Payroll-Compliant HRMS: Advantages And Key Features

Payroll compliance is often a daunting process. Here's how an HRMS can help you become compliant with payroll laws.

Besides paying workforce remuneration timely, employers are also responsible for making payments compliant. A failure to comply with HR laws can lead to penalties from the Government. But with HR laws constantly evolving and subject to amendment, HR professionals can find compliances challenging. Not to mention the various central, state and local laws that make the whole HR laws complicated. HR law compliance is in itself a daunting process.

The HRMS' role in compliant payroll is noteworthy here. Today, HRMS plays a pivotal role in managing human resource operations and complying with HR laws efficiently. HR management systems (HRMS) combine benefits administration, payroll processing and attendance management, enabling them to manage HR compliances proactively. Employee tracking software such as Flowtrack is one of the best examples of HRMSs that make compliances easier. For more information on this, you can visit our website Flowtrack.
To put together, an efficient HRMS enables organisations to be compliant with every HR rule laid down by both the Government and the company policies. Not only does this system simplify HR management, but it also offers a host of benefits when it comes to payroll compliance. Below are a few of them.

5 Benefits Of Using HRMS For Payroll Compliance

The right HRMS can help keep your payroll compliant in an efficient manner. HRMS are beneficial in many ways, from being equipped with modules that ensure accuracy to managing time effectively. Here's how an HR management system makes an HR manager's job easier.

Accurate data

Traditionally, HR practices, especially those involving salary payments and the submission of tax returns to the Government, were largely manual. This usually results in human errors that lead to huge business losses. Likewise, erratic tax calculations also led to inaccuracies in the amount to be paid to the Government. Many inaccurate calculations were discovered too late, and huge losses would have been done by then.
With HRMS software, accuracy is guaranteed. The tool has built-in modules for calculating federal and state income taxes, medical obligations, and retirement benefits. As employees log in and out, each piece of information is automatically updated. The assurance of accuracy is one of the key factors making HRMS a reliable tool.

Scaling workforce

Onboarding and open enrollment are the most stressful times for companies, as they struggle with loads of paperwork. HR departments are also responsible for financial withholdings in addition to additional paperwork. These factors complicate workforce management and onboarding.
Your HRMS software can be adjusted to accommodate all your additions and help you scale your business. Onboarding and open enrollments with HRMS software have made the joining of new employees easier. HRMS software has thus made scaling HR operations easier.

Employee engagement and satisfaction

A payroll error can be a significant reason for dissatisfaction and disengagement among employees. It can be anything other than paying your employees the correct amount or paying them on time. These errors can also include making the rightful deductions or submitting any withheld sums to the concerned authorities.
HRMS ensure that these errors are prevented and that only accurate data is recorded. Employee tracking software such as HRAPP help keep track of employee check-in and check-out times, ensuring proper payments are calculated and paid. You can visit our website HRapp, for more information. With an HRMS in place, employees are satisfied and more engaged at work.

Automated updates

A notice from the government about a withheld payment can be stressful, especially if you realize you have to pay more than you anticipated. This largely occurs because of manual intervention, which leads to errors or delays in updating.
The HRMS tool will automatically update your data and prepare you with the most accurate payroll data- regardless of whether it is a federal or state withholding. HRMS imports only accurate data. In case of an error updating your data at the correct time, the software also adjusts your calendar and saves you the effort.  
The HRMS tool reduces your chances of missing withholding responsibilities and can save you from huge financial consequences.

Knowledge bank

An HRMS from a trusted provider will give you insight into the compliances and the risks associated with non-conformance to the HR laws. So do not worry if you are struggling for answers about whether your business is at risk, or whether you qualify for an exemption or whether you have more responsibility considering the revenue, location and the employee count you have. An HRMS can help you with enough details.
HRMS providers can help you understand if your company complies with state laws and regulations. Moreover, HRMSs provide complete HR information, helping you with queries your regular internet search cannot provide. In an authentic HRMS, you have access to all information necessary to comply with the law.

Effective time management

For a business to run efficiently, time management is essential, especially when it comes to paying employees and paying taxes on time. Like how a delay in order delivery loses your business and client, a delay in tax payments can bring about a huge loss for your organization.
An HRMS ensures accurate time management of your employees, their medical leaves, overtime pay, etc. An employee tracking software can ensure that your overtime requirements and healthcare compliances are promptly taken care of as these involve various state and central laws. For more information, you should visit our website HRapp. Your HRMS will take care of details like:
  • The number of employees you have
  • Hours of work they qualify for both state and central requirements
  • New compliance responsibilities, when you cross a threshold
Employers should take note of this compliance, since failure to comply could lead to hefty fines. Additionally,  as the compliances are not standard across the country, HRMS also offers proactive management.
Having realized the benefits of HRMS, it is now time to invest in a reliable HRMS. Before investing in an HRMS system, you should consider the following factors.

4 Key Elements A Payroll-Compliant HRMS Must Have

Understand your needs

Labour laws are extensive and constantly updated. This would make it difficult for you to track the legislation you should be responsible for. An HRMS can help with this. HRMS software often comes with automated payrolls and deductions supplemented with the latest tax tables, benefits, allowances, and more. The only thing you need to do is ensure that the contractor license with your HRMS vendor ensures steady updates.

Secure record keeping

Data is crucial to compliance. Your HRMS system must be capable of safeguarding your data. Make sure that your vendor contract specifies the location, storage, and backup of your data.

Integrated modules

Ensure that your HRMS can be integrated with different business modules, such as benefits management and attendance management. Incorporating these modules can make compliance practice more efficient.

Customised reporting

An HRMS that is payroll-compliant usually includes notifications that encourage you to submit reports. The HRMS system will remind you when to report requirements or pay taxes depending on your region of operation.
Payroll compliance is your key responsibility as an employer. Non-conformance can result in heavy penalties and even damage your business. A human resources management system keeps your company legally compliant by being accurate and automated. Consider investing in one if you haven't yet!


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