9 Ways to Take Your Pinterest Marketing to the Next Level in 2020

Pinterest is a powerful platform that you can use to set apart yourself from compettion. In this article, we are discussing 9 ways to take your Pinterest Marketing to the next level in 2020.

Digital marketing has significantly transformed the way businesses reach out to their target audience. Unlike the conventional marketing techniques that hardly brought any profit to the business, digital marketing brings instant gains that can be easily gauged.

9 Ways to Take Your Pinterest Marketing to the Next Level in 2020

The Wave of Social Media in Digital Marketing

Paying attention to the customer's demand and reaching out to them in the most innovative ways, digital marketing agencies in Melbourne like Webomaze.com have been benefiting businesses on more than one dimension. There are plenty of tools that assist digital marketing in making the required efforts, and among all social media have remained the most useful weapon. Harnessing the potentials of social media for digital marketing has become a common practice for marketers to amplify their online sales and build staunch brand loyalty among the audience.

There's no doubt in asserting that a majority of online customers rely on social media, and the marketing campaign aired on it to make their purchase decision. Leveraging this fact further, marketers have been significantly utilizing social media marketing to gain a credible online presence. You might think digital marketing is easy without the help of social media. The reality of digital marketing is incomplete without the inclusion of digital marketing.

There are plenty of social media sites that are used for marketing purposes. The endless amount of information that is showcased on these platforms expedites the digital marketing strategies and brings positive results to the business. For instance, Facebook and Twitter can be used to market the products or services and to publish articles and blogs through which your audience can get some vital information. Such tactics help in generating a sense of trust among the audience towards the brand, eventually resulting in augmenting online sales.

Pinterest, A Marketing Tool? How?

If you have ever heard the name Pinterest where you scroll through an infinite number of niche-based pictures, then you would be surprised to know how this visual platform can be an effective marketing tool.

In this article, you will learn more about Pinterest and the smart ways in which you can use this platform that will take your marketing to the next level. Hold your horses and read on…

What is Pinterest?

A visual platform attracting over 150 million users per month, Pinterest is a social media platform that focuses on user engagement. A place where you can "pin" stuff that "interests" you, Pinterest is more of a digital scrapbook that holds a myriad of niche-specific posts and pictures. It is an effective social media tool that lets you discover and share innovative ideas in the world and with the world.

If you take Pinterest as a social media site where you can catch up with your friends, and post your holiday pictures, then you are getting it all wrong. Pinterest is a visual search engine, just like Google that showcases search results in the form of visuals.

According to a recent study, Pinterest received more than 4 billion searches in a month.

Since its inception, Pinterest was deemed as a low key platform that focused on a specific niche that attracted only a particular portion of the audience. For instance, the bride-to-be women would visit Pinterest to get ideas for their bachelorette, wedding, and honeymoon. Gradually, things started to change, and Pinterest transformed into a powerful social media platform.

One-third of Pinterest sign-ups are male, and as Pinterest is in its sixth year, the audience keeps on increasing with time.

What Makes Pinterest Different From Other Social Media Sites?

Pinterest's social media base has been growing radically over the past few years, and it has also been deemed as the sleeping giant of social media platforms. According to various studies and research, it was proved that Pinterest users have high purchase intent compared to other prominent social media sites.

"Etsy revealed that Pinterest brought the same amount of web traffic as Facebook." – Business Insider

Additionally, a study proved that Pinterest recorded higher user engagement than Facebook and Twitter, and over 80% of users are saving pins daily. These statistics clearly depicts that Pinterest is a great alternative to all social media platforms and has a high potential of emerging as a strong marketing tool.

Does Pinterest Content Have Longer Shelf life?

Unlike the content posted on other prominent social media sites, Pinterest content has a longer shelf life. Reports have shown that content on Pinterest has 30 days more shelf life than on other social media sites. Facebook or Twitter content has an average life of a few hours and gets replaced by new content every hour. Content on Pinterest is accessed in a non-linear way, just like a search engine, unlike the timeline manner of accessing content used by other sites.

How Does Pinterest Marketing Works For Business?

Using visual content called pins to share ideas among the audience, Pinterest is a powerful social media marketing tool today. Businesses around the world can certainly use this effective marketing tool to generate a stream of content for their target audience and bring a wave of online sales. Pinterest creates a digital arena for businesses to enhance their brand awareness and attract new customers; at the same time, keep the current users engaged and interested. The visual nature of pins makes it easier for brands to lure the audience and establish a strong customer relationship. You can also link your blogs, product images, videos to further amplify your brand image. Pinterest is often compared to Instagram and highlighted the similarities between the social media platforms. The only difference among both is that on Pinterest, you can pin each link to the website, whereas Instagram doesn't allow link embedding.

How To Augment Your Marketing With Pinterest?

You would have understood by now how effective and innovative Pinterest can be for marketing. If you are also keen to include Pinterest in your marketing strategies, here are some of the great ways you can leverage the potential of this amazing platform:-

1. Take Pinterest As A Search Engine

If you take social media marketing with an SEO perspective and generate content adhering to the SEO guideline, then you are already ahead in the game. Though Pinterest is a visual platform and images are what matters here, texts also have a significant role in this platform. As mentioned earlier, Pinterest is just like Google that showcases results through images, and it is anticipated that Pinterest might replace Google completely. Pinterest is a visual search engine. Hence it needs to be SEO ready. You need to keep your target audience in mind while framing marketing strategies for Pinterest. Choose the right set of keywords and texts for board and pin descriptions.

