Features of the Notes app in iOS - a detailed review

If you saw something that's worth taking note of, where will you do that? The most obvious answer will be a text document. But, are you sure that it offers the best of everything, and it's time saving? If you are dragging your time doing that, then the solution is here, the Notes app in iOS. In this article, we look upon the things that makes it the best and easy to use. Keep reading.

Being creative doesn't need to be costly. This app, which Apple provides for free is something that makes the whole note taking process surreal. In this feature loaded app, you can do everything from typing, scribbling to almost anything that an app can possibly do. It stretches the boundaries of note taking by giving the user more room for creativity, and also, as one of the many perks, your notes can be made available in any Apple device that uses the same ID. In addition to these things, the simplicity of this app is something that's never been outmatched. Let's dive into the features of this app which will explain why it is unique and special?

1. Using Siri to add notes

Adding a note can't get any easier than doing it with Siri. You can summon her by just saying "Hey Siri", and she will be there at your service. Siri can also tinker with your existing notes, given the right voice commands with a little effort in the pronunciation. For instance, you can ask her to show the recent notes by just saying "show me my notes", and all of your notes will be on the front of your screen. But, before you make an attempt to call Siri, just make sure that Siri is properly setup on your device, otherwise, your commands will be falling on deaf ears, and you will not get any response from your device. Once you have setup Siri, you can make it do different things with proper voice commands, and if in anyway, you are facing technical issues or having a hard time accessing Siri using your voice, you can always long press the home button, if there is one, in your device.

2. Adding notes by scribbling

By scribbling
Too lazy to type the notes? Then, the notes app got you covered. Take your pencil out, and be as creative as you want. You can make it eye-catching by including images, drawings, coloured text, and whatever you can imagine. The app will assist you even in straightening out the flaws in your drawings by recognising shapes, this includes basic shapes like circle and ellipse, but when it comes to complex figures, the same can't be said. Summing up, scribbling in your iPad or whatever Apple device you are using will be not be an ordinary experience and the user will certainly love it.

3. Searching with ease

The moment you touch the search bar, it will start giving you suggestions from shared notes and locked notes to many more. It makes the searching process simple and easy. The user can pick the document by just knowing which category it belongs to, and if it is known that the document is locked, then the user can look for it by choosing that when the suggestions appear. Another important feature that gives wings to its searching process is the ability to search even the words which are scribbled somewhere in the document. It's something that every user will enjoy. If what the user is looking for is readable, then the job is done, the app will get the document right in front of your screen.
Searching with ease
The above screenshot shows how easy it is to search inside the notes app. All you have to do is touch the search bar and the select the category in which you want to look. It's that simple and easy.

4. Access from anywhere

If you happened to be in the middle of some activity in the device, and suddenly you saw something interesting that should be taken note of, then it can be easily done by accessing the control centre. There is no need of closing the current application, just swipe down from the top right of the screen, and select the Notes app icon. Chances are there that the app icon won't be seen right away, it means that the app is not added to the control centre yet, and that can be done by customising control centre in the main settings.
Access from anywhere
After opening the control centre from the main settings, you will see a list of apps with plus and minus signs aside them. From that list, find the notes app, and after that, you can access the app whenever the demand of access arises.

5. Creating notes from other apps

Saving text from the browsing applications like Safari can be done easily by using the Notes app. The user just need to select the text and long press to get the sharing option. On doing this, a list of applications will be provided to share with and, from that, the user just needs to find the Notes app. With this, one doesn't need to do the laborious work of copying the text and leaving the application to paste it into another application.


Summing up, the Notes app in IOS has got everything a note taking app should have. This app is feature-rich, and can be accessed from from any device that uses the same Apple ID. Privacy is another important thing that stands out in this app. With this app, the users can lock their content using a password to keep the document private. Also, for an iOS user, this app is a complete package, and there is no need to look beyond this app, when it comes to note taking. The features like using Siri to take notes, and the ease of search including searching the words the user scribbled somewhere in a document makes it very attractive and extra special.


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