Exhibiting the best PDF to Word converter tool

Want to convert PDF to Word and other file types without any hassle? The following article will guide you to the best available tool online.

Nowadays there are a lot of tools present online. But which is the best PDF-to-Word converter tool? which is safe and easy to use? Which is free of cost? Many more questions arise when you look deep into this. This article is a detailed guide for the best available free PDF to Word converter tool.

  • Part-1: Why and how to use it?
  • Part-2: Is it free and secure?

Part-1: Why and how to use it?

The PDF to Word converter tool is a very user-friendly tool. People from any walk of life can use it. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can use it with ease. It is one of the best tools available online. People of different lingulae can also use it. You can change the language of the tool from the top right corner. There are many available languages in which you can change. It is very fast and can convert files within a few seconds. You can also use any type of OS be it macOS, Windows or smartphones. It is compatible with all networks and across all devices. When you must convert a large number of documents then you can do it directly by selecting all. You can also share those files from there themselves. 

The tool is very easy to use, and files can get converted within a few clicks. The steps are as follows. Select the file which you won't convert. Click on the convert button. The conversion will start immediately. Keep a watch on the progression bar it would show the status of the conversion. After the conversion is successful, click on the download button. The converted file will start to get downloaded. An add-on to this is that you can store the file on your system. Whereas other tools only allow you to store the edited file on the cloud. You can delete the history with a single click. If you want to convert more files, click on the "MORE" button. The best part of the tool is that you do not need to download anything. Everything is online. Open the tool and it's good to go. Other tools have a very long process if you want to use them. You need to fill the captcha in many places also. But the case is not the same here. You do not need to fill in any type of captcha or verification for conversion. 
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Part-2: Is it free and secure?

Many other tools pretend to be free. They have many hidden charges and give you a few trials only. Whereas the PDF to Word converter tool is 100% free. You can use it as many times as you want. There are no hidden charges. Moreover, other tools have a limit to the file size that you can convert. The PDF to Word converter tool is very flexible and file size is not a matter of concern. You can convert doc to PDF without changing the format. You can also convert Google Docs to PDF without losing formatting. The converted files are of high resolution. Doc-to-PDF converted files are of very high quality. You can also edit the converted documents there only. Other tools which are available in the market have one more problem. If you use their free version, then they leave a watermark on your converted file. This would be a matter of concern for many users. Whereas when you convert files using this tool, it won't leave a watermark on your converted file. While using other tools there are many ads and pop-ups which are a headache. This is not the case with this tool. It is 100% ads and pop-up free. Now, you need not see those vulgar ads and malicious pop-ups. 

The tool is very safe to use. It is 256-bit SSL encrypted. More to this it is HTTPS enabled which is the security certificate for any website. No, one can access your files without your permission. Your files get saved encrypted in the back end. You can also delete the saved file with a click. There is no privacy concern at all. It also does not need any type of login. You do not have to register to use this tool. Gmail login is also not the need of the hour in this tool which is a must in other tools available. This free tool can also convert many other file formats such as PDF to ppt, excel, and many more. One more positive part of this is that the converted files are malware and virus-free. The free tool is one of the best tools available in the market. 

The tool is very powerful and can convert any type of PDF to Word. It also gives you the freedom of formatting. The converted files do not lose their ability to get formatted. Many tools present on the internet are vicious and can be harmful to users' systems. This is not the case with this tool. It does not let any temporary files or cookies get on your system through it. It can handle a lot of files together with ease. There is no file leakage problem. It has an encrypted back-end server which you can also verify through the inspector element. It does the work so quickly that other tools cannot match its speed. 

This is a very helpful tool. Using this is a profit in the short as well as long term. Even if you want to convert a single file per day then also it would be useful. This would guarantee to help you in making your business or office work smooth. It would save you time and give you a hassle-free experience. You would definitely love it.


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