Is It Worthwhile to Buy a 5G Smartphone in India Right Now? Points You Must Consider

5G Airwaves are soon going to be auctioned and a few months after that we can expect the rollout of 5G networks. So, is it the right time to replace your old 4G phone with a 5G smartphone? Read this article to know the answer to this.

2019 was indisputably a detrimental year in the development of wireless technologies in India.

The government of India signaled the advent of a new era in connectivity by rolling out 5G smartphone wireless networks.

Platforms like Forbes, Times Now, Economic Times, Business Standard, Euronews, and others significantly communicate how the life-changing revolution is here to stay.

However, while the national launch of the 5G network was aimed at strengthening the broadband cellular networks, the Indian audience was left at the threshold of uncertainties which resulted from unforeseeable impacts of the 5G network on future India.

The idea is particularly fueled by the potential negative consequences that 5G wireless technologies would potentially have on humans, the environment, and the country's flora and fauna.

And, while the big picture, i.e., whether 5G will have an impact on future generations, is still unclear, let's find out if it's worthwhile to buy a 5G smartphone in India right now.

And, if so, what are some key considerations that users should be clear about before buying 5G smartphones?

What Could be Expected From the Best 5G Smartphones?

The fifth generation of wireless connectivity is expected to offer the fastest connection possible, higher speeds, and greater downloading capacity.

Almost every major telecommunications company is jumping on board, promoting what can be expected from the deployment of 5G networks.

So, here are some of the expected benefits of 5G communication:
5G powering future tech

More Connection Opportunities

Research in the 5G space estimates that many high-end companies are betting on the endless opportunities that 5G smartphones might bring to India.

5G connections are believed to open new avenues of revenue generation including opening new markets for smartwatches, Bluetooth-connected music playing systems, and other tech products.

According to the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research,
building a 5G network will generate $533 billion in the U.S. GDP over a 7-year period and $1.2 trillion in long-run consumer benefits.

Building an Accessible Future

5G technology is believed to make a notable difference in the metaverse and the world of connectivity. It might also bring major changes in the way we use social media. For example, a 5G network might strengthen the automated coordination between social media apps and data sharing making apps more accessible quickly.

Ultra-fast Downloading Speed

5G business models powered by 5G wideband are expected to support ultra-fast connectivity, flexibility in terms of gaming, and lend unlimited downloading capacity.

It could be the best alternative to cable networks and support a range of functions only possible with high-speed internet.
5G isn't just another tech innovation, it's the platform that makes other innovations possible.
Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO, Verizon.

Should You Buy 5G Smartphone Now?

5G smartphone
5G technology is being hailed as the catalyst in driving the digital transformation nationwide. But, should you really buy the best 5G smartphones in India right now?

Yes, but when the technology is properly implemented. As of now, Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone are a few of the telecom operators that have already begun testing their 5G setups in as many as 13 cities across the nation.

Advantages & Disadvantages of 5G Network

5G networks are empowering connections, but still, there is a lot of air that needs to be cleared around it. Or if we talk more specifically, there is so much more that is left unsaid about the benefits and disadvantages of buying the best 5G smartphones. Today, we are doing just that.

Advantages of 5G Smartphone:

  • Quick data transmission: By being able to send and receive data faster, users would be able to access files, programs, and websites directly without delay. According to experts, with intensified use, devices would have to rely less on their internal memory for data accumulation. Therefore, devices wouldn't have to have large processors to store data.

  • Higher data broadcasting capacity: In electrical engineering, broadcasting is the rate at which information is transmitted to users through a communication channel. Depending on the channel's capacity, the higher the transmission rate, the higher the chances of achieving real-time errors.

Disadvantages of 5G Smartphone

  • Cybersecurity: One of the biggest disadvantages of 5G smartphones is that they aim to make our world more connected with machines. It is supposed to power IoT devices and the upgrades to the 5G network itself are expected to come partially in software packages. And just like software needs to be continuously patched for security, the 5G network needs to be kept updated to keep it secure.

    As a result, corporations and businesses would need to invest in establishing more strict security operations to secure their infrastructure, incurring additional costs.

  • Generation of more E-waste: In the existing environment, there are over 50 top-tier brands that make smartphones in India. Each of these aims to launch the latest models of their smartphones with an updated version, meaning old devices would not be competent to support 5G technology. This will ultimately result in the development of more electronic waste. While this is not a direct disadvantage of the 5G network itself, it will be the reason for this wastage.


China, Japan, Korea, and Singapore are among the countries with operational 5G networks, making 5G communication a tangible reality of our everyday lives.

In India, telecom operators are determined to introduce 5G at a rapid scale nationwide.

And there is enough uncertainty to bewilder the audience as to whether it is worthwhile to buy a 5G smartphone right now.

To answer it in a more comprehensive manner, experts advised that 5G smartphones may be a worthwhile option in a few years. But as of now, the exact status is yet to take shape.


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