How to Make Intriguing Short Videos

Video blogging is exploding everywhere. Be it from Instagram Influencers or YouTube vloggers, video is the IN thing. But how do you make those videos that can capture the interest of your viewers and provide viral potential to your videos? Read this article to know how.

Short videos are a significant way of teaching online audiences. The ideal time for a shorter video on a social media app should be 10 or 15 minutes. Most of these short videos tend to deliver quick life tips or funny music clips that can be used in entertaining or promoting a specific organization.

Besides, when it comes to most platforms, it will help if you keep your video less than 60 seconds. But you can be smart enough to pack a lot of information in a shorter form of captions, text, overlay, and some incredible embedded images.

Additionally, when you want to connect with your audience in a small amount of time, a face on camera is excellent. The face speaks volumes. When you read a blog, you will definitely get a feeling of who the person is. But when you are watching an individual speaks when facing the camera, you can see their actions and hear the tone of voice. That is absolutely powerful. Read on and learn how you can make a compelling short video.

Start With a Hook

Since you are making a short video to share to a reputable platform like, you only have a few seconds of capturing the attention of your viewers. It is crucial to be engaging right from the beginning. The hook is most like the most significant part when it comes to any piece of content. This is because you are using it to grab people's attention.

It will be best for your hook to occur within the first four to five seconds of your short video. Virtually intriguing treatments or titles can help. Also, it is critical to refer to your viewer, in particular, using words like "you" or a reference to a particular audience such as "University students" This will enable them to stick around since you have made it about them.

Be Straightforward About the Story

It is always very important to remain focused no matter what the theme of your video is. It will help if you have straightforward ways for your viewers not to get lost.

End With a Call to Action

When making your short video, it is best to tell your audience what you intend them to do at the end of your short videos. It will help if you make the call of action to be anything like "kindly share with someone you know, "click the link," "subtribe to my channel," or "give me a tip of what have just explained." Also, you can end it by saying follow us for more interesting marketing tips.

Make it Personal

The next crucial thing that you should take into account when making a short video is to make the content personal. By doing that, it will help if you show your face on the content to drive engagement. When you are doing it alone or with your teammates, it is best to make unique content relatable rather than making stock and uninteresting videos without a human element.

Additionally, personal brands are more engaging and have more advantages over corporate ones. This is because you have several ways of connecting with your audience. Hopefully, following the above tips will help you make original videos and share them on the most reliable platforms like


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