Mobile apps that consume the maximum data from your postpaid plans

Do you have data usage on your mobile that is beyond what you assume it should be? Read our article to know how various apps running in background and foreground lead to heavy data usage on your Postpaid data plans.

The internet is a big place. It is quite likely that you will get lost in it and spend hours and hours of your precious time looking at how glass ornaments are made! Amidst social media applications, OTT platforms, and edutainment mobile applications, your data limit might just take a hit. Have you ever seen yourself constantly exhausting your data way before it's supposed to get over? We have all been there. Unannounced SMS saying you have consumed 100% of your data is not something anyone wants to deal with. Even if you have a postpaid plan, the bill at the end of the month can be quite alarming.

Don't we all want a data plan which is affordable and yet profitable for us? A postpaid connection can help you in that aspect. We will discuss that further in the article. Anyhow, there is definitely a need to understand the reason behind the frequent data booster recharges.

Which mobile applications in your smartphone are consuming maximum data?

Anyone who uses a smartphone knows that almost all mobile applications run on the internet. Some take up less storage and therefore use less data to run whereas others may be large in size and have more features, hence consuming more data.

Personal Settings

Given the apps run independently, the data usage of each app differs on its in-built features and personal settings or usage. For example, if you are watching a movie on Amazon Prime Video with the best video quality feature enabled or watching a YouTube video of 4K video quality, you are bound to exhaust a large amount of data. These can be counted as personal settings which result in a particular mobile application consuming more data.

Background Data usage

Another reason can be background data usage by mobile applications. Think about all those push notifications you get from Food delivery or ridesharing applications. Even news-related mobile applications have the feature of push notifications for round-the-clock news. Now, these push notifications and several other intangible aspects of many mobile applications use your data in the background. You need to check in your settings and see which application is consuming more data and can you afford to restrict the background data usage for the same. If you have a postpaid connection, the bill at the end of the month can come as a shock to you!

Applications which use a lot of data!

Rather than listing particular names, here are a few categories of mobile applications which are probably chewing off your data.

Streaming mobile applications of OTT platforms

OTT or Over the Top platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, and many others are the top contenders in consuming the maximum amount of your mobile data. Netflix, one of the most preferred and used OTT mobile apps use over 1 GB of data per hour streaming on Standard definition and over 3 GB per hour on high definition. Keeping these numbers in mind, you can imagine how much data a small video on YouTube or Amazon Prime exhausts.

Even music streaming apps like Apple Music or Spotify consume a considerable amount of data. Many sources mention that these apps use over 50-60 MB of data per hour while listening to low-quality music. High-definition music can cost you around 120 MB of data per hour.

Social Media mobile applications

Most of the social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others are said to consume 1-3 MB of data per minute. Although, image and video-heavy social media apps probably use more data. The auto-play features in these apps also contribute to the consumption of more data. If you as a user spend a lot of time on these applications, your postpaid plan data limit will definitely go overboard.

Ridesharing and GPS mobile applications

Do you know you have an option to save maps for future use to a certain destination? Using Google maps in real-time can consume a lot of your data. Given that any GPS application tracks traffic and continuously consumes the internet to find the shortest way for you, the data consumption is quite high.
Similarly, with ridesharing mobile applications like Uber, Ola, or others, the data consumption is quite high! The constant updating of your location on the application can be data-consuming.

Keep your usage in mind to avoid high consumption and constant exhaustion of your data pack! If you as a user are frustrated by the constant exhaustion of your data pack and doing multiple data booster recharges, switch to a postpaid connection. A postpaid plan will offer you a high-speed internet connection with a huge amount of data to be used by you and your family. If your data is left from a previous month, the feature of data rollover can help you to transfer the data to next month. With a postpaid plan, you can free yourself from the hassle of recharging every other week!


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