How to quickly convert MP3 to OGG

While MP3 is one of the powerful audio file formats, there are times you want to convert MP3 to OGG or other similar formats. Do you want to store your MP3 audio files in higher-quality OGG format? In this article, we will look at some quick ways to convert your MP3 file to OGG.

OGG is an open-source audio format that has a higher quality than MP3 but uses the same storage. It's recommended to use to OGG format when possible due to the various advantages it offers that we will discuss further in this article. What we will be focussing on, though, is the various tools and methods available to you to convert MP3 to OGG quickly.

Why convert MP3 to OGG?

There are several reasons that you want to convert MP3 to OGG. One of the major advantages that you stand to gain with the OGG file format is that patents and licenses do not restrict the format. Despite that, the file format is relatively less popular.

Even then, many users prefer the OGG format due to the fact that it does not need any sort of patent options. The OGG format is also known to provide you with a smaller file size and better audio quality than the MP3 format in many cases.

What are MP3 and OGG file formats?

The MP3 file format is a popular audio file format and has been used on many devices. A short form for , it is a compressed audio format and has been used for lossy data compression with decent audio quality. The ease of storage and sharing is what makes it one of the good choices. It has been configured as the default audio format on most websites and media albums.

OGG, on the other hand, is a free and open-source container format developed by Xiph.Org Foundation. The format uses Ogg Vorbis compression, and this assists you in saving the audio file with better audio quality. The OGG format is known to provide you with a smaller audio file size coupled with a higher compression quality. The format is primarily used for streaming music on most platforms.

How to convert MP3 to OGG

One of the most effective MP3 to OGG converters that we found is AVAide Video Converter. Though the toll has specifically been created to work with the video files like for MP4 to OGG conversion, it can also handle the audio files and help you convert MP3 to OGG without hassles.

You may perhaps find a good number of online converters that have mushroomed by the dozen. But, we would suggest not using the online converters as they can leave your system full of viruses and malware. Not every online converter comes with issues, but still, you run the risk. If you want to be on the safer side, it is always recommended to use a standalone tool such as an AVAide converter for a streamlined and secure experience.

Some of the features offered by the AVAide Video Converter are:
  • It can handle the effective conversion of over 300 different file formats among video, audio and DVD formats. The converter also supports preset device profiles which adds to its ease of use.
  • A 30X faster video and audio conversion capability
  • Support for multiple audio file formats that include MP3, AAC to FLAC.
  • Batch conversion options for your MP3 to OGG conversion requirements.
That apart, the tool also provides you access to several video conversion options, making it a complete audio and video converter tool.

Some of the features with respect to the video conversion are:
  • Effective adjustment of the codec, channel, bitrate, etc. for achieving a high end video conversion
  • Support for 1080p/4K/5K/8K video output with no loss in terms of the quality
  • The Built-in movie maker & video collage maker that lets you create enagaging content
  • Multiple video editing options such as edit, rotate, crop, trim, split, merge, enhance, and compress video clips

Here are the steps you can follow to convert MP3 to OGG with the AVAideVideo Converter -

Step 1 - Launch and AVAide Video Converter and add your files
You can add the files with the easy-to-use drag and drop feature or decide to use the traditional Add Files option. Add the desired MP3 files to the software. You can add multiple files as the tool supports batch conversion.
add files

Step 2 - Choose your output format
Once the MP3 file has been added, you can make the necessary changes to the output files. Based on your device preferences and other requirements, you can decide to tweak the parameters for the converted audio field. Click on the output file icon and choose your preferred audio file format. You will need to click on Audio tab here.
change format

Step 3 - Choose the adequate file format that you want to convert to
Once you click on the Audio tab, you will get access to multiple audio formats supported. Choose the file format you want to convert into. In our case, we will select OGG. You can also select your preferred quality from among the different options available. Refer to the choice 3 in the image below.
choose format

Step 4 - Begin conversion
Now that you have configured your required options, you can begin converting your MP3 file into OGG. To do this, simply click on the Convert All option and wait till the conversion is completed. Before you can click on the option, you can change the output folder depending on where you would want to save your converted file.

That does it, and you have successfully converted an MP3 file into an OGG file.

The tool comes with a good pricing options based on whether you are opting for a monthly plan or want to choose the lifetime license.

The Concluding Thoughts

To convert MP3 to OGG can prove to be an easy task if you choose the right converter for your conversion needs. While you might have a host of several tools currently available at your disposal, it is always a good idea to go with a professional tool such as AVAide Video Converter. The options and features that we have outlined above should help you find how effective it can be and it has been.

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