How to Keep Up with YouTube Trends in 2021?

As a Youtube user and creator, how do you find the latest YouTube trends? With YouTube filled with content from niches, know how you can find the trending topics on YouTube from your niche.

It's hard to imagine our life without YouTube. Around 5-7 years ago, skeptics doubted the viability of such a video platform. Today, YouTube controls most parts of the Internet. And of course, the pandemic has accelerated this trend. By the end of the last year, video content accounted for 80% of all Internet traffic. We can safely say that YouTube is an important part of our life: we are looking for answers to our questions there, we study, kill time, have fun, and grow professionally.

2021 brings more interactivity, liveliness, naturalness, and YouTube inclusion. What trends await bloggers and YouTube viewers? What topics are on the wave? How to win or retain the attention and love of viewers in 2021? What YouTube trends shape our lives in 2021? Are there any online thumbnail maker free apps or sites that help you to create a captivating YouTube video preview? These and many other questions will be answered in this article.

Create a basic format for the channel

People come to the site with a specific purpose: to have fun, to learn something, to learn. Having stumbled upon a video, it is important that the user immediately understands its specifics. Choose 1-3 formats that will be the basis: talk show, challenge, podcast, lectures, and product review.

Do not randomly upload videos of different formats, lengths, and topics to the channel. Try to release videos regularly and do not change the presenter. This will help the viewer quickly navigate, remember the channel and not lose it among others.

Spy on topics from recommendations

We advise the authors of YouTube channels to watch videos from the Trending section on a regular basis. So you will find out what is relevant on the site and collect ideas for videos. The topics that are watched the most can be adapted to the format of your channel.

The format of food challenges is now popular: "Trying food from all over the world", "Who will eat a big pizza faster." If your business has nothing to do with food, you can just borrow the idea. In the clothing niche to make a video "Choosing an outfit from different countries of the world", in the niche of children's toys - "Who will assemble the designer faster".

Create a brand-person association

This trend applies to marketing in general. People trust brands less and less and trust other people more and more. Have a recognizable face or voice on your channel. Sometimes the business owner or team member will host the show on the channel themselves. They appear in the frame, take reviews, and create an image of an expert for themselves. But if you do not have enough skills, we recommend you to find a professional presenter or announcer. Often, similar vacancies appear on job search sites.
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Run more live streams

The popularity of live broadcasts is growing every year. There are several reasons for this:
  • On average, a person watches live broadcasts three times longer than regular video.
  • High engagement on live streams is beneficial for YouTube's executives as it allows them to display more ads. Therefore, the site itself will popularize this trend.
  • Spontaneous content appears to be more authentic, which is why ads are showing better here.
  • Despite the simplicity of preparing the broadcast, we recommend you make broadcasts of the same quality as regular videos. Work from multiple cameras, prepare the script and stick to the show format.
The coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated the transition of everyone and everything online, so we get both the experience offline and the experience online. Streaming is the easiest way to do this: according to YouTube, 56% of viewers believe that watching a live stream is just as good as being at an event in person. In addition, LIVE is watched much more attentively than regular videos: viewers are stuck on streams three times longer than on pre-recorded videos.

Run multiple ad destinations

It is imperative to advertise your video in multiple ways. The first way is Google Ads. These are ads in search or insertion before other videos. Ads in Google Ads provide a rapid increase in views, but people do not interact with the channel itself. That is, the person watches the video and immediately leaves. Therefore, it's better to invest in other advertising tools as well.

The second way is opinion leaders. Try to involve more bloggers in your channel. Invite them to shows and come to them, buy ads, and make gifts. You can also buy the placement of links under the videos of bloggers. The more influencers talk about your channel, the more awareness your brand gets. Also, do not forget to publish videos on all social networks. Instagram audiences may not know that the brand has a YouTube channel.
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Create dynamic cuts and cut out unnecessary

The time for 40-minute commercials without changing the plan is finally gone. Today, big shows on YouTube are competing for quality with television. I advise you to shoot video with at least two or three cameras. Also use dynamic editing, where the plan changes every 20 seconds. Don't try to cram all your footage into the video. From the two-hour interview, we leave only 30 minutes of the most interesting.

Mobile YouTube

YouTube goes mobile. In the past year, more than 70% have accessed YouTube from mobile devices. In fact, this trend began to be traced in 2018 and this year it will only intensify. The phone and tablet are the two main devices from which viewers prefer to watch videos. The consumption of video content grows every year by 100% on average. And 2021 is not an exception here.

Moreover, due to the fact that simple and convenient mobile video editing applications have appeared on the market, the trend towards watching videos via mobile devices will only intensify. After all, this means that bloggers and brands will be able to create interesting and high-quality videos specifically for mobile devices. An important point, when creating a YouTube video, you should take care of subtitles, because 80% of all mobile users watch videos without sound.


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Staying updated with YouTube trends in 2021 involves regularly browsing the "Trending" section on the platform to spot popular videos and topics. Subscribing to influential creators and channels within your niche will provide insights into emerging trends. Engage with the YouTube community by participating in comments, discussions, and live streams to understand audience interests. Utilize tools like Google Trends and social media to identify cross-platform trends that could impact YouTube. Lastly, attend virtual events, webinars, and conferences focused on digital content creation to gain valuable insights into the latest YouTube trends.

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