iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery Software Review

In this article, we will review the best BitLocker Recovery Software available in the market with its key specs, and why it is a must-have. Data once lost from a BitLocker encrypted drive may seem impossible to recover but is very much possible with a good BitLocker recovery software.

Are you in a situation where you have kept your important data in an encrypted BitLocker drive and the drive has become corrupted? Are you worried that there is no way to recover your data? If this has happened to you and you are stuck in this situation, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, you will be provided with details of a very useful BitLocker data recovery software that will help you to recover your precious data on the drive.

What exactly is BitLocker Recovery?

BitLocker recovery is a method by which a user can recover or restore all of the data that was stored in the BitLocker encrypted drive. This method comes in handy in cases where access to the drive becomes impossible in a normal manner and your correct password is unable to open the drive. Access to the drive can cause you to lose vital data. iBoysoft BitLocker recovery software comes in handy in such cases.

BitLocker recovery differs from a normal data recovery as it requires an intact BitLocker Metadata and a 48 digit BitLocker recovery key/BitLocker password to decrypt data.

BitLocker Recovery Software Features

The best and easiest way to do BitLocker recovery is through the latest software iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software. All data you thought you might lose, can be recovered easily with this utility. The only requirement is that remember the password and the 48-digit recovery key.

Recovery in Various Scenarios

Problems with Data drive

If there are some issues with the data drive that one cannot comprehend and the data on the data drive becomes inaccessible, then in such case the only requirement for recovery is a password and the recovery key. With help of this, the information saved on the BitLocker drive can be decrypted.

OS drive issues

An issue with OS can seem devastating and the loss of data irrecoverable, but thanks to iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software, data can be recovered with the only requirement that you have the recovery key. The same is possible because of the Trusted Platform Module(TPM) that enables data recovery even in case of crashed OS.

Password and key issue

There may arise a situation other than OS corruption or drive issue that you may not be able to access BitLocker drive with password or keys. It usually means that the BitLocker encrypted drive is corrupted. iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software can still be a lifesaver with the only requirement of metadata sanity i.e. the metadata must remain intact. iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software can still recover your valuable data with/using the right password or recovery key.

Lost or deleted BitLocker Encrypted Partition

In case the BitLocker encrypted partition is lost or deleted and you are unable to recover it, the iBoysoft BitLocker recovery software will find the lost or deleted partition and help you recover your data.

BitLocker drive formatted unknowingly

If by chance you have formatted the BitLocker drive through any third-party software or otherwise, in such cases too the iBoysoft BitLocker recovery software can help you recover your lost data.

Encryption went wrong

The encryption process might get stuck, fail, or get interrupted and hence get corrupted. In such a scenario the data will again become inaccessible. iBoysoft BitLocker recovery can help you even in such out-of-context cases.

Situations where BitLocker recovery may not be helpful

Corrupted metadata

BitLocker metadata is used for storing recovery keys or passwords for drive encryption with BitLocker and in case the metadata gets corrupted then the recovery of data will not be possible. Even if you have the correct key and password, then too, the recovery will not be possible as metadata is corrupted.

Physical damage

In case of physical damage, the recovery of data may become impossible as no software can repair or mend hardware damage. The only hope is to send the drive to a local data recovery centre that has specialized tools for data recovery even in case of hardware damage, but the possibilities are low. So, BitLocker recovery may not be of help in case of hardware damage.

Lost Key and Password

In case you have lost your key or password then the same will also render data recovery near to impossible. This is because there is no way to break an encrypted drive and only a third-party tool may help but again the success rate is bleak. Third-party software may run a brute attack to recover a lost password or key which may help you enter the encrypted drive. iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software may be of little or no help here.

BitLocker Data Recovery Process Step by Step

The process of recovery is not very complex and does not require very detailed knowledge of operating software. UI is clean and simple making the recovery process an easy walkthrough.
Once you have downloaded and installed the iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software, you must launch the same and select the encrypted drive for recovery. Click the next button, it will pop a box for entering the password. Option for entering the key might also be provided, you need to choose the option viable to you. Proceed with scanning the data and begin the recovery of data from the BitLocker encrypted drive.

Pictorial depiction of the process

Step 1:
Download the iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software and install the same. Launch the software to and you will find the screen as given below.
Bitlocker Recovery 1

Step 2:
On the screen above select the BitLocker encrypted drive and tap on the Next button. You will get a prompt for entering the recovery key or password available with you. Refer to the image below.
Bitlocker Recovery 2

Step 3:
Run the scan and all available files for recovery will be shown out of which you can choose the files for recovery after preview. You can ignore the files not worth recovering. The scan will make available all the available files and the final discretion will be yours.
Bitlocker Recovery 3

Step 4:
Choose the wanted files and click on the Recover button.

Technical Specs

Storage Devices Supported
iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software supports all drives except RAID. It supports hard drives, external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, etc. In the case of RAID, the corrupted RAID structure can be rebuilt correctly to recover the data.

System Support
The software supports the oldest to the latest OS, viz., XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012.
File system supported are also commonly and widely used, they are, FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT.

This software is very competitively priced with a single license costing around $169.00 the first time (excluding taxes) and then $79.95 from next year for renewal.

Final Take

We value the data when we lose it and the recovery process is never as simple as it may seem. Therefore a good recovery software that is not only simple to operate but also cheap to maintain must always be in your kitty for emergency cases. We highly recommend iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery Software so that you may smoothly recover your data in case of loss from BitLocker encrypted device.


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