How to Store Pictures Online without Creating Duplicate

While trying to capture the best picture we first click multiple photographs at the same time and then usually store them at more than one location like Cloud and the local storage on our PCs or machines.

While for a normal user, there may not be innumerable pictures, in the case of professionals, the number can be large, and hence the need to remove duplicate files gets important. This article will guide you on how to store pictures online without creating duplicate images.

Before moving on to it, let's have a look at how one can cut down the number of duplicates on online storage platforms like Google Drive, Amazon Prime, iCloud, etc:

  1. Whenever you transfer the pictures from your phone or a camera to an online storage service, make sure you delete the pictures after they are transferred. This will reduce the chances of duplicity at later stages.
  2. Do not link your smartphone to the cloud storage so that the images do not get uploaded and duplicated each time you sync the data.
  3. Create individual folders while transferring the pictures to Cloud, to eliminate confusion afterwards.
  4. Always give an individual number to the pictures in your phone or camera, so that you eliminate chances of duplicity.
While many best duplicate photos finder tools can easily scan and delete duplicate pictures from your local drive, in case you want to eliminate duplicates on Cloud storage, continue reading the article.

How To Eliminate Duplicate Images While Storing Them On Google Drive:

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Google Drive has an inbuilt feature of detecting duplicates when they are stored in the same folder. However, if the duplicate pictures are stored in different folders, Google Drive will not be able to detect duplicates. For this third-party tools like Clone Files Checker easily scan and remove duplicate pictures.

How To Eliminate Duplicate Images While Storing Them On iCloud:


iCloud is an amazing Cloud service provided by Mac and easily connects all the Apple devices with minimal manual effort. Uploading pictures on iCloud is very simple. All you need to do is add the images you want to upload on the iCloud and then select the option named Upload. This will easily upload images to iCloud.

It is said that iCloud automatically deletes duplicate images before they are uploaded to iCloud. However, if the files or pictures are already uploaded, iCloud will not be able to look for duplicates.

For this, it is recommended to transfer the files to the local drive and then remove duplicate pictures. Once done, they can be transferred back to iCloud.

How To Eliminate Duplicate Images While Storing Them On OneDrive:/H3>
Another popular cloud service is OneDrive and is used by millions of users for storing their data on a cloud. While it is used by a multitude of people, OneDrive does not have an inbuilt feature that can eliminate duplicate pictures from it. For this best duplicate photos finder tools like Cloud Champ Online can be used.

This is a nifty tool that easily scans and removes duplicates from the OneDrive.

How To Eliminate Duplicate Images While Storing Them On Amazon Prime:

Another popular cloud storage is Amazon Prime where you can store your memories and preserve them. Just like other cloud services, even Prime faces the same complication while trying to eliminate duplicate pictures. The duplication of images usually occurs when they are being uploaded to the cloud.

One thing that can be done in such a scenario is to disable the auto-synchronization process on both iOS and Android.

Other Informative Tips:

Other simple things that you can do to Store Pictures Online without Creating Duplicates are:

1. Always run a scan to delete duplicate pictures using a good duplicate finder tool to eliminate duplicate images. These applications not only scan your local drive and external drives for duplicate pictures they also delete them easily. Hence you get clutter-free and duplicate-free folders before uploading them to the cloud.

2. Creating folders every time you save a picture maximizes the chances of duplicity. To avoid this, make sure and keep a minimum number of folders. If the number of folders is less, the chances of creating duplicates will become less.

Duplicate images can be a pain for all of us if not handled at the proper time. They not only occupy space unnecessarily also create much hassle when trying to locate a specific picture. The duplicate images also occupy a lot of storage space and hence should be addressed properly. While it is easy to clean duplicate images using the best duplicate finder tool on the local drive, even cloud storage services like iCloud, Amazon Prime, Google Drive come with features that can delete duplicate images to a certain extent.


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