Everything You Need to Know About a Fire Stick VPN

Read this article to know all about Fire Stick VPN uses, when you should consider using it, which are the best Fire Stick VPNs available in the market and more.

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick isn't exactly new, yet more people than ever realize that it's a better way to gain access to on-demand streaming services. But are you streaming safely? What we mean is, are you sure that your Fire Stick connection is secure?

If you're thinking, wait, doesn't it come with built-in security, then, yes, Amazon does work hard to ensure its device comes with pre-loaded and installed security measures. However, it cannot stop tracking cookies, phishing scams, tracking malware, and much more from jumping on to your connection and breaching your security. If you're now panicking, don't! This is why we created this article to teach you everything that you need to know about using a VPN on an Amazon Fire Stick.

Is it time to cut the cord?

In hindsight, cord-cutting might seem like it is going to be a fantastic idea. However, it is worth noting that cutting your cord and then jumping straight to streaming can be unsafe. What we mean is that people seem to assume that they are automatically protected. Sadly, this isn't the case if you are using streaming apps. Whether it is via Netflix or an independent streaming service, you should always use a VPN.

We recommend a VPN for an Amazon Fire Stick because it can provide you with tons of security benefits, besides other positive attributes. In this section, we will try and help you identify if it's time for you to cut the cord with your cable provider. Undoubtedly, Amazon has made cord-cutting easier than before, especially when you throw in streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, etc.

It would be an understatement to say that these streaming services have revolutionized the way that we watch our favorite shows. The great thing about using Fire Stick is that it is easy to download free streaming platforms. However, people just download these apps without thinking, why is it free? Generally, these sites work perfectly to stream.

Still, a word of warning, if you do happen to download these "free streaming apps" without using a VPN, you are leaving yourself open to a security breach. Once you know how to stream online, it becomes quite addictive. It means we can finally watch those shows that we have been waiting to come on tv or even Netflix. There are so many advantages of a VPN for a fire stick, including giving us access to geo-blocked content on Netflix.

It is worth noting that even though these free streaming apps do have working links. They often come with tracking malware. You can still give your Fire Stick a virus. The worst part is that these tracking and phishing links, which are embedded into the streams, will eventually gain access to our passwords. Therefore, if you are going to cut the cord, we recommend that you use a VPN before you completely migrate to using your fire stick for all your streaming needs.

Selecting a VPN For a Fire Stick

VPN for FireStick
Undoubtedly, there are tons of benefits of utilizing a VPN with your Firestick. So, we are now going to focus on the main three features that you should look for before downloading just any type of VPN. Let's say you've selected one, and it's time for you to connect your Fire Stick or Fire TV. Firstly, it should inform you via a notification to let you know if your connection is or isn't secure. We mean by secure that the connection is closed between the streaming traffic, your internet provider, and your Amazon Fire Stick.

Moreover, the VPN should then assign your Firestick or Fire TV with its own IP address. Plus, if your Fire TV or Fire Stick has its own IP address, it will then make sure all the channels on the connection remain secure. Thus, making it hard and impossible to hack. If you use an outstanding VPN service, you can rest assured that it features unbreakable encryption protocols to ensure your device and data remain protected to stream things like free movies.

We believe that an outstanding VPN for a Firestick should automatically come with the following features:
  • Unlimited bandwidth – did you know that it requires a lot of bandwidth to stream content in HD. Whereas, if you stream using a VPN, you can jump onto a server with fewer users. Besides increasing the bandwidth, you should notice that you have a smoother streaming experience overall.
  • Servers Distributed Globally – we feel that an excellent streaming service can be described as having access to titles anywhere around the globe. Sometimes, certain series and movies are geo-locked. Now, this isn't to do with the streaming provider, it's often to do with the producers and film distribution laws. For example, it's due to copyright issues that Friends was available on American Netflix, but it wasn't available in the UK until 2020. Still, if you're impatient, then you can use a VPN on your fire stick, change server and stream your preferred show or movie that way instead.
  • Security and Privacy – Before you download the first VPN that you find on the Android store, we recommend that you ensure that it is equipped with the highest level of encryption and security protocols. We also recommend that you check if it automatically comes with IP and DNS leak protection. Finally, a reputable VPN service will not need to monitor or track any of your activities, so be sure to check the fine print before you just sign up for any service.

The Bottom Line

It makes sense financially to cut the cord and ditch mainstream TV and move to streaming. We have highlighted that this method can come with risks if you do so unsafely. For instance, if you click on a streaming link without a VPN or without any security, you are leaving yourself exposed and open to gaining tracking and phishing links. Sadly, individuals will go to any lengths to gain access to new data or pose a security threat to innocent individuals. So, they create fake streaming apps and sites, which are embedded with all types of tracking malware and viruses.

However, if you click on these links while using a VPN on your fire stick, it will be next to impossible for these viruses to infiltrate your PC. We have listed the three most important features that you should look for in your VPN for a fire stick. You will be able to access any of the global Netflix's with a simple click. The bottom line is that it is critical to use a VPN when streaming on your Fire TV or Firestick.

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