4 Tips for Shipping Technological Devices

Looking for solutions to ship your technical devices to your customers? Know how you can do that, what things you need to keep in mind and which services can you make use of to make your shipping process quick and smooth

Most people use some kind of shipping service on a regular basis. Whether you're sending or receiving something, shipping is an easy way to get it from one point to another – even if the other point is far away. It's generally a straightforward process – you put the item in a bag, take it to the company or location that will ship it, and off it goes. When you're dealing with technological devices, however, it gets a bit tricky. These devices are often fragile and breakable, not to mention that they can be pretty expensive, so shipping them is stressful for a lot of people. If you're one of those people, don't fret. We'll be giving you some tips for shipping these devices.

Use a courier service

Many people decide to go through their local postal service for most shipments. After all, why not? It's often cheaper than other places. Unfortunately, it tends to take longer, and it's often less reliable than other methods of shipment. If you're shipping something small, it's okay to take the risk – if it gets lost in the system, you don't lose much. But if you're dealing with something valuable like technological devices, a courier service is the way to go. Ask around at a few courier companies near you to determine their rates and if they have a specific procedure for working with valuable or fragile items. It's simple – if you live in Texas, get a courier quote in Texas and work through them to give you peace of mind.


No matter how careful the people are who work with your package, there's always the possibility that it could be handled roughly or fall about in the back of a truck. Unfortunately, this is out of your hands. What is in your control is making sure that you have packaged the device as securely as possible to minimize the risk of damage. We're talking bubble wrap, foam, boxes – the works. You can click here for some bubble wrap instructions.


If you're familiar with technological devices, you know how important insurance is. There are many insurance plans out there for mobile phones . Why? Because they tend to be expensive devices, and if one gets lost or damaged, that's a big expense to pay if it's uninsured. Shipping technological devices are no different. You'll need a different type of insurance (namely, shipping insurance), but the principle remains the same: if it gets lost or damaged, you don't pay for it – your insurance company does.

Wipe it

Many people who ship technological devices ship secondhand devices. Maybe you got a new phone, so you're selling your old one. Maybe you need some extra cash, so you're selling your laptop. Whatever the case may be, deleting any data on the item isn't enough – you need to completely wipe it before you ship it off to its new owner. Be sure to follow factory reset instructions for the specific device. For example, if you're shipping a secondhand iPhone, be sure to follow these factory reset instructions.


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