Best earbuds to buy in 2022

Are you confused about choosing the right earbuds for you? Then you should read this article, it will make you familiar with top quality earbuds, and will help you in choosing the right one. Start reading.

We hear most of the time but rarely listen. What if we do that with mediocre earbuds, it will be worse, right? With the right kind of device, we can expand our listening experience to a new level, not just listening to the bass and treble, maybe for once in our lifetime, understand what the singer is singing, and catch the minute details in the song. Imagine doing that in a sub-standard device. Why would we settle our listening experience to that low, when we have an awesome collection of earbuds with advanced features like active noise cancellation by which we can block out the noise of the world and really get immersed in the audio waves. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best earbuds in the market to help you do that.

1.Sony WF 1000XM4


It comes as an allrounder when it comes to competition with other earbuds. With a combination of excellent audio quality, superior battery life, and active noise cancellation, they are unbeatable in every aspect. They have also included many features from their WH headphone series and successfully made it into a small form. DSEE upscaling is one of the features that makes them very attractive and claims to create high-definition audio from standard audio files. Also, they can be charged wireless and offers Bluetooth 5.2 for a seamless connection between the buds and the smartphone. It offers you up to twenty-four hours of battery combined with the charging case, promising you an uninterrupted listening experience.

2. AirPods Pro


According to electronics dealer, Apple Airpods are actually selling more frequently now that they are established in the market. AirPods Pro comes as a major upgrade to its original AirPods. It feels comfortable to wear and provides good sealing which in turn makes the listening experience more enjoyable. When we connect the AirPods, it will first check the fit to ascertain whether it's creating the right seal or not, and it will let you know whether you need to change the ear tips. One major advantage of using AirPods over other earbuds is that it will be connected to all the devices which use the same Apple ID. You won't be required to connect each of them separately. But, it doesn't come cheap, like all Apple devices, it too comes at a premium price tag. The new AirPods Pro offers a more balanced sound compared to the original AirPods, and with the vents provided in each of the buds, there is no possibility that the listener is going to feel any pressure when it is placed in the ears. When it comes to battery life, it offers you a total of five hours of listening time, and it could vary based on whether active noise cancellation is turned on or off. The battery life can be extended by putting it back in the case which can give you a total of twenty-four hours including those in the earbuds. It also comes with noise cancellation, which adds another reason to buy them.

3. Sony WF1000XM3


These earbuds were launched years ago, and it still remains a powerful contender when it comes to top-performing earbuds. Compared to the latest in the series Sony WF1000XM4, it's quite bulky, both the buds and the case, and the design of the buds is such that people will know when you are wearing them. It protrudes out a little bit which makes them more noticeable compared to other truly wireless buds, but it comes loaded with features like noise cancellation, DSEE HX, and many other features which will make you forget the size of the buds. Even if the design looks bulky, there is nothing uncomfortable in placing it in the ears, and it sits perfectly in the ears without making the listener worry about losing them while running or workouts. When it comes to battery, it lasts six hours on a single charge, and more than six hours with noise cancellation turned off. Also, the case can give you more charges, totalling twenty-four hours.

4. Powerbeats Pro


If you are looking for perfect workout earbuds, which fit well, then Powerbeats Pro is the one you should buy. It comes with ear hooks to fix it in place, and you don't have to fear that you will lose them during intense workouts or while running. Apple gave them a solid design to make sure that it sits comfortably in the ear, added with all the features of the original AirPods. The downfall with these earbuds is the size of their charging case, it may not be easy to carry it around in your trousers as it is three or four times the size of AirPods. But, the sound quality it offers is better than the original AirPods, and also gives a tight seal blocking out most of the ambient noise. When it comes to sound quality, it performs better than the AirPods and will be a perfect fit for your workout session. One thing that pulls this product among all the earbuds in the market is the absence of noise cancellation. Still, because of the tight seal it provides, you can enjoy your music better than most of the other truly wireless buds. With a battery capacity of performing up to nine hours, added with fifteen hours in the charging case, you don't have to worry about running out of juice. Also, with five minutes of charge, you can get an hour of listening which makes it more attractive than the rest.

5. Cambridge audio melomania 1


Cambridge audio melomania offers the sound quality of premium earbuds at an affordable price. These are incredibly comfortable to wear and very lightweight that sometimes we forget that we are even wearing them. It offers a total of forty-five hours of listening time, consisting of nine hours from the earbuds, and thirty-six hours with the charging case, which is plenty for most music lovers. With Bluetooth 5.0, there won't be any dropout issues and can be paired smoothly. Though it doesn't come with noise cancellation, it does deliver exceptional audio quality, and it's comfortable for long listening sessions.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a perfect one, and the cost is not a problem, then you should go for Sony WF1000XM4. It offers excellent audio quality with noise cancellation, added with higher comfort, and a very compact design. On the other hand, if you want everything, but the cost is a problem, then Cambridge audio melomania is the one to prefer. They sound like premium air buds, and it costs only half the price of premium earbuds.

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