2. Keep A Close Eye on User Engagement

Audience engagement is an important criterion for the success of your Pinterest marketing strategy. It is important to monitor user engagement on Pinterest. It is beyond just pinning your content and repinning others'. Interact with people on your Pinterest. Reply to those who are repinning your content and commenting on the same. Regularly check your notifications and engage with users on a daily basis; this way, you will establish a strong customer relationship and make your audience realize that their interactions matter. It is also beneficial to invite the users to pin to your group boards and interact with other users. Don't leave any opportunity to connect with your target audience.

3. Gauge Your Marketing Efforts

Whether it is Pinterest marketing or any other social media marketing, it is important to see whether your strategies are working and bringing desired results. With Pinterest Analytics, marketers can now gauge their marketing efforts and make necessary changes to their strategies. Pinterest Analytics lets you review the activities on your Pinterest account that include repins, clicks, top pin impressions, etc. All this information proves to be useful to keep track of your content and create sustainable strategies in the future. Additionally, it is also advised to review Pinterest metrics every month to get an accurate picture of your brand performance.

4. Make Your Content Omnipresent

As mentioned earlier, content is also a significant part of Pinterest; you need to make sure that your content is reaching out to your target audience in the right way. Making your images and content mobile friendly and mobile responsive is important to ensure your efforts are being put to best. An increasing number of Pinterest users are using their mobile devices. Hence it becomes essential to check whether your images are not compromising their quality when displayed on smartphones and tablets. Check that images are not cropped off when they are showcased on mobile. Make your text readable and comprehensive on small screens as well. Don't let your efforts go in vain and make your Pinterest mobile friendly.

5. Think About Content on Secret Boards

Just like any other social media platform, Pinterest can consume your time a lot. When marketing on Pinterest, you not only have to pin our content but also take out time to search for relevant pins and share it as well. Secret boards are a seamless way to save your time and make the best use of this platform. You can create a secret board and save your pins. Explore the pins when you are suffering from downtime. Just pin them to the secret boards and share them later. Whether you are running short on time or have ample time to explore, the secret board can help you invest your time in the most efficient way. It is a great way to utilize the downtime and save the pin to secret boards and post them during heavy traffic.

6. Create Your Blog Board

There's no doubt in asserting that blogs are the most effective and productive marketing tool. And what's a better way than making room for blogs in your Pinterest. Create a specific board on your Pinterest for blogs. This will make it easier for your audience to find your blogs and connect with your brand more efficiently. In your blogs, you can mention DIY projects and name your blog similar to your website. Additionally, naming your blog board by including effective keywords can be helpful to attract search engine crawlers. Make sure your blogs include a summary, stunning images, and links to your blogs. Creating blog boards is extremely important to increase user engagement and enhance your brand image in the most innovative ways.

7. Make Room For Contest Board

The more interactive and engaging you will make your Pinterest, the more are the chances for getting increased online sales. Hosting contests on your Pinterest is a great way to increase user engagement and make your profile engaging. Create a contest board and make sure to be regular on it. You can host the contest on your blog and directly pin it to your contest board. Contests are the most interactive and engaging way to intrigue your audience and give them an opportunity to interact with your brand. It has been proven that contest boards on Pinterest are more likely to bring traffic than Pinterest with no content board. There are plenty of brands that have included contest boards on their Pinterest and started realizing its benefits.

8. Focus on The Visuals

Visuals are the juice of Pinterest. Without great visuals, you can never do great on Pinterest. It is important to create quality images and content in order to drive traffic. Take ample time creating quality images, and if you are running short on time, you can use credible resources to source out high-quality pictures. Think out of the box when you are creating images. Open your creative side when you are pinning images to our Pinterest. Make sure to be unique and distinctive with your images and ensure that they efficiently depict your brand products. You must also keep a close watch on your peers and monitor their pins and thrive hard to go beyond that.

9. Go Social With Pinterest

Though Pinterest is a great social media tool, it is also essential to reach out to other social media sites as well in order to bring large traffic. If you want to engage more people on your Pinterest, you must include other social media sites, as well. You can add a Pinterest tab on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This way, your prospective customer will be just a click away from your Pinterest. You can create a brand new set of the target audience by involving other social media sites. Just like a Pinterest tab, you can create tabs for social sites on your Pinterest as well. Entwine all your blogs, shares, posts on multiple social media sites.

Pinterest is certainly a revolutionary marketing tool that can bring you unexpected and radical gains. In a few years, we can definitely witness Pinterest as one of the most dominating social media marketing tools.

It is important to jump into this wave of development and realize maximum benefits. If you are also looking for the most powerful social media weapon that can enhance your brand awareness, then Pinterest is the ideal way to go about it.

The above mentioned were some of the best ways in which you can harness the potential of Pinterest to gain productive marketing returns. Make sure to effectively use these tactics in order to make the most of this visual content platform that has been changing the social media marketing for the better.


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