Where do screenshots go on Mac?

Mac has been one of the preferred operating systems, but for anyone who comes from a Windows background, it may be a little difficult to understand and adjust to. Are you wondering where do screenshots go on Mac? Can you change the default location to save the screenshot on Mac? We will try finding out how.

Taking a screenshot on Mac and other iOS-based systems can be quite a useful feature to help you save things with ease. You may perhaps have several reasons why you would want to take screenshots on a Mac. But, the primary concern is where screenshots go on Mac. Let us find the answer to this question and how you can further work on these screenshots.

Where do screenshots go on a Mac?

The default location where the screenshots are saved on Mac is on the Desktop. If you search for suitable locations where the screenshots on Mac are saved, you will find them by default on the Mac desktop. If you are taking a lot of screenshots as part of your work, you may have a lot of screenshots on your desktop.
screen shortcuts
That means you need to manage or arrange them in a proper manner inside a folder. You will also need to delete a few screenshots if you no longer need them. Finding your screenshots on Mac can be a challenging task as the name of the file would include the date and time when the screenshot was taken and not any other useful information.

What if you cannot find your screenshots?

While the default location for the screenshot is generally on the desktop for Mac, if you are inside a program or app, it may perhaps be inside another folder. If you have taken a screenshot using a particular program and do not find the screenshot on the desktop, it may be an excellent option to check the app settings. App Settings and Preferences can be revisited to find the exact location where the screenshots go on Mac.

Some apps create a separate folder to save their screenshots and other details. You can use the Finder app to locate the folder created by the app or program. If this does not help you find your screenshots, you can use the Spotlight feature on Mac to look for your screenshot. Choose the magnifying glass icon from your top toolbar, which stands for the Spotlight feature and search for Screenshots.

The next step would be check if the keyboard shortcuts has been altered in any way. You can do so by using the following steps -
  • Click on the Apple icon at the top right corner.
  • Click on System Preferences.
  • Click on Keyboard and then Shortcuts.
  • Choose Screeenshots and then choose the option for Restore the defaults.
  • change defaults
In the above steps, you can even change the default location for the screenshots on Mac. More on that later.

Why do you take the screenshots on Mac?

There are several reasons you would want to take screenshots on a Mac. Screenshot provide you a way to capture a focused information in static format. It might be to help people understand the functioning of software or a tool. The screenshots may also be a way to share a part of the video instead of sending an entire video. It can be for any number of things.

We would generally opt to take a screenshot when the file under question can't be converted or saved in an image format. You might also take a screenshot of a chart, or table, or a graph. It can be a great option to help you preparing your reports more effectively.

You can even edit your screenshots before they can be added to a report or shared with someone. You can access several means or options to assist you in how to crop a screenshot on Mac. You can either make use of an online tool or a standalone tool as per your preferences.

How to change where Mac screenshots get stored?

You can change the default storage location for screenshots in Mac in many ways. We present one of the easier methods that prove handy in this context.

Follow the steps here below to change screenshots on Mac to change the default locations for the screenshots -
  • Go to Applications and then Utilities
  • Double click on Screenshots to open it. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-5.
  • On the toolbar at the bottom of your screen, locate and click on Options.
  • The top section of the options screen will provide you the options to choose the locations to save the screenshots.
  • Choose the option for Other Location and choose Folder
  • change location
That would do it and the location for the screenshots will be changed.

The Concluding Thoughts

Taking screenshots should be a part of working with your iPhone and other iOS devices. It is one of the crucial aspects when saving information or sharing something with your friends or family. But, finding where screenshots go on Mac can be a little difficult if you have moved to Mac from any other operating system. The information and details shared above should help you learn where screenshots go on Mac and how to change the default location for screenshots on Mac.


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