Private Connection: Benefits of Having Advanced Devices in Your Business

Read this article if you are looking at technology solutions to make your business safe and secure. Know how the latest devices available nowadays can help you in monitoring and reporting incidents, improving the response time and staying at the best compliance level.

Security is a top concern for any business, but modern technology has made securing all aspects of your organization much easier to do. Of course, the needs of one business might vary wildly from the next. Still, any organization can ultimately benefit from implementing security measures powered by advanced technologies.

Adding a cloud-based security system such as the Cisco SECURE network offered by RhinoNetworks can provide capabilities that far surpass those of traditional security measures. You'll be able to monitor all areas of your business from one centralized spot, giving you a bird's eye view of how your building's security functions.

It's understandable if you've been wavering on whether or not you should update your security features. The amount of information available can be a bit daunting. Here are a few benefits of having the newest technology that you should consider.


Whenever there's a security incident, the guard or employees involved will need to fill out an incident report. Although pen and paper were the old standards for formal reporting, advanced technologies allow staff members to file incident reports quickly and efficiently from their devices with limited delays.

Advanced technology also allows business owners to create more detailed, comprehensive reports that can inform decision-making and expedite any measures that management will need to take to remedy an issue. You'll be able to embed photos and videos, and report forms will have all the necessary fields to ensure your employees can give the greatest level of detail possible.

The switch from pen and paper to electronic reporting will also allow your company to store records longer. Since you'll no longer need physical storage space, you'll be freed up to save your records for as long as necessary.

Cloud storage has its limits, of course, but in many cases, you'll be able to store and organize your records in a simplified manner. Now, instead of decades worth of reports languishing in boxes, you'll have them readily available at the tap of a button.

Streamlining and Compliance

An employee portal that your staff can access through a mobile device will make streamlining all aspects of their roles much simpler. For example, you can include schedules, time-off requests, and reporting features within the portal that your employees can access at any time. In addition, if everything is all in one place, you can ensure there's no confusion about who should be where or how your staff should submit reports and other forms.

Advanced technologies can also help you ensure you're in full compliance with any laws or regulations that address employee safety, working conditions, or clocked hours. For example, when you create a schedule in a system that's outfitted with the ability to apply your schedule to your local laws, you'll be able to avoid overworking employees.

For example, if the maximum allowable hours in your city is forty per week, your software can alert you and your staff when they're reached their maximum time. This is a great benefit for you, especially if you have a large staff, but it's also helpful for your staff, too.

Response Time

In large buildings or during emergencies, a quick response time is critical. For example, if a security guard notices a problem, whether it's a security concern, an overflowing toilet, or a mechanical malfunction, mobile technologies will allow them to instantly alert the necessary staff members to the problem.

If the authorities need to be called, the guard won't need to locate a phone or reach out via radio to someone who can make the call. Instead, they can alert the authorities themselves and proceed as needed.

Quick response time will also be hugely beneficial if there's a flood, fire, or another potentially catastrophic incident. Mobile technologies can allow guards to alert maintenance or management to address the issue. If the problem is severe, they can also instantly shut down critical spaces to prevent further damage to nearby areas.


The most efficient way to keep track of staff is through electronic monitoring. Software that connects to security cameras, staff devices, and entrances can significantly increase your ability to know who's working as they should be and who isn't.

Electronic monitoring can extend past the grounds of your business, too. For example, if you have staff in the field, you can monitor where they are, what stops they make, and how long it takes them to do specific tasks.
This type of monitoring is beneficial to you as the employer because you can ensure each staff member is doing their jobs properly. It also benefits your employees, though, because it can help ensure their safety. In addition, monitoring can provide any necessary information if something goes wrong in the field.


Analytics is one of the best ways to ensure your business is running smoothly in every way. They give you granular detail about every aspect of your business, which is highly beneficial across all areas of your organization.

In some areas, you might hire a firm like for marketing and advertising analytics. However, when it comes to security technologies, everything you need will be right at your fingertips.

Analytics allows you to view how staff use resources, how productive your employees are, and the finer details of your operations. For example, you can monitor temperature fluctuations, entry logs, and other electronic processes from one place.

The information you gain from your analytics helps inform future decisions on your business processes, staff changes, and adjustments to the nuts and bolts aspect of your facilities. You'll also know exactly how to shift your resources, including funding and manpower, by taking a look at the day-to-day flow of your business.

Final Thoughts

Rapidly changing technology significantly impacts all business areas, especially security. A lone security guard in a booth isn't the sole protector of a building anymore. Now, you can combine that guard with advanced technologies that can help keep them safe, keep your company running smoothly, and ensure every aspect of your business is safe.


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