Genshin Impact, the best free RPG ever made?

Is Genshin Impact the best RPG game ever to hit this century yet? Read this review to know what we think of the game and if it is worth your time.

Genshin Impact was announced at E3, back in 2019, to be released on September 28, 2020. Gamers were shocked to see how promising the game was, and the fact that it was free. Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG, filled with action, interesting characters, weapons, and a huge world to be explored.

The story is about a brother and a sister, who after a battle, find themselves in a strange world. At the start of the game, players are given the choice of being in control of either one of them, with your companion Paimon, a small little fairy that follows you along the journey. On top of that, the company miHoYo, which created the game, is constantly creating and adding more to the story.


Genshin Impact's combat is fast-paced and packed with amazing visual effects. The game has seven types of elemental magic, and each playable character has one, along with a unique style of combat. You can have up to a group of four characters in your roster and can change between them during fights. Switching and mixing different characters' skills is an important aspect of the game, as the elements can be mixed together. You can hit an enemy with a hydro attack, switch to a character with cryo, hit the enemy with skill and freeze him. There are countless other combinations for you to explore and discover.

Different characters also have different roles, some characters deal physical or elemental damage, support characters that can heal and buff defense and attack for your team.
So keep your character role and element in mind when putting a team together, to make sure you have the best combination to be able to defeat your enemies.

To make your characters stronger, you need to search for better weapons and equipment. They can be dropped by monsters in the open world, but to find better ones, you'll need to venture onto dungeons that drop a certain set of equipment. If you equip two or four pieces of equipment of the same set, you gain a bonus. You can also level equipment, and weapons to gain new stats. All of the character's skills can be upgraded for better damage, and to do so you will need talent level-up materials that can also be found on specific dungeons.


You start the game only with the main characters, and as you progress, you get other free characters as a reward for playing through the main story. But if you wish to get other characters, Genshin Impact has a gacha system for unique weapons and characters. It uses primogens, an in-game currency. Although it can be earned by just playing, it takes a while to earn enough to try and get the weapon or character you want. It has 4-star and 5-star characters, and those are for rarity purposes only, it doesn't serve to tell if a character is strong or not.

There are seven elements that are attributed to each character: ice, water, electricity, earth, fire, plants and air. If you haven't played the game yet, you know about it and its characters, and you don't have enough time to grind for items and weapons. We offer great Genshin accounts so you can enjoy the game with strong characters right at the start, without the need to put hours in it.


If you ever played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you will see a lot of similarities between it and Genshin Impact. It has a stamina bar, the climbing and sprinting are the same, and certain monster camps are very similar. One of the advantages of Genshin is that, unlike Zelda, weapons don't break.

One of the best things about Genshin Impact, other than it being free, is just how much content it has. Having launched less than a year ago, the game has constant updates, that include new bosses, dungeons, weapons, stories, characters and bug fixes. It changes characters and weapons banners monthly so that you can always try for that one character you want.

You can also play it online, but it is limited. You can invite people to join you, or join them. You can beat the open-world bosses together, face dungeons, and occasionally there are challenges that can be played online. There is a max of four players in a session, in which each would control a character of their choice. Online only doesn't apply to certain bosses and story content. Players are friendly and will help you however they can, having a good, and welcoming community is something of extreme importance, especially to newcomers, and those not familiar with games in general.

Genshin Impact stands out for being a huge open-world RPG that's free, that isn't pay-to-win. So if you're a player that doesn't like spending hundreds of dollars on a game, don't worry, if you love grinding for items, this game is perfect for you. It has countless dungeons, a good variety of bosses, and as you level up, the world levels up with you. That makes the enemy rosters a constantly evolving challenge. Monsters always become equally strong or stronger than you.

Ever since Genshin Impact's release players haven't had a single moment of dullness. Personally, there weren't any moments where I did not enjoy playing it, and I believe fellow gamers will feel the same way. If you are an RPG fan, this game is a must, It is free to play, and can be played on any platform, be it on your PC, console or phone. You can even use the same account on your PC and console but be warned that you can't transfer your data if you play it on your phone.

With hours of exploration, a huge world, amazing boss fights, and an entertaining grinding system being in Genshin's world are always fun. Developing strategies, custom load-outs, and figuring out the strongest combination to face any given scenario, will keep you and your friends playing for hours. The team can be assembled as a preset loadout, but can easily be switched.

The game has won countless awards, among them Game of The Year on the AppStore, and Google Play. Genshin Impact was a nice surprise for the gaming community, and there will be years of content to come, if you want to join this amazing community be sure to check out our account options.


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