How to secure your website with website security tools

In this article, I have discussed how important is to secure your website and how you can secure it by using different web security tools. There are many tools, but the main focus was on five website security tools like Netsparker, Nessus, WordFence, Sucuri, Siteguarding and their features.

When you take your businesses online or create your personal presence on the web you can be an easy target for hackers. You will think that you don't have any kind of private data that can be a threat to you but nowadays this is not the focus of hackers.

You must have noticed that some time despite having a good hosting server your website is slow did you wonder why? No, because it didn't cross your mind as there is nothing suspicious right? But hold on why is the speed too slow or your hosting server seems to be down?

Let me explain because someone else is using your website resources. Due to the emergence of bitcoins and blockchain, hackers nowadays use your servers to mine bitcoins.

As mining bitcoins need a lot more computing power most people can't afford that in the very beginning so they hack other servers and use their resources.

Apart from that many people can use resources to send spam emails or to publish illegal content using your web resources so to be aware of these malicious activities you should have some security checks like

  • Updating your software regularly
  • Using HTTPS
  • Keep an eye for SQL injections
  • XSS attack protection
  • Validation should be on both server and client side
  • Make strong passwords and try to change them off and on
  • Restrict file uploading

Apart from all these things you should use tools for securing your website. These tools will secure your website and make you aware of any malicious or suspicious activities

Here is the list and description of some of the top tools used for security testing in web design and development


Netsparker is one of the topmost used security tools to test your website for vulnerability
It can scan all type of web applications regardless of the platform it is fully configurable and detects security flaws of websites it is used by various web design and development companies for securing their websites.


The features provided by Netsparker are:
  • It can scan and crawl all type of web applications
  • It notify and highlight the threats and their severity level
  • It also provide asset discovery services based on IP, domain levels and SSL certificate
  • You can use this tool for testing SQL injections and XSS


It is basically a vulnerability scanner developed by tenable it scans your website for security threats and alerts you if hackers want to gain access to your website information


  • It Scans all ports and enabled plugins
  • It discovers hosts using ICMP, TCP, UDP and ARP protocols.
  • It provides service detection to discover services running in background
  • It provides a detailed report
  • You can also enable debugging in Nessus


It is a plugin used in WordPress. It provides different features and enables the user to configure it for security purposes. Wordfence protects your website even after the security breach it will secure your site from login to recovery it will only allow traffic to your website after scanning and monitoring it first.


The features provided by WordFence are:
  • Firewall
  • Scanning malware
  • Warn you of hack attempts and provides traffic trends information
  • Tracking malicious IP addresses
  • Blocking custom IP addresses

The above features are free to use but its paid version provide additional features like:
  • Two factor Authentication
  • Auditing password and spam checker


Similar to word fence Sucuri is also a WordPress plugin it is a cloud-based platform and is compatible with all CMS. Its free plan does not include a firewall. But it's good to use with other incredible features


The main features provided by Sucuri are:
  • Auditing security Activities
  • Monitoring File integrities
  • Scanning malwares
  • Monitoring blacklists
  • Hardening website security
  • Security actions regarding post-hack
  • Notifications for security breaches
  • Firewall for websites


SiteGuarding provides security for all types of websites like WordPress, Joomla, openCart, Magento and many other websites and CMS.

It claims to provide all services in one place like scanning, monitoring and other security services but it provides a trial for 14 days after that you have to pay for the features depending on your need you can choose your plan.


Features provided by SiteGuarding are:
  • Removing website malware
  • Protection from web Scraping
  • Blocking bad bot
  • Protecting website services
  • SSL certificate
  • Provide secure Web hosting
  • Secures server
  • Antivirus for website
  • Removal for AdWords suspension
  • WAP (website firewall)
  • Provides Backup services


These tools are beneficial for your websites and will not only secure you but ensure security to your users.
So, secure your website to drive traffic to your websites and grow your business without any threat.


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