Excel Alternatives for Mobile

Searching for Excel alternatives for your smartphone? In this article, we list the best Excel alternatives that you can use for your Android or iOS smartphone.

Spreadsheets have been one of the best things that have happened to mankind. They help us a great deal and make our tasks a lot easier. They help with the to-do lists, reach our goals, and help in making better decisions.

It is true that there is nothing that they can't track. It's been a long time since spreadsheets first entered our lives and since then they have evolved and changed for the betterment of your lives.

From simple tables and calculators to now being powerful tools that can manipulate massive data sets, they definitely are our blessing.

But let's be honest, these excels can be confusing too and not everyone can use them who does not understand them, therefore, today there are many alternatives in the market that offer you all that excel offers and can be used by absolutely anyone.

These excel alternatives for mobile are available for the use of people and some of the top ones are:


Lio is a great alternative for excel and is the best app that helps you manage your work and all the information. It can be used by absolutely anybody.

From keeping a tab of your customers' information to making to-do lists, and tracking the money or anything else, Lio helps you with all.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is one of the most popular alternatives of excel that almost everyone uses. To use it all you need to have is a Gmail id, which almost everyone does.

This is tightly integrated with all the other apps of Google including Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Forms etc.

With Google Sheets, you can get formatting and pivot tables. You will also get a few google specific functions like Google Translate and Google Finance. The app lets you create an impressive array of charts and graphs that update in real-time.


This is the best software for project management and other non-spreadsheet tasks. If you are someone who is using spreadsheets to keep a track of your projects and manage progress reports, then a Smartsheet is your best option for you.
With this app, you get a rich library of templates that you can modify as per your needs. The app can also be used to create HTML information for your teams and allows you to collaborate with your team members.


This is a productivity tool that isn't just a spreadsheet tool but is also a collaborative document editor like Google Docs. On Quip, you can host chats like Slack, create presentations and get your team closer.

This advanced app has over 400 built-in functions. It offers various features like creating graphs, charts, collaborations etc. One of the best features of the app is its ability to integrate spreadsheets into other Quip documents.

Type @, then choose Spreadsheet to create a new sheet within your document. You can then head to Document > Advanced and toggle between Document layout and Spreadsheet layout depending on your workflow.


Airtable needs no introduction. It refers to "spreadsheets" as bases that would give you some idea of the products intended use. The app offers a lot of templates that help the user visualize what the product is capable of.

Some of the features of the app are product flow charts, product launch checklists, sales and CRM solutions and even video production storyboards.

In Airtable, columns are "fields" and rows are "records." When you click on a row, you can view the fields for the entire record. Each field is customizable, as one can't change fonts or sizes, but you can select from a variety of options, including checkbox, date, URL, bar code, and more.

Airtable lets you use formulas, create graphs and pivot tables. Look for records in your base and summarize values. Airtable also lets you embed content from another web page into a dashboard you have created.

So, the next time you are looking for an easier option for excel then choose one from the above-mentioned list and you are good to go. All these options are perfect and offer all that excel does and much more. So, choose the one that fits your needs and start using some of the best excel alternatives like Lio.


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