Best strategies for Android app promotion

Want to know how you can design the best promotional strategies for your Android app? How to use Google Play strategies to plan the promotion of your Android app and get access to a wholesome experience in better app promotion.

Promoting your app would need you to focus on a wide range of parameters. There are general rules for the promotion that will promote installs. However, if you are a skilled marketing executive, you will focus on the best standards and strategies for your needs. It will help you to work out an efficient strategy and increase your revenue.

Which factors influence the ranking of your app?

Promotion based on the keywords works in the following way: you choose search requests, for which you want your search results to be visible. Then, you order motivated traffic for these words and phrases. To boost your rank, your description, title, and short description should include these keywords. Especially your description should be meaningful in terms of the Google Play algorithm.

It should also be a great option to have a look at other applications in your niche. Analyze the way they write their information and pick up keywords from them. Once that done, consider the points that you want to highlight in your app description. Which features does it come with? Which problems can your users solve with the app? Why is your app better than your competitors? Write 3-4 organized paragraphs with the answers to these queries. Insert your keywords so that they are relevant to the topic of your app. Keep in mind that brand keywords aren't allowed, as that can make you get out of the search index. You can ask your manager to add them to the incentive reviews. If you're looking for a platform to order motivated installs and reviews, contact You'll also get a free consultation from your personal manager. Note that you can use the same keywords from the description for the title and short description. That will help you with their promotion. 

Promotion by regions

There's a tendency that ordering installs for one region positively affects your rank in others. For instance, if you promote your app in the USA, motivated installs can enhance your position in Germany or France as well. The dynamic there won't be drastic but it's a pleasant bonus for Android promotion.

When opting for the promotion by region, it may be worthwhile to check out the individual requirements of the specific regions you plan to cater to. Pay special attention to the individual needs you may have with respect to the different aspects of the app specifications you can go with.

App Store Optimisation

The proper App Store Optimisation or ASO has been rated to be one of the excellent options for achieving better standards for effective and efficient app promotion. This will help you get access to improving the visibility of the app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

The proper use of ASO and following the Android design Principles can prove to be one of the excellent options. A well-designed app is key to provide you access to an enhanced experience in terms of improving the app visibility and providing a better degree of experience to your customers. Google does have detailed documentation for the development of the app on the basis of the material design.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be one of the strongest factors in favor of achieving the best possible option for app promotion. Instead of spending unnecessary money on the ads, it would be quite important to go with the optimized results.

Ideally, people spend close to one and a half hours per day on social networks. Social media can be your best bet for building your community. That can also provide you with a great option to receive better feedback on the functionality of your app from your fans.

Influencer marketing can be yet another perfect option

A good number of shoppers look for authenticity in their app purchases. Influencer marketing is one of the right steps in the right direction to help you achieve the best possible experience in terms of achieving better results.

The use of influencer marketing has been known to increase and improve the 65 percent increase in-app sales. The social media influencers have a huge fan following, and providing freebies to the influencers can help you promote the app in a more positive manner. Hire them on a trial basis and you will get access to a greater degree of performance enhancement.

Retention Campaigns

The retention rate refers to the number of users who stay on your app after a certain period of time. Checking out your churn rate and finding the reasons for the churn out can prove to be a great option to help contain it rather effectively.

You can develop strategies to help retain the users before they are planning to churn out. By retaining the users on your app for a longer period of time, you will be able to get more engagement and better revenue. You will be able to plan different strategies to focus on the essential retention strategies.

The Final Wrap Up

Well, we tried highlighting a few key areas that you can focus on for getting access to an enhanced experience in terms of how to promote your app. Analyze each of the steps we have focussed on here and find which of the steps meet your specific requirements in promoting your app more effectively and efficiently.


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