Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies of Indore

Being a technology hub, there are several app development companies available in Indore. Each company has its specialization, making it difficult for businesses to pick the best app development company according to requirements. So, here is the list of Top app development companies in Indore in 2021.

Indore is the cleanest city in the country and is also becoming a hub for Top Mobile App Development Companies of Madhya Pradesh. With TCS opening its biggest office in Asia in Indore, other IT giants are also looking towards this city with great ambitions. This progression of Indore as a growing IT hub is due to already working with Web and Mobile App Development Companies in Indore and delivering results par expectations.

The market for mobile apps is growing immensely every next year. Across different industries like Food, Travel, Entertainment, B2B, Marketplaces, and much more, mobile apps are the first preference of businesses due to their use by an audience of every niche. With the rapid advancement of Smartphones, mobile apps also need to be agile and modern in every aspect.

Mobile App Development in Indore is a service offered by many development companies. It can be tough for businesses to choose a particular company for their project but if we use filters like Growth Rate and Awards along with Past Clients and Portfolio, you will get few companies with all those traits.

There are many reasons for opting for Indore for the hiring of dedicated developers or to extend the team. Let's go through some of the top reasons to choose Indore for outsourcing your project.

Why is Indore the best place to hire Dedicated Developers?

The IT industry is changing rapidly. Smartphones now act as a CPU to avail each and every service with no hassle. Having an online presence plays a vital role in brand awareness. Any organization, small or big, needs to hire dedicated software developers to implement the vision of software. According to multiple reports, 80% of European and US firms consider India as the favorite destination for IT outsourcing. More than half of India's IT companies are in metro cities. But, apart from metro cities, a revolution is brewing in other IT cities such as Indore, Ahmedabad, and Kochi. Among these IT hubs, Indore is the favorable choice for outsourcing firms. Here are some reasons why Indore is the best place to hire dedicated developers.

Talent Availability

Indian tech giants like TCS and Infosys are setting up their development centers in Indore as Indore is enriched with talents where every single person is ambitious. Having the first city in the country to have both IIT and IIM, Indore attracts ambitious students from neighboring states. Apart from this, Indore is considered the most promising city in terms of resource availability. This all made Indore a pool of talent.


An article by " The Hindu "stated that talents in metro cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore commute about 45 minutes on an average to reach their workplace and may take longer because of traffic jams. Indore, on the other hand, is a leading IT hub with a population of 35 Lakhs. Unlike metro cities, Indore follows an easy lifestyle, and commutation in Indore is way easy.


It takes a lot of time and resources to build a whole In-house team. In such scenarios, it is best to externally hire or outsource a project to a software development company. But, despite India being a budget-friendly IT country, the busy life and commutation of metro cities are responsible for the high cost. Unlike these cities, the lifestyle and ease of commutation make Indore a budget-friendly city.

Hassle-free Project Management

Indore is a leading IT hub in India, giving tough competition to well-settled IT hubs. Therefore, the dedicated software team of any web development company furnishes you with zero issues and versatility. Not only TCS and Infosys but MNC's like DXC, Samsung, and Hotwax are stretching their business in the core India and hiring qualified local talents for quality work.

High-quality Assurance

The talent of Indore is polished with experience and quality. The high-quality work and facilities like commutation and accommodation made Indore an emerging IT center for central India. Experienced developers are more efficient than fresh blood as they are capable of producing guaranteed results with the use of their experience and expertise.

A software development company plays a critical role in bringing your ideas to life. Thus, it is important to hire a team of skilled professionals. Hiring a dedicated team of developers is an effective business approach that can lead your company to success.

Here, let's go through the Top Mobile App development companies in Indore.

1. Graffersid

Graffersid is a web and mobile app development company based in Indore. In recent years, Graffersid has made its name among the Best Offshore Mobile App development companies with a global clientele and the highest retention rate of clients. Specially focused on Startups, Graffersid has successfully attracted fundings for more than 90% of Startups and developed successful Mobile Apps.

Graffersid has experienced developers with expertise in modern technologies. Different from others, Graffersid has 5 ratings over the platforms like Clutch, FinancesOnline, and Good firms. The developers at Graffersid are leading contributors to Global Community which makes them updated and modern.

With Graffersid's exceptional dedication in their Mobile App Development, 7 out of 10 clients attracted fundings in the bootstrapped phase itself. Later, the product was used by millions of people without any bugs or glitches. Top Qualities that Startups Loved with Graffersid are Flexibility of Resources, highly scalable models at any time, dedicated and expert developers for extending the team.

Founding year - 2017
Focused on - Website and Mobile app development
Team Size - 100+ employees

2. CitrusLeaf Software

CitrusLeaf Software, Founded in 2014, is a leading design and development company based in Indore. The qualified team of CitrusLeaf Software is professional expertise in developing Mobile applications, Flutter, and Customized web-apps development.

Trusted by Startups and organizations, CitrusLeaf Software has helped 20 startups and 15 businesses. CitrusLeaf software served in industries such as Travel and tourism, distribution, sports, retail and e-commerce, and education.

