proxies on the website are less than a minute old. Unlike the others, ProxyNova must be manually updated and does not reset seamlessly.

7. ProxyScan - Over 5000 Free Proxies

ProxyScan is a classic site that provides a free proxy list with over 5000 proxies. Every 10 minutes, ProxyScan checks all of the proxy sites it provides.

Ping, region, city, category, and level of anonymity are all options. Other tools available on the website include a proxy checker, a proxy filter, and a proxy scraper. The website automatically syncs with newly available proxy sites.

8. SSL Proxy - Access to Unrestricted and Functional SSL Proxies

In comparison to the other sites listed here, the number of available proxies on this site is remarkably low. The website hosts proxies from different countries around the world. But it only has 100 free proxy sites.

SSL Proxy recently launched a new product called Rotating Proxy to compete with other free proxy offering websites. The Rotating Proxy works in the same way as a standard HTTP proxy and requires no additional software. It does, however, have 3252 stable IPs and supports IP/Pass authentication and country filtering. As shown in the website's disclosures, the HTTP proxies renew every 10 minutes.

9. Open Proxy Space - Free Proxy Server

Open Proxy Space
If you're looking for free proxy lists, you should check out the Open Proxy Space. This website provides an always-updated free proxy servers list. It also allows you to share your own proxy sites. You can select from various countries on the website too.

Open Space Proxy lists free proxies based on time modification. You can choose a country by following the selection of a group determined by the time of the update. If you plan to use the IPs in an API, you can also export them as text.

10. Tor Browser - Proxy for Free Defense

Tor Browser is an online security and privacy web server. It shields you from tracking, monitoring, and restrictions. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Tor can defend applications that are adequately configured.

Tor has multiple layers of encryption. It has included HTTPS everywhere to protect the privacy of websites. It prevents browser plugins like RealPlayer and QuickTime from revealing your IP address. It prevents websites from fingerprinting you based on your browser settings.

To Wrap it Up

Ultimately, it's up to gamers to be vigilant. The goal of these proxy services should be to provide access to games, not to hack into the games themselves. Be wary of the proxies that promise you an easy win.

As you can see, gaming proxy servers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The best gaming proxy server is one that offers plenty of bandwidth to support multiple online players. It should also have hardware that is scalable enough to handle heavy amounts of traffic. Lastly, it should include built-in security features.

So the key here is to go with a server that has minimal data retention. It should also have a jurisdiction that follows a similar policy. This will ensure that your privacy is important to the operation of the server.

Playing games online is fun. But it's even more fun when you can avoid restrictions and other issues that spoil the game. Choose the right gaming proxy server and you can access many games to play and enjoy your time without boundaries.


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