Benefits of Minecraft Server Hosting

Do you love playing Minecraft but are tired of the limited configurations provided by your subscription? Know what benefits you get by hosting your own Minecraft game and how to do it.

In recent years, online gamers all over the world have fallen in love with Minecraft. This unique multiplatform game is truly unlike anything else, offering players a world where they can create, interact, explore, and build anything they can imagine. As one of the most popular online games in recent memory, Minecraft has even encouraged some players to learn how to create a Minecraft server to further enhance their gameplay.

But what exactly is a Minecraft server? And why would you need one—or even want one—for playing this innovative online game? While a Minecraft server may not be necessary for every gamer, there are still several benefits you can experience from having your very own server for your gameplay experience. Here, we're taking a closer look at Minecraft servers and some of the top benefits of Minecraft server hosting. Once you've learned all about these benefits, you may totally rethink how you experience the world of Minecraft.

What is a Minecraft Server?

Are you looking to take total control of your Minecraft gaming experience? If so, you should look into having your very own dedicated Minecraft server. A Minecraft server is essentially a network of connected servers (or in some cases just a single machine) that hosts your Minecraft game. As the operator, or owner, of your server, you can control various aspects of the gameplay experience. This includes controlling who has access to your game and certain aspects of your own Minecraft world.

Gamers have a few different options when it comes to setting up their Minecraft server. You can either build your own server, set one up with software from Mojang (the game's developer) or use a hosting server from OVHcloud that would run your game on one of their dedicated servers. If you're not experienced with the technical side of game hosting, you may prefer to opt for one of the latter two options, which both still provide amazing benefits and gameplay.

Benefits of Mincraft Server Hosting

While having a Minecraft server might sound great, do you really need one? An average gamer may not feel the need for having their own dedicated server for this massive online game, but you may also not be aware of what Minecraft server hosting can really do for your gaming. Here's a look into some of the most powerful benefits to having your own Minecraft server.
  1. Control who you play with: the interactive nature of Minecraft is one of its most popular features. Diving into a specific world, you can build, create, and interact with other Minecraft gamers from all over the world. However, sometimes this may not be as desirable if you simply want to build a world with your own friends. One of the top benefits of Minecraft server hosting is that you have complete control over who joins your online world.

  2. Make your own Minecraft rules: Minecraft is one of the most customizable multiplayer games out there. To truly own this level of customization, you'll need a dedicated server that puts you in the driver's seat of designating certain custom specifications and rules about the gameplay. Do you want to allow other plays to engage in combat? Go ahead. What about just focusing on collaborative building? You can determine that with your own server.

  3. Access to hardware upgrades: CPU, RAM, and storage capacity are critical features for your server that impact every aspect of your gameplay. Without even realizing it, a poor host connection or limited RAM could be slowing down your gaming experience. With a dedicated server, you'll have control over these specifications and even be able to upgrade to more CPU or RAM when you feel the need. This level of customization ensures you get—and pay for—only the level of gameplay you actually need.

  4. Set your own modifications: customization is everything in the world of Minecraft and your own server lets you retain and control these customized modifications. This allows you to truly make your Minecraft experience your own and create a stronger sense of community with your fellow players.

  5. Parental controls: Minecraft is particularly popular for younger gamers. While the game is generally safe and even beneficial for younger gamers as it lets them unlock their creative potential, there are always concerns when you incorporate the multiplayer element with unknown gamers around the world. With a dedicated gaming server, however, parents can feel safer when their children play online because you can control who your children play with in this virtual world. You can also set limits on their gameplay more easily.

Dedicated Gaming Servers

So, having your own Minecraft server sounds great, but what do you do if you're not exactly a technical whiz? No worries. You can still have access to a dedicated and high-quality Minecraft server by purchasing a dedicated server from a server hosting company. These companies offer you access to some of the top hardware in the industry and often even have dedicated servers with specific modifications for online gamers.

Minecraft is a game unlike any other. As a massive online and multiplayer "sandbox" game, players can explore, build, create, and interact with a host of other players from all over the world. Working together, you can build castles, canyons, mountains, or even entire cities. The only limit to what you can do in Minecraft is what you can imagine.

If you're looking to take your Minecraft experience to the next level, you should look into the possibilities afforded by a dedicated gaming server. With your own Minecraft server, you can have an unprecedented level of control and customization over your gaming experience. Decide who enters your world, what they can do, and customize game features by hosting with your very own Minecraft server. Whether building your own server or using a hosting company, your Minecraft experience will never be the same.