How e-commerce has changed before and after the pandemic and its effect on privacy

In this article, we discuss how e-commerce has changed before and after the pandemic, what are its benefits and faults and how using e-commerce companies compromise our privacy.

One of the fastest emerging industries in the world has been e-commerce. The spread of the internet and the development and evolution of technology has impacted the way in which businesses develop as well as the mindset of consumers.

Currently, users find that it is much more convenient and efficient to make purchases from home than having to visit store by store to find the product they are looking for. In modern times, it is much more efficient to browse between the different options from the comfort of home, especially when online stores are available 24 hours a day.

The e-commerce industry has become indispensable for both businesses and individuals. This economic model has brought great benefits for everyone worldwide, especially in times where COVID-19 restrictions have been present. This situation generated an extremely urgent need to readjust the traditional and established schemes to adapt to these new and unusual circumstances and thus, satisfy the huge demand.

Businesses had to be reinvented in order to keep up with business needs. That is why using digital channels became a necessity and the most efficient way to reach customers, who were forced to make their purchases online due to isolation.

Although e-commerce was already extremely popular and used before the pandemic, this situation caused customers to resort to and completely depend on this scheme to be able to make their purchases in the most effective way.

The high trend in the use of e-commerce is highly influenced by the internet, which has become a fundamental part of our lives, having a versatile impact on our behavior, specifically in the social and economic aspects. That is why making purchases in the digital world has become a deeply rooted practice in our society.

Times have changed radically since the days of the phone book. That is why customers are more likely to look for options on the internet than to search an old phone book for the service of interest. Although each business model is completely individual to adapt to the profile of their ideal client, it is recommended for them to join the world of digital commerce in order to stay relevant and visible in the face of so much competition.

The expansion of electronic commerce has contributed to an increase in the competition, which generates a greater variety of prices that can result in cost savings for buyers and changes in the behavior and sales strategy of vendors.

The growth of this industry has also been influenced by various factors. Probably the main one is the increase in the use of the internet. Every day more people use broadband connections, which has contributed substantially to the growth of digital industries, such as e-commerce and virtual telephony.

Shopping habits have also changed. Every day, digital retailers focus on improving the online shopping experience by making it easier and more comfortable for users to buy. In the same way, e-commerce sellers are constantly improving the offer of their products to provide services and goods with much more attractive characteristics. It is a common practice for online sellers to offer discount codes and even in some cases free shipping, which is a marketing strategy that has proved to guarantee a greater flow of purchases.

In the eagerness to know the habits of consumers, companies often sacrifice some important aspects such as user privacy. And this is why many companies like Amazon have been criticized.

One of the main scandals has starred the virtual assistant Amazon Alexa. This company has received one of the largest fines in the history of the European Union in the field of privacy, as it has had to pay 746 million euros for not complying with the GDPR (European Data Protection).

In view of these and other risks, many users have opted to use browsers that cover their tracks while surfing the Internet, like Tor browser. But in addition to that, other mechanisms are often used such as disposable emails (i.e. emails that last for 10 minutes) which help to reduce spam. The use of virtual phones (Non VoIP) whose function is to help register on sites like eBay without the need to put a real phone number. There are many companies that provide these services like

However, sacrificing a little privacy allows users to compare the characteristics, prices, and discounts of the product they want to purchase with another competitive business that offers the same merchandise or a similar one. In turn, users can evaluate the reputation of sellers through reviews and thus, make the right choices and have a better experience through feedback.

Digital solutions that have replaced traditional tools offer customers and businesses many more beneficial advantages. Digital commerce offers businesses a wide variety of opportunities, from improving and growing from an advertising perspective to increasing the range of products sold to generate more sales. In the world of e-commerce, sales are practically guaranteed as long as sellers have a well-organized and optimized website that attracts potential customers – a convenient and efficient service equals a satisfied customer.

E-commerce has become such a widely used and popular practice that even platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have implemented functions that allow the purchase and sale of goods and services through their applications. However, even though this is an incredible attempt by these platforms to stay relevant and satisfy the needs of their customers, the virtual shopping experience is much more satisfactory through specialized apps and websites for this activity.

It is impossible to talk about e-commerce without mentioning the largest and most popular platform in this sector: Amazon. In the 27 years since its launch, this company has become a reference and an icon worldwide, to the point of obtaining the title of the largest and most influential online retailer. Amazon has become an example of how powerful and profitable this industry can be.

This platform continues to grow daily by creating new products, offering innovative services, and maintaining a scheme that allows the increase of its customer base. The degree of popularity of Amazon is indisputable and it is expected to continue to grow and strengthen at a rapid pace.
Although undoubtedly popularity favors Amazon, another of the great e-commerce platforms is eBay. Although both companies offer different sale models, these two have established themselves as user favorites due to their reliability and effectiveness.

eBay was created in 1995 and since then it has not stopped generating pleasantly satisfactory commercial solutions for its customers. One of the outstanding qualities of this platform is its auction service for which it is widely known. In this way, eBay is the perfect place for those who love rarities and collectibles as well as more conventional and everyday goods.

Although there are thousands of options in the world of e-commerce, these two platforms are some of the most popular and reputable names. One of the advantages of using these sites is that registering with them is extremely simple: netizens will only have to create an account on the respective platform to start using it. Generally, it is necessary to verify the account for security reasons, but there is the possibility of purchasing a phone verification service with a VoIP service provider to bypass the SMS validation process.

Without a doubt, the e-commerce industry is here to stay. This is a mechanism that offers more efficient and productive solutions to both sellers and buyers, for which both sides benefit greatly. This is the perfect time to start browsing between the different options and find the best online store according to each one's tastes and needs!


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