Top five Wifi Routers with SIM card slot

In this article, I'll discuss the best five wifi routers that facilitate both WAN connections and SIM cards. What are the notable ones? Let's start reading now.

Human beings depend heavily on the internet nowadays. All over the world, telecom networks are working hard to cover all corners. Over the past decade, humans have been using the internet almost every day. We use the internet on a daily basis for transactions such as money transfers, online shopping, booking tickets, and filling out forms. Even watching movies and shopping for groceries online has gradually reduced man's need to go to physical stores. It is evident that the internet plays a crucial role in simplifying daily tasks.

What are wifi routers? Why it is better to get one?

These network devices come with a power cord and have at least an internal/ external antenna to provide uninterrupted high-speed network connectivity for a limited range. Wifi routers are widely used in corporate offices. Now, even small homes also get a wifi connection. Wifi routers provide a high fast data transfer compared to mobile phones' hotspots. But, until you get a call, mobile hotspots are best! Then you will lose access to the internet. Mobile phone hotspots have this main drawback.

In most cases, people assume they will need a landline, a modem, and thousands of rupees to install a wifi router. In the past, these things were only possibilities. In today's world, routers can be installed for as little as 3000 INR and long cables are no longer necessary. All you need is a mobile sim card and a router device like the one we listed in this post.

The listing goes as follows:

1.Huawei 4G 2s bb12

Using this Huawei wifi router, you can access both 4G and 5G services. It runs at a speed of 150 Mbps. There is a 2.4GHz working frequency on this device. A single antenna strengthens the signal. The router is equipped with a SIM card slot as well as a patch cable port. Price (MRP): 6799र

2.TP-link TLMR 6400

The maximum speed of 4G sharing is 150mbps. With LAN/WAN cable it provides 300mbps speed. This router can support up to 32 devices at once. To set up the sim, no additional configuration is required, just insert a micro sim and you are ready to go. Regarding the antennas, there are two that can be detached. There is an ethernet LAN port on the device if you want to connect directly to your computer or laptop. Price (MRP): 6400र

3.Cofe CF 4G007

Support is only available for 4G. It works well with a speed of 300mbps and a frequency of 2.4GHz.
This device does not have any external antenna, instead uses a built-in one.
One of the best things about this router is that all operating systems support it. This router uses a single band i.e. 2.5ghz and comes with two years warranty. A Cofe CF 4G 007 can be linked to IP cameras, biometric devices and DVRs.

4.Tenda 4G 06 N300

This one is available with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks from Tenda. There are two removable antennas on this device that enable it to operate at speeds of 150mbps at a frequency of 2.4GHz. Besides a LAN port and a sim card slot, this wifi device also has three single indicators for 2G, 3G, and 4G. Price (MRP):6000र

5.Dumbel WR 7007

The frequency of the device is 2.4GHz. In other words, it is a router with a single band. There are four antennas on this device to ensure high network coverage. In addition, it supports guest networks and wifi repeaters. price (MRP):2999र

Sim card slots in routers: why do you need them?

1. There is no restriction on your SIM card type.
2. They are affordable to buy.
3. It is possible to connect multiple devices at the same time. using these routers.

Before you buy one, keep these things in mind

1. You should choose a router that supports the majority of network operator SIM cards.
2. In your area, which network offers the fastest speed?
3. Is it essential to have parental control and guest network features because the more features, the more expensive it will be?
4. Choosing the right one based on your budget.
5. Is there app support on the router?
6. Are LAN/Ethernet connections supported by the device?

Final thoughts:

Internet technology has made it easier for news to reach a wider audience. With a wifi router, one can be assured of uninterrupted and faster network connectivity, do shopping, and binge-watch movies and TV shows. Listed above are five popular and affordable wifi routers with essential features such as SIM card support and LAN capability. In this post, you might find all the information you need to get a good wifi router for your home.

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