Founding year - 2014
Focused on - Design, mobile application, and flutter
Team size - 10+ employees

3. Parkhya Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Parkhya Solutions is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified IT company with a team of 50+ professional experts in web application and software development. Parkhya Solutions was founded in 2007 and since then it has been furnishing clients with rich quality solutions for their businesses with a 99% client retention rate. The support team of Parkhya Solutions is available 24/7 for their clients. The developer team has been serving small, medium, and large businesses for over 18 years now.

Founding year - 2007
Focused on - Web application, software development, and IT consultancy
Team size - 50+ employees

4. Systematix Infotech

Systematix Infotech is a software product and service company, established in 2005, primarily based in Indore with overseas offices in the USA, Australia, and Singapore. The team of Systematix Infotech is specialized in E-commerce, CRM, ERP, and UI/UX and works on the latest technology stack such as Microsoft suite, Android, IOS, Python, and Laravel. Systematix Infotech is a forward-thinking company with a professional team to provide comprehensive solutions based on their quality experiences. Besides that, Systematix Infotech is an ISO 9001:2005 certified company.

Founding year - 2005
Focused on - Software product and application development
Team size - 200+ employees

5. Infobeans

Infobeans is a CMMI Level 3 software service firm based in Indore. Infobeans are consistently ranked amongst the top 50 IT/ITES mid-tier firms in India. Infobeans provide Web and Mobile software development services for Startups, Enterprises, and organizations. The team of Infobeans believes in creating "WOW" in whatever they do. Infobeans have been recognized as the best under various categories in numerous government and private forums. Infobeans is trusted by 500 different organizations.

Founding year - 2000
Focused on - Software development for mobile and web
Team size - 500+ employees

6. Synsoft Global

Synsoft Global is an IT software development company of Indore, leading offshore development in Blockchain, Web, and mobile application development. Synsoft Global is specialized in custom software development, mobile development, and digital marketing. The team of Synsoft Global consists of professionals of diverse backgrounds with more than 10-15 years of quality experience. Till now, Synsoft Global has completed 500+ web and mobile applications with more than 12 years of offshore development experience. The expert developer team of Synsoft Global has helped many startups and established companies with their application needs.

Founding year - 2009
Focused on - Blockchain, web and mobile application development
Team size - 50+ employees

7. Fewer Clicks Software

Fewer Clicks Software is an end-to-end IT solution and product development company, established in 2015 and located in Indore. Fewer Clicks Software has strong technical expertise in creating several cloud service providers in IoT, blockchain, mobility, machine learning. Besides that, the team of fewer clicks is experienced in open source technologies in logistics, security, tourism, education, healthcare, retail. They have proficiency in delivering high-quality web designs with their 10+ years of experience.

Founding year - 2015
Focused on - cloud service in IoT, blockchain, mobility, machine learning
Team size - 20+ employees

8. Infograins Software Solutions

Infograins Software Solutions is a globally located IT firm primarily based in Indore. The team of Infograins Software Solutions is specialized in custom software development, mobile development, and digital marketing. Infograins software solutions are located in different countries such as Poland, Oregon, and the United States. The experienced team of Infograins Software is proficient in furnishing with custom-designed blockchain programming.

Founding year - 2016
Focused on - Custom software, mobile development, and digital marketing
Team size - 50+ employees

9. Infocom Software

Infocom Software is a leading IT and game development company based in Indore, established in 2011. By providing reliable games and software, Infocom Software is a go-to partner for various enterprises and SMEs around the world. The professional dedicated team of Infocom Software is known for superior mobile application development with cutting-edge digital marketing solutions. The developer team of Infocom software has proved to be specialists in services such as AR VR development, e-commerce development, web application development, and hyper-casual to casual game development.

Founding year - 2011
Focused on - Game development and IT solutions
Team size - 50+ employees

10. CDN Software Solution

CDN Software Solution is an IT outsourcing company located in Indore. The team of 252 exclusive niche techies is experts in fields such as Mobile app development, Data modeling, Business logic, UI/UE augmented reality and E-commerce, etc. CDN Software Solutions have developed over 2200+ projects with quality experience of 20 years and served in 13+ countries. CDN Software Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified IT company and serves in industries such as Healthcare, education, food and restaurants, warehouse, etc.

Founding year - 2000
Focused on - Mobility, enterprise applications, data modeling, business logic, UI/UE.
Team size - 200+ employees


Internet users in the world keep increasing year after year and demand for mobile applications is growing rapidly. India has the second-largest internet user base in the world and nearly 60% of play store applications download.

Outsourcing a web application or IT project in Indore is a good idea in many ways. Indore is already becoming a hub for mobile application development companies and developing costs will be reduced, mainly because developers of Indore are not as expensive as other IT hubs of India. While Selecting the right development company for your project, you need to check more than the experience. Awards are a good quality check, evaluating the growth of the team in recent years is also a critical factor. Working with a new team ensures that you are leveraging the new technology.

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