Top five amazing technologies that are difficult to imagine

Here are five technologies that will make your life more peaceful and easier. Where can you purchase them? What are their specifications? Here's everything you need to know.

Almost every single day, a new product with modern technology will be out in the market. It is not unusual for manufacturing companies to come up with crazy ideas. Some earbuds can translate your speech, and there are smart beds that can help you sleep better. They have all been designed to ease and improve our day-to-day activities. I have listed five technologies that, at first glance, seem difficult to design, but are needed nonetheless.

1. Geko smart whistle

Geko's smart whistle is a useful device for ensuring the safety and protection of children and women. A whistle-like device does a lot more than just whistling. Using this smart whistle, well-wishers and loved ones will be alerted in real-time in the event of an emergency. To turn it on, you just need to blow a whistle or press a button and let WISO App handle the rest. This app allows you to contact your guardians, relatives, and friends, as well as share your current location.

How to set up this smart whistle?

Install the whistle's app by downloading it from either Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store, after purchasing it. There, you need to create three trusted contacts, complete with email addresses, for contacting in case of emergency. Additionally, it records audio, which it sends to those you added. After activation, added contacts will receive call notifications, SMS, and email notifications, and location updates continuously every two to three minutes. Once you are out of danger, they will receive a confirmation message.

Geko offers 30 free SMS per month, as well as unlimited calls and emails. Only Android users have access to SOS calls. Plus, You get a year's warranty.
Design: Dimensions are 3′′x1′′x0.75′′. The weight of the device is 0.01 pounds.
There is a stretchable strap for the whistle. There are two color options and the device is weatherproof.
The box contains a Smart Whistle, a Mouth Cover, a Strap, a CR2032 battery, and a user manual. Memory cards up to 64GB are supported.
Price (India): INR 11,193

2. Sleep No 360 smart beds

There is a proverb that says, "Sleep is the best medicine". Insomnia has become an increasingly common problem among youngsters and adults alike. We need to prioritize quality sleep. A good night's sleep is essential to the productivity of the following day. Loss of focus and lack of memory power as a result of sleeping less adversely affect the work you do at the office.

An American company based in Minnesota produces this smart bed. With the "Sleep Number setting", you can customize the firmness of the adjustable air mattress. The latest addition is the 360 smart bed, which has product editions like the P, SE, i8, i10, M, etc.

The beds are customizable, offering king and queen sizes as well as Flexi tops. You can calculate your sleep IQ rate with an app created to monitor your sleeping habits. The higher the rate, the better your health. IQ is not only calculated from your sleep hours but also your heart rate, your movements while sleeping, etc. Sleep-wake cycles, sleep analyses, daily sleep alerts, and more are provided in this app. Isn't it cool?

Design-wise, the mattress consists of flexible foams that change density in response to your movement and size. Several foam layers are included in this mattress. You can also alter the air pressure according to your preference. You can raise the head level of your partner if their snoring is keeping you up at night. With bed lighting, zero-gravity (weightlessness), and foot-warming, you can sleep peacefully in no time. Aside from absorption of body heat, this bed maintains your body temperature at a perfect temperature for sleeping.
Due to its high price, you can take advantage of an interest-free loan for 24 months and apply for home delivery. The smart bed comes with 15 years of warranty. A hundred nights on this bed will allow you to check whether everything is working properly.
Price: USD 7600.

3. Hushme private talk headset

If you are ever worried that your words on your phone are being overheard, check out the world's first voice masking headset. This product is intended to protect your privacy when in crowded places.
Featuring a voice control button and an adjustable size, this headset has a great design. Two speakers provide acoustic masking so your voice won't be heard. Sound-absorbing materials are used in the microphone to ensure smooth conversations. Additionally, loud music can be played through the speakers.

How does this thing work?

For the headset to sync, you must download an app. The person next to you hears various masked noises, e.g. birds, rain, etc., instead of your conversation. In this device, active/normal and passive modes are available. In the first case, the device is just configured as a regular speaker or earphone. It is in this latter mode where this headset is utilized. That is to say, masking your speech. The magnetically coupled muffs are used here to protect your mouth. These are insulated muffs. Several tests conducted on this masking headset confirmed that even people as close as 3 feet can't discern what the speaker is saying. What they hear are birds chirping or the sound of the ocean.
They are perfect for video gamers, working officials, and bloggers who need to translate their speech into text.

4. Google Pixel translator earbuds

google pixel buds
Think about shopping in a foreign country and a shopkeeper who only speaks the local language, which you also don't understand. However, you are carrying Google buds, so any conversation you have is automatically translated. You do not have to worry!

To use it smoothly, you will need an Android or iOS device with a Google assistant app (version 6.0 or higher), as well as the Google translate app.

Is it easy to use?

You can use the Google assistant by wearing one of the earbuds, holding it, and saying "hi Google." Next, say, "Help me speak Catalan." Alternatively, if you don't like using voice commands, you can use Google translate. Choose the language you speak and select the other person's language, and tap the conversation button.

It's time to touch and hold the bud, speak your language, and release it. Translate will read it out loud for you. Regarding the devices' features, I have to mention that they have a microphone and support Bluetooth v5. Additionally, they are water- and sweat-resistant. The product has a passive noise reduction system. There are separate sensors for Google Assistant, calls, and music. It costs about $179.

5. Smartypans cooking utensils

I'm talking here about a frying pan smart enough to calculate the nutritional content of your diet, while you cook. In addition to this, it calculates the ingredients' weights.

A new US-based company, run by Rahul and Prachi Baxi, has put a pioneering step forward in the cooking industry by determining how many calories you eat each day. Next time, you can use them exactly as you noted them.

Temperature and load sensors are built into the pan to warn you if the heat is beyond a safe level. The pan is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

You will need to install the related app to use this smart pan. By talking loudly when you are adding ingredients to the pan, you will activate sensors that will detect how much weight and nutrients are in each recipe. No matter which oven you use, the pan will distribute uniform heat throughout. It is a bit expensive, costing around $209.

Final thoughts

Technology evolves constantly. As the technology used in the product changes, yesterday's product will become obsolete today. With every new product that hits the market, more people are eager to try it. There is no doubt that technology has always tried to make human life easier.


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