What it takes to crack a Placement of an IT company?

Did you wonder what key areas the IT companies look for in a graduate or a post-graduate student to hire? If you are an IT student who is willing to prepare for an IT placement then you are at the right place. In this article, I have mentioned a few areas which are majorly focused to crack a placement program for any IT company.

It is well said that you can't meet any goal of yours efficiently without proper planning and a stepwise process rather than working out in different areas all at once. Here in this article, I have mentioned pre-requisite to be worked on to get placed in an IT company.

1. Communication Skills

Do make a note that communication skill is the most crucial part that an interviewer looks for in a candidate appearing for an interview. An IT company does not just need its employees to be good at programming, maintenance or documenting part, each company at the end has to deal with its customers to offer services or products. So it has always been a most required skill that the candidate appearing for an interview must carry good communication skills to communicate his words properly. You will have to develop good English communication skills in all reading, writing a speaking with proper grammar use. You can practice for this on YouTube where we have ample channels which are taking daily free live classes for enhancing your English grammar that will help you in writing good sentences, it is not necessary that you use complex fancy English words to impress anyone, you can use simple words that would be easy for others to understand. And for the reading part, you can practice reading out English newspapers or news from the Web that will help you learn new vocabularies and will also help you to develop good fluency while speaking.

2. Programming skills

In order to be placed in a good IT company, it is wise to excel few programming languages which are now in use. C++ and Java are never too old to learn since that will help you learn the basics of programming and most of today's top companies are set up on these two dominant programming languages. Though, Python is not a wrong choice to excel in since Python is the most widely used and trending programming language according to a lot of surveys conducted in the current scenario. At present, we have various apps on both Android and iOS, Websites like Udemy, YouTube channels where you can learn and practice your programming language. However, the interviewer won't ask you for difficult problems to program unless you are applying for a top-notch MNC like Amazon or Google. But with this, you should not take this part lightly since most of the products in today's world including smartphones, cars, home gadgets are programmed by IT officials and you will have to excel in at least two programming languages to appear for an IT interview.

3. Core Subjects

During your graduation, you might have studied a lot of subjects and might be wondering that which is of high importance and which not, though every subject that you studied is important and that is the reason they were included in your syllabus. Though, some core subjects which are majorly focused on by an interviewer to ask questions from are: Operating system (OS), Data Structures (DS), DataBase Management System (DBMS), Software Development, and Algorithms. You should at least have a good knowledge of these subjects to answer the interviewer's questions well. Once more, you have a great opportunity to learn and excel your skills in these subjects on various online platforms where you can learn, practice and can even download notes for future reference in order to prepare for appearing in an interview of an IT company.

4. Placement Papers

It is always wise to know the pattern, questions type of the exam or an interview you are appearing for so that you can have a good idea and can prepare accordingly. Even some times you might find that the questions are quite the same and just the statements to ask them are different. You should at least practice 20 question paper sets before actually appearing for an interview. One good friend of yours at such time is - the Internet where you can find a lot of question papers with discussed answers videos as well as pdfs which can refer for your preparation.

5. Interview etiquettes

You should not only grab the subject knowledge in order to crack the placement interviews. You should learn and adhere to the Interview etiquette which helps you present yourself beautifully and projects a good vibe on the interviewer. You should learn how to dress for an interview, what lines you should start your conversation with no matter if it is an online conducted interview or an offline based. You might fail to project your knowledge with a good impact if you are not good at following Interview etiquette.

6. Practice your weak points

You are the best person to know your strengths and weakness. List them out and start working to improve your weak areas, Never wear or procrastinate on this point since improving your weak areas will help you enrich your skillset and make you a good option for the interviewer to hire.

7. Have an idea of common interview questions

You can check out common interview questions to prepare them beforehand. Like we have a "Hello World" program initially starting a programming language similarly, we have a common interview question initially asked at an interview which is "Tell me about yourself" which has a higher chance to be put in front of you when you appear for an interview. Similarly, you can find out such common interview questions on the Internet and prepare for them beforehand. Don't just copy and narrate answers from the Web since the interviewers are also smart enough to figure out the Internet language rather you should only use those answers to have an idea of how this question is to be asked. A trick question that is commonly asked by an interviewer at the end of a successful interview is "How much salary do you expect" which is to be ready very crucially.

So these were a few crucial areas to be worked upon to crack an interview in any IT company. If you have some more points in your mind, feel free to mention them in the comment box below and we will be happy to include them.


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