5 Hot Trends in IT Recruitment for 2021

IT Recruitment has gone a drastic change in the past two years. The pandemic has brought about changes in IT recruitment that were not imaginable before. Know what these changes are and how you can adopt them in your own organization.

The recruitment industry has never seen as many changes and rapidly shifting trends as in the past few years. All thanks to the global pandemic and quarantines that forced most workers in the world to go remote, and employers to adapt to the new circumstances. This caused not only direct changes, but also made many job givers reconsider many traditional aspects and bring innovations.

Of course, the core principles of IT recruiting still remain the same. For example, you still need to know where to look for real talents, to read through their applications, and to interview them. However, today you can simply do each of these processes with the use of new software and other tools.

These innovations always come together with industry-shaping trends. Some of these trends are caused by natural factors like the pandemic, while others are created on purpose to bring changes to the market. But no matter the cause, skilled IT recruitment specialists who have years of experience know how to make use of the trends. Some of them are even able to predict them and plan their strategy beforehand.

Yet, for those who don't work in professional IT recruitment consultancies, most of these trends aren't that obvious. So, here's a list of the present ones, to help you understand the current situation on the market better.

Artificial Intelligence

AI doesn't seem that innovative and surprising as it did 20 years ago. Still, people tend to underestimate its abilities and the number of services that use it. For example, search engines are based on artificial intelligence, and so are personalized ads or product recommendations.

But how can AI be used by IT recruiting companies? Well, we all know that reading through applications is a time and nerve-consuming process. That's why there are dedicated programs for automated application scanning, and that's why they're so popular. Of course, they won't spot every little detail like an experienced IT recruiter, but narrowing the pool of candidates by 30%-50% by analyzing their resumes is absolutely doable by AI.

Also, scanning applications isn't the only thing artificial intelligence can do. Many IT recruitment services also assign simpler tasks to it. For example, you can use special software for time management and interview scheduling. It can save you a lot of time and increase the efficiency of your work.
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Virtual Interviews

Today, it's common for people to work remotely. In the last 2 years, it has become so normalized and popular that many employers can't even understand why they didn't think of it earlier. And considering that the pandemic isn't gone yet, it's important to avoid as many human-to-human contacts as possible.

Even though interviews have traditionally been held in person, you won't see any company doing this anymore. Every single IT recruitment agency communicates with the talents online, and that also includes interviews. There are dozens of software for this matter, from basic video calling apps to programs that allow huge online conferences. Here are some of the best examples:
  • Zoom
  • GoToMeeting
  • RingCentral
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Lifesize

Online interviews are very efficient and bring many advantages. However, these conveniences don't come without a price, and the price is the quality of online communication. Don't get us wrong, the video call software is really good these days, and delivers amazing quality in every aspect.

It's just that no camera and microphone can give you the experience of a real-life conversation. All experienced specialists from IT recruitment firms know, an online interview will never let you spot as many tiny details in person mimic and general behavior as an in-person dialogue.

Automated Analytics

With all these innovations around, it would be surprising if there wasn't specialized software for data analysis and predictions. Hopefully, there are plenty of those, and they've been used by every best IT recruitment company out there. What do these programs analyze and why is using them a trend?

First of all, they provide companies with a good understanding of the demand for different professions on the market. That lets employers adjust their requirements and job descriptions so that they seem more relevant and appealing to the job-seekers.

Secondly, they are used to spot the trends on the market. That's right, precise automated analytics is a trend that was born because many businesses wanted to spot and predict other trends. Such intelligent software is the reason many enterprises have been successful in the last years, especially in industries like recruiting and marketing.

Improved Work Culture

One of the best trends of these years is much better work culture. This term is very broad, and hopefully, the improvements can be seen in every aspect. Today, employers try to have good communication with their workers and listen to their ideas and complaints. This helps to create a healthy work atmosphere and is also very beneficial for the business.

What's more important, companies nowadays try to provide better conditions. That means not only the salaries and such but also real support for their employees. In times when everyone works remotely, this can be represented by providing decent computers, peripherals, and such, to the people who work from their homes.

For IT staff recruitment, it means that the candidates can receive much more precise information about the workplace. They can also expect recruiters to be more honest about the inside processes of the company, giving a much better image of whether the atmosphere there will suit you.


A business that isn't able to adapt to the new market circumstances rapidly cannot survive in 2021. Many traditional aspects are being changed, and innovations appear every day, and the recruitment sphere is no exception. For example, staffing and outsourcing are really popular today, because they let businesses quickly solve the upcoming issues and perform many processes at once.

Best IT recruitment companies know how to be agile, and they always use the market situation to the advantage of their clients. For example, when there's a large number of companies looking for temporary specialists for their projects, it creates a huge number of available candidates for long-term contracts, because the demand on them is smaller. That can be very beneficial for employers who are seeking talents to invest in.

That's only a single example, as the number of situations that can happen on the market is endless. And the more agile a recruiting company is, the easier the process of finding the right candidates will be for them. Not even mentioning how important this factor is for business aspects.

Wrapping It Up

The IT recruitment sphere is the one that both creates and takes advantage of the trends. After all, this industry is responsible for the success of others, including software development, web marketing, and so on. Because no matter how precise a business strategy is, and how many innovative features you come up with, no company can work without the right people in the right positions.

The best idea is always to turn to professional It recruiting agencies. They know all the current trends and will be able to maximize the efficiency of the whole process, finding real professionals in the shortest terms. So, find the right service for your needs, and good luck with your recruitment process.


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